New Year's Message for  2006


Much has been accomplished in the etheric and subtle-physical in the year 2005 by the Angelics, Illumined Ones, and our own Aumakua (one interpretation for this Hawaiian term is Higher Self or Eternal Godself; also, Ancestors of Light).

A brief review from my own akashic perspective:

1) Phi Gate Opening (entry point into the planet for the New Earth Hologram ascension dynamic): in March of 2005 a powerful aspect of the on-going “opening” of the Phi Gate took place on the planet...the specific location being the mountain of Wai’ale’ale here on Kaua’i.

This was facilitated by the Amatrix Angels...those beings of Light who work directly with the Phi crystal geometries.

2) The Zohar Mages (a grouping of beings who work specifically with re-coding the human race through it’s Adam Kadmon template, by forming sub-templates that override the Seven Seal master-plate): spinning new merkabahs for the New Earth Star Hologram.

3) The Star Chord (a series of crystalline Phi geometries which come together in Light Language/Mathematic pulses to create a “chord” of harmonic LIGHT QUANTUM): now “singing” a new paradigm into our genetic vine.

4) The activation of crystalline resonance between human and cetacean DNA via the phi crystalline geometries, and the physical crystalline structure of the earth.

Of course there is so much MORE that was working for us in the year 2005. I address above only the key elements of which I am aware, and presented in my / Thoth’s “symbol-set”.

As we now enter 2006, I give you the following message from Thoth and the Merkabah of the Host:

Earth is known by many names...one is “MU’LA. The “Mother of Light”. This name was given to earth by the People of MU, now often called “Lemurians”. They perceived the earth as a sacred vessel from which all the LIGHT in their DNA was given a HOME of PRESENCE.

This “Home of Presence” is still YOURS, oh Children of MU’LA. Abide in that knowing and fill your Cup each day with the effulgent nectar Queen MU’LA offers you!

This year you will find a need within you to truly LIVE IN LIGHT, beyond the veil of world- human events. More than ever before you will be called to know that YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. How you act on this must come from the Higher Self, the Light Being radiating from the Kether of your Being, rather than the lesser desires and emotions of fear, anger and the feeling that one must “oppose” in order to rectify.

There are ancient symbols and objects (personifying ancient symbols) that will begin to “awaken” and emit new coding into the old paradigms which they supported in the past. This will cause them to transform into new tools for the human conception of Spirit in ideation and manifestation. Some of these symbol-tools are:

1) ancient monolithic structures

2) black Madonnas

3) crystal skulls

4) crystals (human symbology connected to them)

5) dolphins, whales and unicorns (their mythos in our midst)

6) merkabahs, star gates, etc (as symbolic thresholds impelling us forward)

and more....

There will also be an increase in time-overlap in certain instances. This will bring forth beings from the earth’s “past”, such as the Lemurian TimeWalkers to participate more readily in aiding earth’s humanity to re-connect the three major time strands across the Kali Rift.

There is another “gate” of this nature opening between the Mazur-Guanche Grail Kings and their Oracles on the post-Atlantean Isle of Khunaris and the present earth electro-magnetic time zone.

Their point of connection is the early period of Khunaris, when These Grail Kings and Oracles were altogether on Khunaris, before the migrations from there began. Khunaris is now the Canary Islands. What do these beings now offer the world in 2006? They come to connect in the Dreamtime to offer a deeper understanding and synthesis of the genetic codes they carry so that humanity may be given an additional pathway from the RED Road (generational path) to the WHITE Road (path of pure spirit or presence)...or rather a better balance of the two in their subliminal natures.

The Canary Islands holds a “Stone” in place for humanity’s evolution. It is quite literal in respect to the potential cataclysmic effect it could produce, should the “stone” (giant earth slide) fall into the sea. Yet it is also a Stone of the Grail...the “Philosopher’s Stone” that can be plucked from the Crown of the Light-Bearing Angel. This I leave as a mystery for now, yet I say to you that the key to receiving the Light-Bearing Stone is all around you and within you. Geo-physically it is also inside the Great Caverns of Tenerife (largest of Canary Islands). When the two sources come together in the ethers, so the sound is made and the heavens shall respond.

more info on the Mazur-Guanche Grail Kings of Khunaris


In 2006 there will be a continued activation of the phi crystalline geometry in the earth, so that NEW crystals of the Phi will begin to appear...to be “found” in the earth.

Also, the Phi crystals of the inner earth – the Celestar – will reach through the veil and be more accessible for imprinting with surface earth crystals, transforming them into a type of Phi geometry.

The Midnight Sun Stone will become more active on the planet, acting as a terminal for the pulsing signals from the center of Orion, the constellation or origin for the planet Earth and Venus.


The whales and dolphins of the planet will escalate their task of preparing the earth for the New Earth Star Hologram and beyond...the 44:44 Star Gate. They are forming new phi crystalline patterns in their holographic brains to accommodate this Light program.


The true High Devas we see as unicorns will begin to intensely focus their sounding (through the “horns”) into the center of the earth’s atoma on July 22nd, 2006, ceasing on August 4th of the same year. This will create a single burst of LIGHT - a small nova, that will cause the planet to re-calibrate it’s lost “moment” which took place during the earthquake-tsumani of December, 2004.

World Accountability

There will be an increase in the on-going escalation of “accountability” for leading world figures which will unleash unexpected results in late 2006 - early 2007.

~ Thoth, Raismes of Aphra

As I wrote in 2005: Thoth speaks to me of an “astral comet” which we are recently being influenced by. This “comet” is an inter-dimensional energy burst coming out of the inter-dimensional nova of the star Spica. As we experience this energy, which will continue through January-February of 2007, so many aspects of our mental bodies with undergo major transformation, or if resisted, major collapse. Working with the Zohar Mages and the Star Chord frequencies will help us to stabilize this passage.

The Master Activator Keys

I received in vision the project of "The Master Activator Keys", which will be on-going through 2006. It is intended as a "key" to open certain Metatronic codes in the DNA. I began my first Medallion Key with the Archangel Metatron himself.

The World Promise Lingham of 2006

I was inspired to create this meditational lingham for your meditation in 2006.

In conclusion, 2006 will be the Year of the Crystal Singing, when aware humans will choose to join the cetaceans, unicorns, angels and devas in a creational singing into being of a new facet on the New Earth Hologram of LIGHT.

Maia Kyi'RA


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