Amaru Crystal Seeding Grid, Earth in Transition Update

Thoth has "opened the scroll" to me on the progression of the crystalline matrix developing in the region of Lake Titicaca. It is now beginning to effect other crystalline deposits around the globe, creating a stronger "Phi" resonance within these deposits. One of the key crystalline deposits it is "charging" are the famous giant selenite crystals of the Naica mine in Mexico. (slideshow) As these crystals build in Phi frequency, they will ignite the entire planetary crystalline grid and more and more crystalline deposits will turn into Phi crystals, including crystals already mined - although these will be fewer, since they are physically cut off from their matrix. However, even those severed from the mother matrix can become Phi through charging them to the Amaru Seeding matrix and also other means, depending upon the energy of the individual crystal, it's current environment and the care and use of the crystal by the individual. As the power of the "Phi" moves and builds in the actual overall crystalline grid of the planet, so the work of the Amatrix Angels is escalated in the re-genesis of planet earth.

From the center of the planet, up through the roil point of the earth - the Hawaiian Islands - and out through the light code tendrils of the hagia, the new geometries of crystalline light formation, will occur the transfiguration of the Old Earth paradigm into the New Earth Hologram. "Seed particles" of future ambiance will erupt along the crystalline edges of the Old Earth grids, opening these grids to new life form communion with Numis'OM - the first stage of the New Earth Star. The "new life forms" will at first be the Lotus Loci, who are forming also within our DNA and cellular structure NOW. Thus a kindredship will rapidly develop of various levels of receipt between the New Earth and it's species and it's kindred, here in the Old Earth (within the DNA), creating a "launching pad" into Numis'OM.

The escalation of geologic activity at the roil point (June of 2007) and the disappearance through a fissure of an entire lake in Chile are just two of the dramatic signals nesting within the 5th World prophecies of the Maya.

There is also the return of the outer earth atmosphere ice canopy beginning to re-form! Thoth reveals to me that this re-formation of the outer ice canopy is coming from the crystalline grid's new infusion of "phi" out of the Amaru Seeding. The outer ice canopy re-formation will accellerate the "charge" of the crystalline connection between the inner and out earth, uniting them for the earth ascension process into the New Earth Star.

This article gives some information on it - make sure and view the marvelous photo of it in the skies! It so reminds me of what I "see" in the inner earth, where the ice canopy still remains in tact.

My akashic insights on the inner earth ice canopy.


Mount Wai'ale'ale, Kaua'i

I have been in communion with an ancient Mu-Hawaiian Kahuna woman (not currently incarnated), who along with her kindred, still hold their spiritual focus on the inner-planes within Mount Wai'ale'ale here on the island of Kaua'i. The long-dormant volcano remnant of Mount Wai'ale'ale - sacred to the Hawaiians and the wettest place on earth, is the font of Mu (Lemuria). The Kahuna "Spirit Woman's" name is Aleahu, meaning the "ripening of the vine," also the "flowering of the fruit" in the most ancient Mu-Hawaiian Language of the pre-Polynesian race to inhabit these islands.

Aleahu speaks to me: "Behold the servant of the crystal of the Life-Giver is poised on the threshold of the 5th Day. Soon, the light will pour into it's vessel of purity and the Sacred Tree shall grow in the midst of the Heaven, out of it spilling star-crabs, carrying sparkling treasures from the New World to the Old. The Face of the Old Woman will become as a Maiden and she will restore the earth to it's Mountain of Peace."

Translation: The crystalline Phi geometries (crystal) is being utilized by it's "servant" - the Amatrix Angels (as a whole). The "Life-Giver" is both the solar sun and the inner earth sun-atoma, seen as two aspects of one "Being" in this specific scenario. As the solar and inner suns align through the updwelling, unfurling and re-orienting of the hagia helix, so the crystal (Phi geometries) are "poised" on the Threshold of the 5th World (which we have just recently entered, according to the Mayan calendar).

The combined light codes of our solar and interior suns will soon "pour into it's vessel of purity" - the perfect crystal "wand" of Phi geometries aligned for just this purpose, and this event will coincide with some cosmic event within the center of our galaxy (our heavenly "Sacred Tree"). Out of the cosmic occurrence will come multiple super-nova of stars (spilling of star-crabs). These super novas, although distant from us, will dramatically effect the transforming of the Old Earth into the New Earth Star. This event will escalate the activity of the Maiden grid in the re-genesis of earth and "restore the earth it's Mountain of Peace" - the true BALANCE of planetary being via the Shamballah Gate - entry point into Numis'OM (Shamballah - a mountain of peace). Much more on the Shamballah Gate in volume 1 - 2006 of Numis'OM.

An important point: Since it takes light a very long time to reach earth from the distance spaces of the Milky Way, we will not see these "light-crabs" or multiple super novas when the actually occur, but we will be influenced by them sometime before their light reaches us. WHEN will this cosmic event take place? At the time of this writing, I honestly do not know.

Aleahu's page


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