The Mazur-Guanche: Grail Bearers of Atlantis

In December of 2005 I came across some information on the Guanche Kings of the Canary Islands in the book Egypt - Child of Atlantis by John Gordon. I had never heard of the Guanche before, but I remember having received from Thoth many years ago the “seed” that the Canary Islands was key spiritual place on the planet.

The European conquerors of the Islands stated that the Guanches were a "highly beautiful white race, tall, muscular, and with a great many blondes amongst their numbers".

Once I read about the Guanches and saw photographs of their kings, I received from the akashic that the Guanche were remnants of the Mazur Grail tribe. Before I elaborate further on this new information, I wish to review with the reader excerpts from my archives, material which I wrote on the Mazur in the past.

Issue 3 - 1996 of Temple Doors (TD-9603):

(Elizabeth) Van Buren (in her book, Refuge of the Apocalypse) also writes that before the Celts had the “Stone of God”, it was "in the possession of a group of people who guarded and treasured it (and it was) brought underground to the hidden chambers." There are three tombs mentioned in the description of the hidden chambers. They were said to be "the death chambers of three great Chiefs".

I asked Thoth for more information concerning the story. He opened the scroll for me into the akashic records to reveal the following. (It refers to) the journey of the 30 Spirit Tribes reflected paragenetically through a Hyperborean descended people, who after the Atlantean deluge became nomadic when their northern region of land slipped beneath the seas. These people contained the genetic and paragenetic seeds for the entire 30 Spirit Races of mankind, which when brought together with the remaining eight advanced straillium or strands, will form a physical vehicle for the regenerated Adam Kadmon.

The Hyperboreans contained Sirian blood, but this particular Hyperborean 'family' within the greater race, also held the genetic codes of the 30 Spirit Races through a mixture of five 'tribes'.

The Sirian genetics of the Hyperboreans included a special gene that allowed the blending of DNA with various universal families. It also accelerated the process of DNA grouping assimilation, which is the associative bonding of like DNA hologramic fields. Through DNA grouping assimilation the true evolution of a species occurs. However, the Hyperborean strain was not pure Sirian, but a blend of that star race with the Earth’s races. Thus it operated under certain ‘handicaps’ which we were not revealed to me. There were two more star races within these northern people - the Orionian and the Pleiadean.

The ‘people’ who carried the gene strands of the five Earth families and three star races, were originally called the Mazur. As they began their nomadic journey, they traveled through many lands. A branch of the Mazur became the Tuatha de Dannan.

Other branches occurred through the centuries, but the greater body of the Mazur, the one profiled as ‘Celts’ in the story referred to by Van Buren, had the blood of many races flowing through their veins eventually including the Celts. By that time the ‘Dannan’ branch had rejoined to some extent with the Mazur after the former had entered the realm of the Sidhe-Faerie. Thus the Hebraic via the Tribe of Dan, and the Sidhe-Faerie were co-mingled with the original Mazur lineage, after this occurred the Mazur had the full cauldron within their keep. They were the true inheritors of the San Graal, the Grail Bloodline. It was from this bloodline that the Christ would come forth through the House of David, a direct Mazur descendancy.

Issue 1 - 1998 of Temple Doors (TD-9801):

Out of the Atlantean migrations of the Grail-Born, began the Grail Family of the Mazur with it's many lesser or sub-families. The Mazur were a more diverse mixture of genetics than the original Atlantean Grail Kings/Queens and their family-tribes, but they carried the same Melchizedekean blood consciousness, which had descended in an unbroken lineage to them from the Atlantean Grail-Born who had carried it forth from Lemuria and the Lord Melchizedek.

After the Atlantean deluge the Mazur Grail lineages continued primarily in an informal way without any hierarchical structure for several thousand years. During this period the Mazur worked to collect the scattered remnants of their purest blood lineage after having migrated to the region of Nova Scotia at first. They then migrated as a collected group to the British Isles, and later dispersed throughout the European and Asian continents. About the year 6100 BC, the nomadic Mazur went through the re-collection process once again. They were able to gather the descendants of the primary and purest blood lineages, and re-established the formal succession of the Grail-Born through 16 Priest-Kings who had been chosen for their unbroken ancestral lineage from Melchizedek. The location of the gathering they held to revive the Royal House of the Grail was in the region of Montserrat, Spain.

By the time of this latter Mazur gathering little in the way of written records remained to guide them in choosing the Saryions, as the Grail Kings were then called. This was a term implying an elect destiny through direct descendancy from the House of Sar-Hanok - the Dragon Star. Indeed, the whole tribe could claim a direct descendancy from Melchizedek. However, the original Grail Kings/Queens of Atlantis had been chosen from among the Grail-Born through the inner vision of their tribal/family seers, with the offspring of the chosen ones inheriting the right to ascendancy through them. Thus, the Mazur decided to rely upon this ancient method, and their Wise Ones were given vision as to the identity of the 16 Priest-Kings of the post-Atlantean Grail hierarchy.

