Transmission from T’zar of the Phi’Ra’Im Lemurian Time Walkers - 3/08/05


I come to you with the gift of Samou. This is a branch from the eiok tree of Lemuria, which takes a thousand years to mature and often lives for 10,000 years. In my Age there are only five eiok trees in the physical on our continent. It grows no place else on the planet.

Deep in the root of each eiok tree dwells a powerful and ancient Elemental being. These beings, whom we call the Shouwn, have the ability to extend their energy fields through time. The first 500 years of an eiok tree’s existence is entirely within the etheric. It then begins to descend into the physical. It is a tree of great regenerative powers for the planet. There may be hundreds of eioks growing in the etheric and out of those number, only 4 or 5 will take root in the physical earth. Yet all of the trees–both etheric and physical, hold key properties for the greater elementalization of the earth. By this we mean, that they help to refine the elemental substance of the planet.

We of the Phi’Ra-Im, are holding open the time-threads so that the Shouwn may place their etheric roots in the earth of your century. As the eiok come through into your century in the etheric, so they will begin to do the same for your earth-zone. The first stage anchoring of the Phi Gate has allowed us to assist the Shouwn Elementals in extending the etheric roots of the eiok into your Age. The Amatrix Angels will spin fields of crystalline light-mist around the etheric eiok trees and they will consequentally ‘seed’ into streams of etheric light around the planetary sphere.

These trees will then have the ability to be drawn to certain points in the earth to radiate LIGHT and nourish the earth...even in their etheric state. In the future, some of the eiok may be drawn down into the physical.

Transmission from Thoth Raismes of the Merkabah of the Host - 2/16/05

The Amatrix Angels bring with them through the portal of the Phi, the gathering MIST of Creation. This “gathering MIST” is a type of aether which, when brought into contact with the CODE OF FIRE in the midst of the Human Being, ignites a Burning Bush of Fire-Mist.

The Ark of Creation is a composition of the Great Souls of this universe. It is set to life upon the shoulders and in the hearts of all those incarnated souls who are desire to serve Spirit and create new fonts of expression which become ever-more aligned to Spirit.

The Ark of Creation represents the formation of the New Earth Star from the New Earth Hologram. The Ark of Creation contains the CODE OF FIRE that is also written within the Ark of Grace; so you might say that the Ark of Creation is a transforming stage of the Ark of Grace. From the Ark of Creation comes the formation of new worlds of consciousness that carry the Logos of the physical planets that have yet to be formed in the terrestrial plane. The Amatrix Angels place the MIST around the Ark of Creation to give it breath and life. It is kept within the Holy of Holies in the Chamber of the Heart.

Now is the time to return to the Alphabet of the Ark. In future transmissions we shall give you chant sequences for all to use in the building of the New Earth Hologram.


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