April 22nd, 2005



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Entrance into the Valley of the Blue Star (as seen from inside the valley looking toward the entrance through the mountains)

As we approach the Wesak Festival of April 24th (which theosophists believe to be the birthday of Gautama Buddha), I return in memory to the experiences I had in 1987 in Dreamtime with the "Valley of the Blue Star" in the Himalayas of Tibet. I journeyed there in my sleep states periodically over a span of months. It was consequently revealed to me that this valley had two aspects to it. One was in this reality, whereas the other was in a slightly removed dimension. Yes, very ‘Shangri La’ in nature.

 On this dimension, one would see a small, sheltered valley, green and verdant in the midst of giant snow-capped mountains. While technically in this dimensional realm, the valley is shielded from sight until one approaches it within a mile or two on land and even less distance by air. The shielding used is simply the mental energy of the monks who guardian the valley. This, I was told, is not extraordinary and is accomplished for many sacred and hidden places on the planet. On another dimension, the Valley of the Blue Star is somewhat larger and even more dramatically greener by comparison to the frozen and forbidding mountains beyond it’s ‘manifest zone.’ It is to this second, larger valley that many souls are drawn astrally and in Dreamtime, to come together in sacred union and heart-celebration.

At the time I had my experiences in the Valley of the Blue Star, I believed it to be a place of reunion for only those souls who’s stellar origins were from the ‘Blue Star’ Rigel, in the constellation of Orion...other star groups gathering in other places. However, I now see an expanded picture, which shows me that while the ‘Rigel’ and other Orion souls do indeed gather there, it is not just for their own ‘reunion’, but as a place to join with other soul groups...visitors, if you will.

Although it is not the mysterious valley that theosophists write about that celebrates the Wesak, nonetheless souls gather in the ‘other dimension’ of the Blue Star Valley at that time of year, in order to infuse the earth with the Light codes of great celestial harmonies. This is accomplished by Blue Star souls and other soul lineages, coming together in the valley with Ascended and Illumined Inner Earth Masters, and bringing the heart-centered rhythms of the cosmos up through their astral and subtle energy bodies as a rising fountain of light, which is then dispersed into the planetary grid. It is at Wesak that all 12 of the Merkabah of the Host come together in this valley, along with other beings of Light.

Is there truly somewhere, on some dimension a Valley of the Blue Star? I don’t know...anymore than I know if anything I think, ‘receive’ or experience is ‘real’, for reality is a very subjective experience. I can only say that my experiences with this valley those years ago seemed very real to me; and there were several other people I knew then, that had some similar journeys...none of us knowing about the other’s experiences there until later on.

If you feel this valley and the beautiful souls who gather there are real to you...or you would LIKE them to be, I invite you to join me there on the nights of April 23rd, 24th and 25th (any or all of those nights).

From my writings about the Valley of the Blue Star, to be found in issue 1 - 1987 of The Source, the following is a description of the valley in the ‘other dimension’:

The temples on the floor of the valley are constructed in patterns which, when viewed from above on the mountain slopes, form consciousness-triggering geometrics. Through the inter-linking of the temples in this way, and determined also by the type of energy progressed (dynamically active) within each temple, an initiate entering a specific temple is joining him/herself to the entire energetic complex via that one ‘chakra’ or temple within the whole body of temples.

Until we Gather, Maia

The Source issue 1-1987 is not yet in electronic format, but you may view other archived issues of The Source & Temple Doors

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