The Mazur were more than just Grail-Born however. Their lineage also carried the genetic seeds of the 30 Spirit Tribes. These 'seeds' are very high level endogenetic information which is held within the area of the heavens Thoth refers to as the Vault of Osiris. Thoth has previously given information on the 30 Spirit Tribes and their connection to the Mazur.

(Note: The term endogenetic is a Thoth term which refers to very high level genetic type information held in stellar fields of consciousness. On Earth we have the physical genetics of the body, then there are the paragenetics of the soul; endogenetic information would be the next level of vibrational register beyond paragenetics.)

Issue 3 - 1997 of Temple Doors (TD-9703):

From the Records of Thoth we find the lost works of Anumerikus, a historian of a branch of the original ‘Grail Family’, known as the ‘Mazur’. In this text written at the time of the Shepherd King’s return to Egypt, we read:

“Hanukatumera, the Solar Lord of the People, did bring us into the land of the Ancestors, where the Caretakers dwelt. He brought us forth unto this land, for it was time to birth the Spirit of the Child in the Great Temple. So we returned to the ancestral home, that we should resurrect the wisdom of our forefathers and reclaim from the Caretakers, that which is our Royal House.”

According to Thoth, this branch of the Mazur were the Olai. The Olai were direct descendants (through the Mazur) of the star races who had come into Egypt during the ages of Lemuria and Atlantis. When these Star Regents left that land, they left the rulership in the hands of the ‘Caretakers’, who were the ‘Children of the Nephilim’. These are otherworld beings who were from the ‘fallen heaven’, having created these ‘children’ whom Thoth calls the ‘Nomads’. (Ironically, the Caretakers and their predecessors referred to the Olai as ‘Nomads’.) They transferred the power and mysteries to the ‘Umosejhe’, meaning ‘caretakers’, with the understanding that in the future the Olai would return to put into motion the spiritual birth of the ‘Child’, who centuries later would incarnate in living flesh as the greatest of ‘Shepherd Kings’. History would know this ‘Child’ as Jesus Christ.

Thoth comments that the ‘Pali Kings’, meaning the ‘Pale Kings’, as they were pale skinned and fair; were ‘Palestinae people’, or ‘those who are from the ‘pale, or dimly lighted stars’. The symbol of the Palestinae had been the Unicorns (actually a nature-angelic creature), who to the most ancient, were called the ‘Pala’, meaning the Pale Ones.

When the Shepherd Kings returned led by their Solar Lord Hanukatumera, they were not greeted warmly. The Umosejhe had governed the land for many ages now. They had mis-used the power and hid the wisdom from the people. They had no desire to relinquish it and become simply servants of another race. Yet there were strong ties to this service embedded deep within their genetic memory. They feared that the ‘Gods’ would punish them if they did not obey these Solar Ones, whom they knew were descendants of the Gods.

To return now to my current 2005 insights on the Mazur and the Guanche.

The Canary Islands or “Canaria”, the original name of the islands, is a remnant of Atlantis. They had originally been the top of the mountain Khunaris, where some of the Mazur-Atlanteans dwelt. After the last Deluge, other Mazur and their Grail Kings joined them on these now-islands in the Atlantic. The Khumaris Isles was chosen by the Mazur as a place to re-group and heal from the global devastation. After about 50 years, the Mazur and their Kings began their migrations out from that small point into the British Isle, Europe and Asia. However, one of the Kings and his “tribe” remained on the Khumaris Isles to hold a focus of the original seeding ground of Atlantis. It was to become “home-base” in a matter of speaking, for the migrating Mazur.

For several thousand years there was travel between the Khunaris Isles and the Mazur (and others) from the British Isles, Egypt and other remote places. However a combination of continuing cataclysmic disturbances and persecution of the Mazur eventually caused the Khunaris Isles to be cut off from the rest of the world. These islands then became the Canaria, which John Gordon in Egypt - Child of Atlantis states was derived from canis, meaning dog. Godon states tht the whippet (dog) was a “main devotional icon” of the Guanche, and sees a connection between the whippet of Canaria and the whippet of Egypt, who was part of the ancient Egyptian mystical tradition.

The later linage of the Mazur became the Guanche and the one King of the 16 original Mazur Priest-Kings who remained on Khunaris / Canaria spawned many more kings. The 16 known Guanche Kings are the last linage grouping of those regents.

There is speculation as to the origins of the Guanche, some saying that they came from India, are Basques or even North African Berbers. John Gordon writes in Egypt - Child of Atlantis that the sculpted statues of the Guanche Kings bear distinctly “Indo-Caucasian” features and are very “Nordic” in appearance. From looking at the photographs of these statues, I agree. Further, the Nordic is the racial type of the original Mazur-Atlanteans, before mixing with European, Middle Eastern and Asian tribes. The strong “berber” connection is in my opinion, not that the Guanche are Berbers, but that the Mazur (from whom the Guanche descended) mixed with the Europeans that were to become Berbers. They mixed with a lot of people, but for whatever reason, the Berbers have maintained the language of the Mazur-Guanche.

