Amaru-Muru portal at Lake Titicaca, Peru -photo: Brad Johnson

Gathering at Lake Titicaca

I have been made aware that there is a gathering of "Elders" is being held at Lake Titicaca March 20th, 2007 (Spring Equinox) for "bringing the prophecy into manifestation" of the 500 years of spiritual light when "Our current planetary transformation is especially important for all Americans as it coincides with an Andean prophecy that predicts that the Condor will fly with the Eagle and peace will reign throughout the Americas, again."

"Earth Works for Humanity" writes about this event, as well as the significance of the "culture bearer" from Lemuria, Amaru Muru (or Meru) and the Monastery of the Seven Rays he built on the shores of Lake Titicaca in Peru, where Thoth informed me years ago was one of his two "Retreats" in a cavern beneath the lake - the other retreat being in the Sangre de Christos mountains at Crestone, Colorado. There is also an inter-dimensional doorway / portal near Lake Titicaca called Amaru Muru, which many have visited and had amazing experiences there. I had already planned to write about our currrent earth portals which are specifically connecting to the New Earth Star's Numis'OM - featuring the Amaru Muru portal in the next issue of Numis'OM - The Eye of Metatron.

I was recently visited by a man who had been to the Aamaru Meru portal and he gifted me with an object which Thoth calls a "Portal Key." It has carved upon it a condor, jaguar/puma and serpent/anaconda with "grids" in-between them. You can read more avbout it and see the images of this object by going to my Sacred Things" Gallery #2 and viewing mages 12 & 13. It is a large white carved stone or bone with seven "knobs" on it.

I will also be writing more about this Portal Key in the next Numis'OM issue.

It is no coincidence that the "Solar Wave" I wrote about in the last "Timely Transmissions" is occuring on the 21st, with the Lake Titicaca gathering on the 20th.

Thoth: The Gathering of the Elders at Lake Titicaca with other seekers of the earth on March 20th, 2007 will trigger the opening of the seal placed upon one specific pathway through the Amaru Muru portal, which leads to the ascended version of the Monastery of the Seven Rays in Numis'OM. There will be a stone which turns to CRYSTAL near the portal. It will be a vein near the surface of the earth that in the very near future will be mined. Even in the earth unseen, it will be a vien of power, accelerating the New Earth Star frequency on the planet.

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