June 17th, 2005


Crystal Mist of Life - Amatrix Transmissions energy-art


CRYSTAL MIST OF LIFE - The Breath of Creation

In Hawaiian, one of the several meanings of “Aloha” is “breath” – more aptly “sacred breath”, as to the ancient  and aware  modern Hawaiians all breath was sacred. It links us to the earth and to each other. We breathe the air that was breathed by our ancestors and by all living creatures on the planet. The traditional Hawaiian greeting is to touch foreheads and to breathe deeply, exchanging breath. “Aloha” also means “love”...and so in sacred Hawaii breath and love are one and the same.

In the age of the most ancient Lemuria (of which Hawai’i is a remnant) the air was heavy with vaporous mist. It was oxygen-rich due to the large amounts of vegetation that covered the earth then. Humans today would not be able to live long breathing it, as our hearts would give out trying to pump such thick and wet air through our lungs. However, for the people of that age, the air was far more conductive to energy and thought. The Lemurians primarily communicated telepathically at that time, and the quality of the air aided their ability to receive other’s thoughts, and also the pure knowledge streaming through the breath of all living creatures. Through this knowledge and the actual rhythm of conscious breathing, the Ancients were able to create “out of air”, or what we would call manifesting material objects for their uses and needs.

Even though our planet and thus our world has changed drastically since the days of the most ancient Lemuria, the air we breathe is still perpetuating the crystal-form of that original creational breath. In the Amatrix Transmissions energy-art series I created, one of the forty images is entitled “Crystal Mist of Life,” and it appears directly below. I created this art so it contains the Light codes of that original sacred breath.

How may we re-generate the “Breath” in us? Certainly conscious breathing in a deep and rhythmic way (naturally but fully) is essential. We can also send our breath to the healing of ourselves, others and the planet.

First, take a deep breath through the heart and into the solar plexus. As hold it there for a moment, consciously “charge” it and program it with your intentional thought. An example would be: I imbue this breath with healing and love for Aunt Sarah...or for the Tsunami victims, etc.

You can be more specific than that, but remember, as with any prayer, to leave room in your  intentions for God to act beyond the parameters of your definitive intention.

As you release your breath, FEEL it moving through the current of air and being taken into the bodies of those you send it to. You can also receive healing for yourself by breathing OUT your charged breath and then breathing it back IN again. Each time you do this it builds the charge.

Lying on your back outdoors and looking at the sky as you do your prayer-breathing is especially potent. You can also use the Crystal Mist of Life mandala I created, focusing on it as you create conscious breath.

In a later Lemurian period, only the shaman-priests and priestesses could materialize objects and teleport themselves through the control of conscious breathing. Yet they used this knowledge to help many people through healing. What might we be able to accomplish through conscious breath? We have seen the amazing photographs of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research with conscious water that has been prayed upon or simply had a thought focused into it. The photographs of the frozen water crystals are quite incredible. Air is an even more effective conductor than water. When we breathe out a “message” it moves almost instantly through the skin of air to any point on the globe.

So let us breath together the LOVE of life, the breath of the First Creation and the ancestors who breathed us into being, so that we may spin new breath bodies of Light for ourselves and generations to come, and herein give birth to the New Lemuria.

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