The 2006 World Promise Lingam

On January 2nd, 2006 while meditating with the Gayatri chant as performed by Sai Baba, I received what I believe to me a request from the Mahavatar Babaji to create an energy-art work of the "World Promise Lingam" of 2006.

I was to create it from the Celestar Mulati or Mother's Milk crystal. While the World Promise crystal is "virtual" I truly believe it to be a viable etheric crystal, radiating from this electronic format (or printed version). This is true for all my energy-art creations, for that is the intention I set while creating it, and I also feel that I am at that time under the influence of inner-plane masters of the Craft of the Brazen Serpent, who throughout human history have been the guild of great energetic, spiritual sacred art and objects.

By meditating with the World Promise Lingam of 2006 I was told by Mahavatar Babaji that the individual could open a path  into the great Himalayan Retreats and allow the Rainbow Bridges of the Masters to flow through them and out into the world with the PROMISE OF A NEW DAWN OF PEACE ON EARTH!


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This is a gift to you from Spirit Mythos & Spirit Heart Sanctuary.


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