Thoth Transmission concerning the Inner Earth, Pole Shift and Celestia Chants

Maia: Thoth, according to what I have received from you and from the Akasha, the realm of the “Inner Earth Dwellers” is slightly removed from this dimension. Yet it is central to the operation of all planets (having a “hollow” interior and a sun at the center). However, this realm can only be perceived through movement toward the center of the planet. In other words, a living creature must move physically toward the center of a planet in order to enter that realm. Viewing this from a distance via purely 3D scientific means reveals the other side of the door, which are molten layers. As I understand it, it is the dynamic of all planets (true planets, which include most moons) to have this “flip side” of the coin. It is a spinner field that flashes non-hollow to hollow planet depending on the magnetic waves the observer / participant is riding.

It is obvious to current earth scientists that the poles are beginning to move toward reversal again, as part of an on-going cycle. My question is: how will a pole reversal effect the inner earth hollow realm, and how has it effected it in the past?

Thoth: It will (and has in the past) caused the interior magnetic nodes to re-align. The inhabitants of the Interior, however are quite prepared for this, as they have devises stationed at the key nodes on the meridians so that they will be able to re-orientate their “world” while maintain a stable island of light. This “island of light” is a specific region of the Interior world, where all inner earth dwellers will gather at the appropriate time. Understand that their population is far less percentage-wise that on the surface earth. Also, they layer their world in varying dimensional electro-magnetic zones, so that many more people can occupy the same space in a coherent and controlled manner.

Maia: Is there anything that we, on the surface of the earth can do to help prepare this realm for the pole shift?

Thoth: Shifting consciousness into awareness is the key. There are many outer ways to integrate with this key, but only one door in which to insert it. This is the door of the HEART...lighting the Flame of Great Love that is beyond all preference, opinion, or even logic.

Maia: Is there any one integration process you could suggest to us at this time?

Thoth: Attune to the Merkabah of the Host and draw upon their Love and Strength of Being.

  • Stay open and receptive to the Amatrix Angels, the Zohar Mages and all ultra and inter-dimensional beings who are assisting this planet in its transformation.

  • Meditate on quickening the higher meridian frequencies up and down the spine in your being by working with Phi Crystals, especially the Celestar Phi Crystals.

  • Open to the Unicorn, Dolphin and Dragon energies in the planet and sing with them in your body and soul.

an interesting article on pole reversal off this website


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