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THOTH's Oracle of Xii

My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa has given me an additional new format for personalized readings. He shows me "oracle cards" of his creation (not the Tak-Arot but derived from it). They simply appear in my mind for the querant, their question or situation at hand. I see his "hands" as he lays down three cards for the individual. You may submit one question or simply ask for what he wishes to relate to you at this time. The reading will consist of three symbols and interpretations. No art is involved, just description and what it means for you personally. He is calling it the "Oracle of Xii" - Xii (pronounced Z-eye) is an ancient word for the Deeper Path of Knowing and is a "card" in the "deck."

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 NEW EARTH LIFE PULSE - Activational Process

The New Earth Life Pulse is a message to you at this time in your life from a future incarnation of your soul in the New Earth Star state of being.

While it is usually only one to two pages in length, it contains a powerful input, directed through me by my inner-planes mentor, Illuminari ThothHorRa, with whom I have have been consciously in contact since 1977. He forms a bridge for me to a future self of YOU. The New Earth incarnation begins to connect more deeply and consciously with the current you. Through me (in the written session) She/he gives you the first link and understanding, so that the connection can continue and go deeper.  In conclusion  is imparted what you need to know on your current “event horizon” and how you maybe develop this understanding and direction toward encompassing all your Being and moving yourself forward on your New Earth Path.

The “Life Pulse” as Thoth chooses to call it, is not just information. It is a transmission.  It begins when you write to be requesting your Life Pulse (when I receive your order). When you receive and read the written information - especially if you do so in a clear and restful space (more than one or two times) you will be activated on key levels to adjust your frequency to face-match with your New Earth Path.

It may be as long as three weeks from the time you order your Life Pulse until the time you receive it. Sometimes this is due to backlog of sessions, but usually not. It is most often that Thoth is not ready to give this to you right away. He explains to me that you make the choice followed by the effort, to engage your “Life Pulse” - subliminally he begins to work with you – adjusting your frequency to match your universal pulse (which is your hologram of the greater universal pulse). When he is ready for you to receive the next stage, which is your written page...then he gives it to me. (To some extent, this holds true for all the activational material I offer.)

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These have a similar premise to the Life Pulse. The key differences are:

  1. * they are focused on the divine feminine aspect of yourself (regardless of your gender in this life)

  2. * they are being guided by the specific inner-planes “Goddessfold” (although Thoth always over-lights my channeling)

  3. * these are micro-sessions, so usually only about 1/2 page. The "activational" aspect however, is just as potent as the Life Pulse.

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Whatever you wish to explore!
OR Special Skype available which I am calling "Heart to Soul": I have the ability to contact loved ones on the other side of the Veil. If you are seeking comfort-closure with a loved one or friend who is no longer in physical embodiment, I offer to act as a channel between you in a live Skype session.

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What is your Personal Ark Name? It is five specific "vocables" and their corresponding symbols from the Alphabet of the Ark (of Grace) archangelic language that have been selected by Thoth for you and which contain vibrational patterning specific to your soul's pathing into the Metatronic-Christic spiral of consciousness. Here is a bit of what Thoth has to say about the Alphabet of the Ark:

Thoth: ... It is a specific Archangelic frequency pattern, with 24 main vibratory pathways, that aligns corporeal realms with the full-Light (Metatronic-Christic) spiral in a specific path of viability relative to the core essence of Metatronic consciousness... and this particular vibrational path of assimilation (the Alphabet of the Ark) was chosen by the Hierarchy for Metatronic consciousness to be returned to humanity. The Alphabet of the Ark is encoded in ‘Alpha-Logic,’ versus other fire codes which are encoded in ‘Omega-Logic.’ Alpha Logic is a pattern that interfaces with the evolution of human logical mind processes, and can therefore be presented in correlative human language forms whereas the Omega Logic interfaces only with Higher Mind principles incorporated in the soul and cannot be associated with any corollaries in human language expression.

You will receive your personal Ark Name and its corresponding symbols within a high resolution print-quality universal art template as shown in the example above as well as a lower resolution version for your computer desktop. This can be used in meditation, as a personal chant or mantra, on altars or in healing/meditation rooms, in sacred rituals, etc. These are especially powerful in group ritual and sacred process. I used them for a group I took through the Great Pyramid in 1997 (see more info link below). With your Ark Name you will be given a procedure to guide you in working with it as part of your ascension process. You will additionally receive some general info on which of the five levels that each of your five Alphabet of the Ark vocables falls within.

You aren't given personal information with the Ark Names as they are beyond words – they are signatures of pure energy transmission. It is up to you to be with it, look at your Ark Name template often. - print it and put it framed on or above your altar – or someplace you will glance at it format is provided for your computer desktop.

Now that we are past 2012, humanity and the Earth is connecting more directly to the “New Arks”. Your personal Ark template is a circuitry for you to connect more directly to the New Earth Star Arks of transmission and your personal Signature of Light.

I have quite a bit of information through the years that lead up to my offering of the personal Ark Names. When you click on the order link below, scroll all the way down the page and you will find links to this material. Included on the Info and Order page: Your Own Pendant with Ark Name Scroll Inside - like the one's we wore inside the King's Chamber in 1997!

