May 5th, 2005


Crystalline Phi Codes and Geometries

Old patterning breaks up in the personal akashic field as crystalline phi codes stream into the DNA, opening new pathways for awareness to enter the responsive, conscious being. How may we become more sensitive to these “crystalline phi codes”? By talking to our cells, and further to our DNA, and asking to be taken deeper into the stream of self-awareness of the subtle levels of our fully projected being.

The soul is but a ray or projection from the Monad (the pure spirit form from whence the soul ray is generated). This projection is like a ray of sun moving through and illuminating a cloud (the collection of particles that resonates with the frequency of the soul ray, creating the human form). The ray does not dwell in the cloud, but as a continuous streaming of light, is in constant motion through it. The phi crystalline codes are a natural ‘food’ for the soul ray that are attracted to it’s active state. Once incarnated, the soul streaming is slowed down. It is still not encapsulated in the body, but it does slow it’s active stream as it moves through the merkabah of gross matter. In this state, the phi crystalline codes lose some of their spin and their geometries begin to erode. The beings who maintain what Thoth calls the “Pure Gem” bodies, lose very little spin in these codes and thus the geometries they create. This is due to the fact that the Pure Gem bodies are far less gross and of a more light-engendered frequency.

However, these ‘gross’ (relatively speaking) forms which most of us inhabit in this electro-magnetic zone of earth, can be substantially shifted into subtler states and still maintain the necessary electro-magnetic charge to keep us grounded here. Of course there are many techniques to aid in the path of this achievement. A very basic one in keeping with the topic of the crystalline phi codes and their attendant geometries:

1) do some deep heart breathing and focusing on appreciation and love

2) when one feels that cool burning sensation in the heart that spreads out into the body, focus third eye vision deep into the cells. It is not necessary to actually ‘see’ anything, although you might. The third eye is for more than internal seeing. It is an activator. More on this when we explore the properties of Eye Language in the Amatrix Transmissions series.

3) Once the third eye is focused inward, with specific attention on the DNA, ask/intend that the phi crystalline codes move into a “balance to source” mode, and thus adjust their spin / geometries to the most aligned oscillations for you soul evolution within the body in which your current awareness is present. Make sure and include the intention “in which your current awareness is present” as our souls are not actually ‘inhabiting’ the form. There are many ‘forms’ on many levels of this earth alone, in various electro-magnetic zones that one soul-ray is moving through and activating. Also remember to include “balance to source” so that all is in accord with the most refined version of universal law.

In the future I plan to offer various processes for spiritual-physical alignments, each relating to particular aspects of our divine and physical natures. These will be released in pdf format booklets.

I believe that the creation of the Amatrix Transmissions Meditational Tool in screensaver format allows the individual to come into subliminal and sometimes conscious contact with the crystalline phi codes/geometries in their newly re-forming state. This re-formation is a part of the whole Phi Gate activation and the entry of the Amatrix Angels into the program of re-genesis of this planet’s core awareness.

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