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Planetary Changes in the 21st Century - Lights in the Sea

Before reading this article you might wish to review Planetary Changes in the 21st Century - The Interior of the Earth

Continuing the countdown for the major events coming out of the FireGem Matrix (Phi Gate, Maiden Grid, etc.), Joan Ocean from her cetacean center on the Big Island has this to say in one of her recent newsletters (re-printed here with her permission):

I have seen inexplicable, artificial lights deep in the ocean; large white lights that appears to be 5 - 8 feet across, facing upward toward the surface and illuminating the water. It is difficult to determine their exact size because the movement of the water expands and diffuses the light.

While swimming in the warm waters of the Big Island for two decades, I have seen many amazing sea creatures and unusual phenomena, such as whale sharks and giant amorphous jellyfish. But these lights remain an enigma, beaming a continuous stream of illumination, while our boat circles around them. We can swim away from these light beams and return to see them still there. These are not rays from the sun, which appear everywhere at once. Entering the water and diving down 50 feet, I can see that this bright light is still far below me. This type of light appears to be from an underwater vehicle or structure and can be seen in water more than a mile deep. Many other people traveling on boats with me have seen this phenomenon as well.

In addition to these strange lights, many of us on the Big Island have experienced large, transparent, sphere-shaped fields of light as big as an Olympic-sized pool, while swimming among the dolphins. These disk-like clouds are in the water, near the surface and are 80 to 100 feet around. My rational mind wants to identify it as plankton or algae, but it is a white cloudy substance with nothing floating in it. These spheres are not composed of plankton or algae. They are something I have experienced for the past 6 years at Keahole Bay. Whatever it is, the phenomenon seems to
be alive and pulsating.

On the mornings when these domes of light are in the bay, we noticed dolphin pods of approximately 150 dolphins swimming close to shore. They come to our boat and then bring us to swim inside the milky-white plasma egg. They seem to want us to go there, and so they lead us directly to it. When we swim inside, we can see nothing beyond our hands. We cannot see each other or the dolphins. We cannot even see our own feet. Strangely, we see our heads above the surface and then look below and see no bodies! It appears that our body is in two different dimensions at once.

Within this white liquid energy we can hear the dolphins' sounds, but if we swim outside the plasma field, we can no longer hear them. We often swim in and out of this huge floating plasma ball for 2-3 hours. When we finally swim away and board the boat to return to land, we feel very ethereal and lightheaded. We experience a quiet peacefulness, serenity, a heightened awareness of Beauty all around us, and a deep feeling of inner joy and gratitude.

I am interested to hear from other people who have experienced similar ocean anomalies. Please write and let me know if you have heard of or experienced anything like this. It does not photograph well, but I will put some photos of it on my website ( - Star Beings at Sky Ranch Seminar from January 2005.

In my subsequent communication with T’zar, A female healer and visionary and one of the time-traveling Pi'Ra'Im group, I have received that the light Joan is witnessing  is a product the cetaceans interfacing with the phi crystalline geometries and the pre-escaping of itonic particles from Spica that will be causing the inter-dimensional nova of that star which will effect the earth’s crystalline grid on February 27th, 2005. According to my communion with T’zar, the light is actually coming from holographic crystals being produced by the cetaceans from their ‘songs’ registered beyond the ability of the human ear to perceive. This specific cetacean sonic register has only just begun to be emitted by these beings as they respond to the cosmic ripplets of Spica and the Amatrix Angels. The holographic crystals produced by the cetacean songs are created through the various harmonics being woven together...the dolphins registering the higher, more stellar tones, with the whales emitting the lower, magnetic earth sounds. This whole symphony is also stirring the ancient Dolphin Temples which T’zar and her Group are interacting with in order to re-activate them.

I am currently working on a project - “The Amatrix Transmissions” which will contain images of key Amatrix Angels, mandalas, and depictions of the holographic crystals which are being formed from the cetacean / Amatrix / Phi / Spica concordance. I believe that these images will contain the frequencies capable of transmitting an alignment to the geometry of the New Hologram in the DNA which the Amatrix Angels will be inserting into the earth’s Mother DNA. I will soon be announcing the release of the Amatrix “package” in the format of a screensaver (although it will definitely NOT be just a screensaver) through the Spirit Mythos Updates list.

Maia Christianne

Joan Ocean's websites: The Dolphin Connection / ET Friends

After writing the above an article was sent to me on: Dolphins & DNA Communications (link off this website)

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