Thoth, The Hierophant

"Plutarch described him as "the most logos-like of the Gods", the one most closely aligned with Universal Mind. Thoth is the God of Medicine, Learning, Science, Architecture, Truth, the Libraries, the Akashic Records, and above all, the God of Magic.

Great colleges, called "Houses of Life", were established under the guidance of Thoth, where candidates for high office or the priesthood would be given instruction into the true nature of the world. This instruction was more than intellectual, the student was given real, hands-on training on the subtle planes of existence. It is this experiental knowledge brought back from the invisible realms that provided the basis of all initiation into the Mysteries." - Sirius Rising

The Historical & Mythical Thoth
Tiger's Milk
The White Falcon
The Sunborn
Mountain of the Moon
The Harp of Atlantis
Temple of the Dolphins  Rejha lo
Thoth Amii



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