April 28th, 2005


May Day and the Rite of Myaea

In pagan Europe, Mayday represented the first day of spring planting. To the Celtic Saxons, May 1st was Beltane or the Day of Fire. The Rites of Mayday or Beltane were an out-picturing of both the physical and the spiritual connection of ancient people to the earth. There dependence on nature was more keenly demonstrated through the struggles and rewards of everyday life than it is to most of us today. As a result of this daily ‘contact’ with the earth, human consciousness was therefore more focused upon it, and from this focus arose a sense of oneness with nature. Out of the ‘oneness’ came the ‘Oneness’–the greater sense of Spirit in all life. Certainly people of our historical past were not exempt from distorting this sense and applying it selectively to suit their personal preferences and own agendas. However, that CORE sense of Oneness with the earth was present, and demonstrated in such rituals as May Day.

Both the ‘Goddess’ as the Queen of May, symbolic of the life of the fields and ‘God’ as Robin or the Green Man as the hunter of the woods, were represented in the Beltane Ritual.

The Month of May was named after the Goddess ‘Maia’, who was originally a nymph of the mountains in Greek mythology, and associated with one of the Seven Sisters of the Pleiades. Maia was also the mother of Hermes (Thoth).

From my akashic insights in the Library of Thoth:

The most ancient version of Beltane was derived from the Lemurian ‘Rites of Myaea’. Myaea was seen as the stellar frequency which opened the way through the portal of the Pleiades and into the ‘Fields of Ardath’.

"And the Angel bade me enter a waste field, and the field was barren and dry save of herbs, and the name of the field was Ardath. And I wandered therein through the hours of the long night, and the silver eyes of the field did open before me and therein I saw signs and wonders." - Book of Esdras

"The Essenes were...an ascetic sect into whose care were trusted the secret books of Israel which were committed to writing by the great Initiate Ezras (Esdras) in the mystical Field of Ardath at Babylon several hundred years previously." - C. Heline, The New Age Bible Interpretation, New Testament, Volume IV.

From the Library of Thoth, my akashic insight is that the Field of Ardath is a symbolic name for the Hidden Heart, or a place of wisdom reached only through the activation of a center in the heart which Thoth calls the “Heart of the Lion”. According to Thoth, the Heart of the Lion (the entry point into the Field of Ardath) can also be touched into energetically on the planet through various sacred locations which align to the heart geometry of the ‘Lion’. An example of this is given by Thoth in issue 4 - 1997 of Temple Doors:

Thoth: The ‘Heart of the Lion’ is formed by Jerusalem and Mecca....the DARK cube (Kabba) aligns with Mecca, and the STAR cube (Ormid) aligns with Jerusalem. The lemniscate (infinity eight loop) between the two is the ‘field of the heart’ with the center point being the actual ‘Heart of the Lion’.

From my archives: Thoth -What keeps this world's inhabitants within such small circles of evolution and beings is the very nature of opposition. This is not to say that polarity does not serve essential purposes, for indeed it does; but beyond this garden of Adam/Eve compliance, lies the Field of Ardath, therein the Heart of the Lion (666) and the Heart of the Lamb (999) are At-One.

So now we return to the Lemurian Rite of Myaea and it’s future role in the Rite of Beltane. The Rite of Myaea acknowledged that the Seven ‘Sisters’ of the Pleiades were not only symbolic of the 7 major chakras of the body, but that they energetically fed Light codes into the chakras, allowing the human experience to open into the Field of Ardath...a frequency of the ‘Hidden Heart’. The ancient Lemurians and later Atlanteans and early Egyptians saw this 'Field' as rich soil for growing consciousness and bridging the worlds of Wisdom and Ignorance. They realized that one could have knowledge and still be ignorant, if the vibrational field of the heart were not open to them. The sowing of seeds bringing the expectation of a good harvest from the Wisdom of the Heart became through the years to be associated with the physical seed/harvest cycles. This in not an incorrect association, as all life comes from the greater Universal Intelligence of Divine Law. One cannot be in harmony with this Law without the Body of Wisdom, or Sophia.

As we live and breathe the air of Life together on this May 1st, 2005, let us be aware of the golden thread of connectivity that reaches us through the stellar portal of the Pleiades and through the generations spanning time since the ancient days of Lemuria. As we feel the Oneness, so we can love and honor the living past (for nothing dies) and hold the lamp brightly before us as we engage our Field of Ardath.


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