July 18th, 2004

When I placed my article on the Sirian Lord, Menon in the new “Immortals” section of Spirit Mythos the other day, I did not know that Sirius was soon to be “rising” in our skies! The next morning Simeon made me aware of this. It explained my feeling of such power and emanations coming from Sirius through Menon...that this being was present for the earth at this time, allowing his supernal body to stream the energies of Sirius toward us. This was the feeling I had as I did  Menon's portrait.

After I was alerted to the truth of Sirius rising, I read the recent two newsletters of “Quantum Awakening” by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan (more below). I resonate completely with what she writes concerning the Sirian emanations. Her “Lion Gate” article is so appropriate, with the Solar Lords of Sirius in mind, which is Menon’s heritage. You will notice in the artwork I did of Menon that he wears a golden brooch of the three-headed lion. This is an emblem of the Three-fold gate of the Telos.Aarkhara. This “gate” brings the three tele-planes together that form our universe. Sirius is the threshold for the Trigate of our universe.

Menon’s supernal energy bodies are riding the crest of the Sirian wave. His presence among us now is just one of the power fields opening to the planet since the Venus Transit in June.

The Star Capstone frequency is shifting the earth’s envelope of space-time. The Indigo and Violet Rays are forming a helix through the Star Capstone into our DNA, creating a new (for this planet) Ray which reaches us in a brilliant orange-gold vibration. This new Ray Thoth is referring to as the Samnatha: the ray of re-calibrating ancient energy paths in the body so that they open fully to new orientation with the Divine. The Pure Gem vehicle is now able to begin forming from the Orange-Gold Samntha Ray. As the Star Capstone 'beam' shifts the space-time corridor to a different facet of possibility, the two Master Rays of Indigo and Violet, dance together to birth their 'child', the Orange-Gold Samnatha.

To quote from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan in issue #66 of Quantum Awakening:

“The star Sirius rises in helical fashion sometime between July 23 and August 1, 2004 depending on your longitude and latitude. This rising is associated with new thought, new light, and new beginnings. It rises before the sun purposefully after being in stellar hiding fro about 70 days. Sirius houses the Great White Brotherhood, the Lemurian Elders, as well as the Christ Consciousness and a bevy of highly evolved beings. The announcement of her arrival comes as a key to unlock a very old door that is newly painted and positioned. This door enters into a room that humanity as a whole has never been comfortable experiencing. It is now time to come from a point of high solar vibrations and allow this new light to shine on places within the psyche and history of earth that needs cleansed.”

“We stand at the base of the mountain of Creational maturity on our sojourn home to the Light. Everything in the universe opens it’s cupboards to show what has been hidden on all of it’s shelves. Finally embracing and acknowledging the Creational maturity of the people of the earth. It is a personal choice as to how to wear this energy and wisdom. It has been laid at your anointed feet with a great love by those that have taken all of your evolutionary possibilities to heart.”

A true and powerful message in my estimation. Gillian has much more to say on this topic. I encourage you to read the rest of issue #66.

P.S.  See Menon's father in Other Worlds Akashic Portraits

Aloha from Lemuria,  Maia Christianne


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