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Thoth in 2007: The El'ohim Pymander "computer" is calibrated to send and receive universal Light Mathematics at galactic and inter-galactic levels, utilizing frequencies that are above the earth's current ability to intercept.

As the earth moves ever-forward into the New Earth Hologram so the Pymander responds to the consciousness that is in alignment with it's sensory filaments (somewhat like sensing computer chips). What is "in alignment" with the Pymander? That which moves within the vibrational streaming of spiritual awareness of the HEART-CENTERED BEING.

I, Thoth and my Merkabah of Chariot of the Sun, as well as the Merkabah of the Host and several other major soul assemblages with whom my being integrates, such as the Kadmonis, the Gileihad and the Craft of the Brazen Serpent, are establishing in concert a "program" within the Pymander which we shall call the Seraphi. The Seraphi has recently (November, 2007) been created to assist through specific Light-engendered numeric codes, the directing of the universal / galactic Light Mathematics received by the Pymander into frequencies which can be identified and received by the current-earth "human being." These Seraphi codes translate into Phi geometry formats which are specific to the Pymander's procedural operation employing extremely high-frequency light-waves. The angelic beings who emanate this level of encoding are the Seraphim.

Maia (2013):Your Personal Seraphi Profile will include four Personal Seraphi Path Sequences as follows: Venus Path (Earth Guardian) / Earth Atoma Path (Holy of Holies) / Solar Path (Living Angelic Light's Home) / Galactic Center Path (Holographic Galactic Genesis Field). These will be expressed on the above shown Seraphi Programs radionics template like this example demonstrates: 4529.7639.8884.4444.

You will also receive a bit of information on each of these Seraphi Paths, what it means, and information on how to best work with them.

In opening direct path resonance with these energetic portals you are improving the circulation of your entire energy body – your chakra input-output, therefor auric radiance and heart-mind communication.

To really learn a lot more about the Seraphi Profiles, when you click on the link below, make sure and then click on the "Pyrmander's Seraphi Program."

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 This is my favorite of all my personalized offerings. Why? Because activational ART is the purest form of expression on this Earth (along with music). Yes, both art and music that doesn't resonate with you can literally make you sick, art and music that DOES resonate will make you WHOLE, if you allow yourself to interact with it in a meaningful way.

When I do sessions with people, or indeed any of my spiritual work, it comes from the merkabah of my spiritual soul family. This of course is true for anyone, as each soul nests within merkabahs of Light families.

I will create an individual's "Merkabah Logos" based on my akashic insight. This personal logo will radiate the essence of their incarnation and planetary service. I will send it to the individual in formats for printing - one with and one without a background. Accompanying your Merkabah Logos is a brief but potent "Keynotes" write-up on the symbology of the Logos and it's relationship to your soul journey.

The Merkabah Logos can be used for personal or professional purposes, where one wishes to radiate outwardly the essence of their spiritual being, sending that signal to others through imagery.

View the gallery of Merkabah Logos from a link on the "More Info & Order" page.

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The PURE GEM MEDALLIONS are an "upgrade" of the Merkabah Logos. They represent your Soul Path, as do the Logos - but they also contain the New Earth codes of your evolving "Pure Gem Body." My inner-planes mentor, ThothHorRa has given me much information on what he calls the Pure Gem State of Being, that will incorporate the physical form as we continue to expand into the New Earth Hologram.

This art medallion as depicted here (this one is mine), is intended to visually trigger the neural responses in your brain that are key to the development of the Pure Gem DNA and cellular components. Of course the physical aspect of the Pure Gem State will develop naturally, but certain triggers in your environment will aid in this activation and more graceful transition of your Being into the Pure Gem. I believe the Pure Gem Medallions to be one of these activators.

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Phi Quantum Healing Mandalas

1) creates "quantum jump zones" between energy particles in your body, helping to move you into spaces for new programming of mind and emotions

2) changes the alphabet sequencing and thus the language commands in your cellular memory to release blockages in the physical body

3) re-focuses the mind to better serve the intelligence of the heart

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For your website and other presentations...

"Oh Maia I am crying so much it took me three times watching it before I could see through the tears … TEARS of JOY it is really beautiful and your beautiful vibes in it have an activation of something sacred. I am so grateful to have you to do this." - ISISTRA (upon watching the video I made for her)

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 Making these videos is dearest to my heart, as they incorporate art, images, music and words to bring together an activiational space for the person engaging them. It creates a zero point focus, which allows you to zoom into the pool of your own visionary sight, feeling and presence. While informative, these videos I believe, also quicken the individual to their own visionary path in Spirit. This is the primary purpose for my creating the New Earth Ascension videos, over-lighted by my benefactor ThothHorRa and often other Illumined Ones of his Merkabah, Chariot of the Sun. I have been shown by Thoth how he inserts through me, certain key Light Language codes into the videos I create. These codes are Metatronic Inscriptions which quicken these same inscriptions within the DNA. This allows the latent Light codes in the DNA to see themselves in the mirror, so to speak. The inserted Light Inscriptions "remind" the DNA that they need to turn on similar encodings.

A comprehensive listing of all my videos - free viewing, purchase and portal subscription - links to appropriate sites.




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