I suggest that you read The Phi Gate in preparation for the following article.

Phi Crystalline Geometries

Phi crystalline geometries are spinning through the Phi Gate (of Kaua段), threading through the FireGem matrix (of the Hawaiian Islands), where they then receive the earth DNA coding from the roil point before they expand out into the newly forming Maiden grid, and then out into the entire grid fields of the planet.

This morning (8/26/04) I felt Thoth痴 presence and it was requested by him that I open to receive information concerning these phi crystalline geometries. He referred me back to some information I had received from him about 5 or 6 years ago on the HEX-I-AM and the 22 Safik Points. Recently, I placed this info on Spirit Mythos. Today, in re-reading the HEX-I-AM transmission, I remembered that this communication from Thoth had been prompted by my requesting information on the Siva Lingham Crystal on Kaua段! At the time, I had just come across the crystal on the Internet, never having heard of it before. We then resided in Crestone, Colorado and I had no idea that I would some day be living on Kaua段. So I went back to my files and found a document I wrote about the Kaua段 crystal for a small e-newsletter I had been writing monthly. The letter was written right after I received the HEX-I-AM transmission from Thoth. I reprint it here below:


Katrina Raphaell, in her book The Crystalline Transmission, writes about 'Earthkeeper' crystals. These are enormous crystals which have been seeded deep in the earth eons ago by our Light-Bearing ancestors from the stars.

A crystal of this powerful frequency is a 39 inch high, 700 pound crystal which is being guardianed and activated eight times a day EVERY day in a Hindu Temple on the island of Kauai. This is the Iraivan Temple, which is the vision of Sivaya Subramuniyasswami or 'Gurudeva.' This Earthkeeper arrived at the Temple on the day of the Harmonic Convergence in 1987. Gurudeva and his followers are in the process of building a new temple, which will house the Earthkeeper that they call the 'Siva Lingham.' (Maia, 2004: Gurudeva has since made his transition, but his vision of the temple continues to take form in this dimension.)

I have been shown that the Siva Lingham resonates to the tone of 'A minor,' which is the keynote of what Thoth calls the 'HEX-I-AM Ring.' This is a sonic ring (in the subtle-ether wavelength of sound) that is the 'communication highway' for cetaceans and also high devic (nature) beings not visible to us. In addition the HEX-I-AM Ring creates pathways with the higher crystalline forms of the elemental realm, including the other Earthkeepers AND the crystalline spirals in the DNA molecule!

Through meditation and attunement with this crystal (wherever you may be on the planet) you can activate the link within your being to the HEX-I-AM Ring as well as the Siva Lingam and its brother/sister Earthkeepers.


This month (August, 2004) we went to the San Marga Sanctuary on Kaua段, where the Iraivan Temple is being built and were able to be in the presence of this magnificent crystal.

Now, back to my current receipt from Thoth concerning the phi crystalline geometries...

These phi geometries are spooling in ether-net patterns like deep pools over the Hawaiian Islands. Each island is in resonance with their individual phi gem 叢ool. On my Pihanakalani website, I posted the physical earth crystals that most closely contain the frequency of each of the major Hawaiian islands. These crystalline frequencies are becoming imbued more and more with the AMATRIX crystals: 鄭s the Earth moves ever closer toward Light Principle Forty, The islands' crystalline keynotes will transfer their etheric charge to the higher crystalline beings, the AMATRIX crystals. These are the purest vibration elementals of the AMATRIX, which we call the Ascension matrix or pathway through the Metatronic Spiral into the New Earth Star. - Thoth transmission

The phi gem pools then, are incubation realms within the GemFire matrix that are 組rowing the crystalline combinations which will draw the Beings Thoth is referring to as 鄭MATRIX crystals into the phi geometries and animate these geometries for the purpose of earth痴 further integration into the greater universal schematic. As the frequency of the phi geometries build, so the HEX-I-AM will tap into the 鼠anguage of the Phi and the two realms of Amatrix Beings and High Devas / cetaceans of earth will begin to communicate. This communication will form the biases for the 創ew light language in the New Earth Hologram. All these matrixes and functioning geometries work in synergy to seamlessly create and build the hologram of passage for us into the New Earth Star.

Thoth has revealed to me that there are a gathering of beings, once incarnated as a group in Lemuria who have come together again in the inner earth and are at this time assisting in the process of the building and evolving phi geometries into the crystalline 叢hi gems. In the age when these beings were incarnate on Lemuria, they took within their energy bodies the light codes of this future program through a process of genetic time travel. We shall call this group of souls the Phi坦a選m. This could be translated as 鍍he golden mean (phi) of the solar chord. In the past of Lemuria, the Phi坦a棚m opened the gate of time in a specific manner within their genetic codes so that the illusion of separate realities (ie: past, present and future in this instance) was replaced by direct awareness of all points along the time line, and thus could 礎eing there at any point in the time line they wished to enter. This type of time travel does not cause a Lemurians to suddenly appear on the sidewalks of 21st century New York. It instead removes of barriers of perception in the mind and magnetic barriers within the brain. However, it begins in the DNA. All of these factors trigger in proper sequence to allow the Phi坦a棚m to be aware of their presence in any point on the time line (in this instance, specifically on earth). They are not inserting themselves in another time...they are simply traveling through the genetic code to the point where they already ARE there. This can be accomplished even if they did not have a current incarnation in the time node, since the genetic strands in their bodies continually move through time and space. I stress the time traveling aspect of the Phi坦a棚m, as they use this modality to 礎e in the inner earth AND in Lemuria AND in the future New Earth Star紡nd they are able to hold these nodes simultaneously. This is not a great feat for Illumined Beings. Certainly Thoth and the Merkabah of the Host (which includes him) have expanded realities that encompass all of the earth痴 time line and more. Yet the Phi坦a棚m utilize this ability in a specific manner for a specific purpose釦hat of anchoring a field of resonance between these three nodes into which the liquid fire of the phi geometries are poured to create phi gems of greater and greater 素aceting or geometric points in symmetry, which in turn send signals to the Amatrix Crystal Beings, drawing them into the vibrational field of the phi gems.