Not long ago a stone was found on the Carnary Islands which has the symbols 'Z(a)N(a)T(a)' engraved on it. It is said to perhaps be of Berber origin (since historians believe the Guanche are Berbers), but nothing is truly known about it. It is my akashic insight that the symbols on this stone give the location of a “grail chamber” containing ancient records of the Grail Kings and Queens of Atlantis.

Additional Notes



The Stone of God: "The treasure that is sought in the book by Mauric Leblanc is the Stone of God 'that gives life or death'. The story relates that a tribe of Celtic peoples once moved across Europe bearing an important treasure with them, a sacred heritage of their ancestors, a divine object which gave them protection. It was the stone which covered the tomb of their King."  - Elizabeth Van Buren in Refuge of the Apocalypse

Thoth reveals to me that this “stone” was composed of the Orion meteor he calls the Midnight Sun Stone. He further states that the Spear of Longinus contained a fragment of the Orion meteor as it’s spearhead:

“The centurion Longinus was from the royal descendence of Mazur. He carried the sacred spear for the ritual act of freeing the Christ from further torment in the physical, but of even greater importance, his act of compassion allowed the ‘blood and water’ from Jesus’ side to become charged with the sacred spear and then enter the planet as a direct passage of San Graal consciousness into the center of the Earth.”

The Stone of God mentioned in the Mauric Leblanc book, "The Island of Thirty Circles" is one half of the largest single piece of the Lapis Exlis (Midnight Sun Stone). The other half would become known as the Emerald Table (not tablet) of Thoth. It was once one large piece which split in two. Whenever the two halves are brought together, Light code energy exchanges are made which profoundly serve the planet. These tablets have come together only once thus far. This was accomplished in the Temple of the Lion (Great Pyramid of Giza) under Thoth’s facilitation. The Emerald Table is the same energetically as the Emerald Tablets. The latter were created through alchemy and contain information that relates to deciphering the consciousness imbued within the Emerald Table. The Stone of God of the Mazur was known by them as the Ajezeta Mar, or the Green Sea. The baton, later to become the Longinus Spear, was fashioned from a shale or chip left over from the split between the two stones. (TD-9603)

What Thoth has referred to as the Lapis Exlis came to earth at various times. The Midnight Sun Stone is just ONE of those appearances in a meteor from Orion. This causes some confusion, unless it is understood that the Lapis Exlis is the overall spiritual component presented in these various meteorite appearances on earth. For more information on the Lapis Exlis, see issue 3 - 1990 of Temple Doors (not yet available in the Spirit Store).


Basques Connection: The Basques, who are descended from the Mazur (and thus relatives of the Guanche) are a mysterious people, as the genetic of the Basques have proven to be unique on the European continent. There language is equally singular. In the book The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges, they quote Paul Mevryl as stating that the Basques are “survivors of the last cyclic catastrophe...” The example given of Basque gravestone markers in The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye certainly bear an overall resemblance to the Guanche symbols of the Canary Islands (see "Guanche Photographs" below).


The Black Madonna: The Canaries currently have as their main icon, a Black Madonna in Tenerife. While Madonnas are a product of a later era than Atlantis, they proclaim an ancient Goddess origin associated with Atlantis, and Lemuria before Her.


Grail Queens: While there were no Mazur Grail Queens as there had been in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis, women played really a more powerful role than the Mazur Kings, but it was behind the scenes as oracles who chose the Priest-Kings.

U'quet Symbol: This "Guanche" symbol found on The Canary Islands, is the Mazur U'quet, meaning "rectifyer" or "that which synchronizes". The three circles represent the 30 Spirit Races or Tribes, the "Island of Thirty Circles" and the three major sea channels of Atlantis, which were created inland as a harbor with land between each of the circles. These channels also were associated symbolically with the 30 Spirit Races as a "port of entry" into the 3rd dimension.

The three triangles set in a triangular formation represented the three world realities which Thoth has referred to in my past akashic translations as the three millenniums. These "millenniums" do not represent 100 years, but three specific divergent paths of the human experience on planet earth which interact with one another at certain stages in evolution. The point where the triangles meet is the "place of entry" into the attasic universe of complete wholeness. For a better understand of the three millennium model, read Thoth on Evolution of Earth with Multiple Realities.

There were also three pyramids aligned in a similar manner on Atlantis. At the point where the pyramids touched was a chamber for travel between these three "M" reality zones.

I created this medallion (see larger image at beginning of this article) to represent the Mazur U'quet.  the letter on the bottom of Equtus Amu means to "make way with integrity of spirit"; or in other words to forge new paths for Spirit, but always using the wisdom of the heart, and the actions which represent that synchronization of mind and heart.

Staffs of Mazur Kings: The staffs of Mazur Kings, and thus early Guanche Kings were powerful energy tools. They were generally not used to harm but to heal and restore, however could be employed as a weapon if needed. They were essentially the same as the staffs of the Grail Kings & Queens of Atlantis and Lemuria. (click on small image at left to see larger view).



Mazur-Guanche Priest-King, Touskhis


Guanche Photographs

For more of my akashic insights on the Mazur Grail Kings and their Atlantean linage:

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