akashic definition of: New Earth Star, New Earth Hologram & Numis'OM

The New Earth Star is the future ascended state of the earth. The New Earth Hologram is the holographic enfoldment of the current earth into the Light field that will transform the earth into New Earth Star consciousness.

"Numis’OM" is defined through my Thoth transmissions as the connective etheric membrane that is evolving from our world to integrate and become the New Earth Star.

"Numis'OM / New Earth Star is the starting point of a NEW WORLD SYSTEM. Our planet as we now know it is the very last pearl on a connecting strand. When it is absorbed into the one above it, this world system of which we are a part will become free from it's anchor in the 'physical.' Then it enters a whole new category of 'world systems' - inside categories of universal systems.
Numis'OM as it is 'now' (in our now) is the first membrane or staging ground for the New Earth Star. It is what you might say, 'betwixt and between' at the moment, as our physical earth is still attached to the strand. It will not become a true base line for a World System II until the physical base line is translated, i.e. ascended into the New Earth Star. But if we go beyond this 'time' limitation we set for ourselves with linear consciousness, we can see Numis'OM as already the base line for a World System II! IF we do this - if we imagine this, we create it in OUR reality via what Thoth calls the 'New Earth Hologram'."
- excerpted from article THE NEW WORLD, Volume 3 - 2006 of Numis'OM - Eye of Metatron (subscription required to access)

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