akashic definition of: Assembly of the Christos & Merkabah of the Host

The Illumined Assembly of the Christos (IAC) is a gathering of souls incarnate in this planet who anchor the Christic energy into the earth by holding the Christic etheric patterns of crystalline Light geometry in Sacred Presence within their matrix. There are 144,000 of these souls maintaining this Presence at all times, this being the number of Nine-Foldness within the Divine Atom.

The members of the General Assembly or "Aarkios" reside within the planet and upon its surface. Those living upon the surface for the most part dwell in quite remote regions, and those within the interior of the earth dwell in the cavern areas within the naturally hollow interior of the planet. All of the Aarkios are fully consciously aware that they are a part of the General Assembly of the IAC.

The Merkabah of the Host is a grouping of twelve souls within the General Assembly of the IAC. These twelve are at its core, facilitating a gathering and focusing of the pure vibration of the Christos into a Sacred Presence in the earth.  This activity establishes resonance with the most fundamental patterns of the Fire in the Sacred Heart, thus strengthening it within the earth's collective consciousness experience.

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