Thoth - 3/16/07

Solar Wave of the New Sun

(Note: the following message is not entirely understandable without following up on the reference links at the bottom of the message.)

Thoth could you please comment on what Aluna Joy is calling the “Solar Wave” and it’s date progression on March 21st from the Fiji Islands to (24 hours later) Hawai’i?

Thoth: This “Solar Wave” is the first of such waves for the “New Sun.” As the wave passes through this region of the Pacific Ocean, it re-calibrates the solar-lunar shells of the planet, changing the vibrational pulse from “Old Sun” to “New Sun” within it’s lunar correspondent.

The Solar Wave then washes upon the “shore” of the roil point of the planet, the Hawaiian Islands (Mauna Loa on the Big Island the actual center of the roil point.). As the “New Sun” wave carries it’s codes into the FireGem Matrix Hawai’i, so the hagia tube responds, by moving up from the atoma of the earth and unfurling, to receive the precious New Sun codes into it’s planetary central sun (atoma).

At this point, the New Sun has “impregnated” the earth’s womb with it’s new seed.

Once the seed has completed gestation, the seven octaves of the RA*STAR Dynamic will become fully functional on/in the earth.

The gestation will complete sometime between October and December of 2012.


The Fifth Day and Beyond

roil point and hagia (with link to solar - lunar magnetic shells)

RA*STAR Dynamic

RA*STAR 2000


The Stones Turn

Jackie Queally of Celtic Trails reports that a woman she knows:

“...three years ago when she was at Callanish she saw a particular whiter stone about 5.5 feet tall at the wire fence on the west side of site had been manually uprighted from where it been lying in the grass-it was a lighter colour than the other stones due to lying down someone explained to her. This stone had a male figure as if dressed in monk's robes on. There may have been a hood on it but she is not sure. She is going to try and post a me a photo to scan as she has no computer, so then I can send it to you both. Then last June on the Standstill Moon she was there at Callanish with many people watching this phenomenon which occurs every 18.61 years when she noticed that the face had turned to the north side- she was sure the figure with a delicately featured face on the stone had previously faced west to the fence, and then in August she met a psychic friend who had also seen the stone before, who said that the stone earlier had been in the wrong position.

So (this woman) thought it had righted itself although she says she thinks the 'Dark Man' as she calls it may have moved sides on the stone without the actual stone turning - just her idea here.”

Thoth verifies to me that the stone “turned” - in that it’s spatial place in time “changed.” This, he says, is and will continue to occur with more frequency as the “New Sun” integrates with the solar-lunar magnetic shells of the planet. These “turning stones” are pivotal nodes that are fine-tuning ancient grids to the New Solar - Lunar Harmonic.

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