by Maia Kyi'RA


I received a Thothic Transmission this morning concerning the life and death of Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II, which I feel guided to share with all of you.


Karol Wojtyla’s soul has sustained a very focused journey through the earth to reach the point of embodiment that would usher him into the role of Pope John Paul II. Many of his lifetimes were spent in entering various earthly thought streams, collecting and refining in his soul being, the elements of those streams, so that he had LIVED them in the deepest part of his elemental body.

It is the elemental body that souls leave behind when they slip the bonds of the physical body. What is gained to that elemental body, returns to the earth to be absorbed as nutrients by Gaia, and fed back again into the elemental codes drawn up from Her well, and then transferred to souls as they once again take on embodiment. However, each soul returning to this mortal coil gathers back the same codes it created in the elemental body of it’s last incarnation...and then in the process of living, adds to that mixture.

So it was with Wojtyla’s soul as he returned in his most recent life on the earth. Because his soul had very specifically ‘digested’ in it’s elemental body the codes of so many factions of the masses, he was able to translate a specific ‘language’ – that of Catholicism – into a Presence, which was religiously non-specific. Certainly he espoused somewhat orthodox beliefs in his role as the head of the most powerful religious seat in the world. Yet there was a divine purpose in this. Through the belief system of his personality and the culture through which the personality of Wojtyla was indoctrinated, the soul was able to deeply embed into the power point of the Roman Catholic Church, the Flame of Universality contained within the soul of Wojtyla and the elemental body which educated his soul to the many aspects of the human spiritual journey. A more liberal Pope would not have been as successful in achieving this. At the time, the Church at it’s core would have rejected what John Paul II would have revealed of the Essence he carried. Wojtyla practiced his faith with conviction on many levels, both seen and unseen. Even those aspects of conviction and faith which were ‘seen’ were not understood in the true light of purpose held within the conscious mind of John Paul II. This soul had been preparing for many centuries to take upon it the mantle of religious power as Pope of the Roman Catholic Church. While not entirely cognizant of his soul’s greater purpose, the personality of Wojtyla, was nonetheless not unconscious of it’s basic essence. His personality in this lifetime was groomed by the soul-self and developed to be able to view Spirit in a vastness most souls incarnated now are not yet aware of. Thus, when as Pope, John Paul made official statements of faith and decrees for the Church, he was doing so from a platform of a greater awareness, seeing that there was a divine purpose in each of these actions – even those which seemed limited and contained in ‘old world’ Catholic dogma. He knew that these dogmas must be held in place until certain key aspects of humanity had reached a certain point of conscious breakthrough, or else the ‘cure’ would kill the patient.

The sweeping love, power and prayer of those in need, focused on and through the Pontiff accelerated his soul’s own evolution, for it was received both humbly and with conscious awareness of the true Spirit behind it.

However, carrying the impact of all the codes seeking evolution through his ‘corpus’ caused his physical body to suffer. As he became ‘full’ with the sorrows, desires and needs of the world, he held it all until his soul whispered to him that release was at hand. The Hour was upon him when he could slip the bonds and give back to the earth and it’s humanity, the immense field of energy he was carrying. Now this has happened. It has been returned to the earth and to humanity. But what has been returned? The love and desires of the masses were poured upon him as one would pour the water of the Ganges upon the sacred Lingam. Does that act not change the current the direction and the purpose of the original act?

It is not just Catholics who have been given back this reserve of power, now transformed and broken free from the corpus it animated (both the Pope AND the Catholic Church). All souls shared the Dream, and the Truth that creates the Dream: a Catholic and a Jew; a Shaman and a Christian Fundamentalist. All act upon the same impulses as they swim upstream to find the spawning ground.

What humanity shall receive back from the merkabah (vehicle) created by John Paul II is extensive and will have a strong transformational effect on individuals of all faiths and of no faith; for it was not born of ‘faith’ or beliefs of any kind. It never is. Such powerful streamings which certain key human figures uphold for humanity find their source beyond the realm of dualism.

The earth as a physical body and an elemental group-soul will also respond to the release of the mass humanity energy that had been contained and germinating in the merkabah created by the incarnated soul of John Paul II. The moment has come. The soul who had held the cords in place these many years turned loose the reins at the very moment appointed in co-ordination with celestial events. The earth as a heavenly body has heard the sounding and it will respond to the call.


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