Reminder: January 7th, 2008 Activation of the Atlantean Venus Temple-node. See ISIS EYE blogs THE CRUXUS PILLAR OF LIGHT and CRUXUS VENUS UPDATE: THE SIRIUS CONNECTION & HOLMES COMET

Maia asks of Thoth: It there any final message you may have to give us concerning this event?

Thoth: As we have said, for every Temple of Venus node there is a corresponding Temple node in Numis'OM of the New Earth Star. Thus, as the Cruxus Venus Pillar of Light forms with the final Venus Temple activation in the "Old Earth" (current planetary reality), the Numis'OM temples will begin to be accessed by humanity in this current reality. What does this truly mean? That human beings will find an expanded state of potential before them for re-accessing their "Venusian codes": those DNA crystalline encodings which Venus as an energy body holds for earth in high-frequency ranges until humanity and it's planet is ready to recieve them. The Venusian codes contain the wake-up signals for the Twelve Genui or Text Codes to be found in the Akashic Records of Thoth. They are not created in these records, but held within it for the earth. When the Cruxus Pillar of Light makes the "contact" with the higher Venusian frequencies, so the 12 Genui will begin to unfold within the DNA. The implications of this process are vast and not intended for revelation within the context of this transmission or time frame. We do reveal that the "unfolding" will take place gradually and yet with dramatic calculation and precision. As a result, the human race will experience a physical evolutionary movement forward - a "growth spurt" in a sense. This quantum leap for the human body will cause those who are not "minding the store" of their spiritual selves to become dis-associated with the human form and many will simply not be able to maintain the body - even in regard to returning to the current earth reality through incarnation. Some may have to come to terms with certain karmic patterns in the astral realms before reincarnation is possible. Others, who are diligently applying (even if imperfectly) spiritual principle in their lives will find that their bodily changes, while to some degree challenging (depending upon the circumstance of the individual) will hold for them the internal "stargate" codes of Ascension. Through application of internal guidance, they will begin to activate these codes, not only for themselves, but for the planetary whole.

Understand that what we speak of here is not only "evolution" of future generations through this quantum breakthrough, but the current living bodies on the planet (to some degree).

Bringing all this back to the now, be AT PEACE with the January 7th activation. Hold it in your HEARTS as a sacred moment in time. It is a CHRISTIC HOUR for the earth and it's kind. The sacred hour of Yeshua as he stood watch over humanity in the Garden of Gethsemane and took upon himself  BODY and SOUL the Passage of Light into the earth that has now come to what is before you now: the Cruxus Pillar of Light and the new DNA awakening in the human body. Let us not forget that the Master Yeshua was of the "House of David," translated as the key Grail Family stemming from Lord Melchizedek's entrance from Venus to earth in MU (Lemuria), beginning the Grail Families within this realm; through Atlantis, into Egypt and the Middle East, carried into other lands, such as the British Isles, and into the "New World" of the Americas. Such historical personages as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson contained "Grail Family" genetics within them, for the purpose of holding Christic Consciousness (we speak here of the Universal Christ - not a Christian Religion) in the "New World."



This "New World" will have to clean house to prepare from the coming of the "Bridegroom": the LIGHT BEING within the HUMAN BEING that will be leaping forward to it's Destiny among the stars.


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note from Maia: After having received the above transmission from Thoth, a Numis'OM member brought to my attention the "Novelty Theory" - something I had never before heard of. While it is not original to Terrance McKenna, he has developed it into what he calls "Timewave Zero." In his video, he actually mentions the years 1968 as being pivotal to the Timewave movement. While I have not gone over the Novelty Theory or Timewave Zero point-for-point with Thoth, I am being shown that there is some synchronicity in Thoth's statements above and the Novelty Theory / Timewave Zero.


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