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In Brief

"Adam Kadmon" is an ancient qabballistic word for "universal man." It is the template or design for the human being. The Temple Doors info on it is a bit complex, but may be of interest to some, so I included it below. However, just the first few paragraphs should give you a basic grasp of the subject. 

The primary reason for my placing this all on Spirit Mythos is for the art series which represents the  "seven creational stages through which the Adam  Kadmon Light body or prototype created the Adamic race." This is a Thothic principle which I akashically translated several years ago and have now placed into my symbolic artwork. It was a very powerful experience for me to create these images and I now wish to share them with you. To begin this journey, you may either go to the Adam Kadmon Art Series now, or read on and find the link again at the end of this page.

The connection of the Divine Feminine to the Universal Man: From my akashic perspective, it is SHE who envelopes the life-giving force field of the Kadmon template. Her presence is very much depicted in the images of the bird, the moon, the clouds, the rainbow, and other symbols I have used in my artwork in this series.


Edited version of  a text first published in TEMPLE DOORS - 3-96

Kadmon comes from ‘Aveer Qadmon', meaning ‘primitive air' or Azoth. Thoth  tells us that the Azoth was the substance in which Prima Matra or First Matter was formed. He also states that the Adam Kadmon was a two-fold manifestation:

1) A divine pattern or schematic which is a ‘Light Body' of macrocosmic proportions

2) A formulation of that sacred patterning into a being that was supra-physical, and from which the ‘Adamic Race was spawned.

From the Azoth or primitive air in which the supernal world was created, the Adam Kadmon took substance as the ‘Kosmic Man'.

From the Records of Thoth I have translated that the Adam Kadmon or Great Prototypal Man contained nine souls which were not layered but rather fully integrated. When the etheric veil of Earth began to lower its vibrational curtain, the original Adam Kadmon dispersed its nine soul matrix into the Galactic-Earth realms. This dispersal was done in several stages. Six of these souls became creator beings within the solar Sun. Two of the remaining three Adam Kadmon souls entered the ‘Lesser Heaven' in which the re-genesis of earth was in formation. (Re-genesis in this context, meaning a re-forming of the earth's cosmic blueprint in order to accomodate changes brought on by the cause and effect of soul's interacting with the planetary consciousness of earth.)

One of these two Adam Kadmon souls fully entered into the matter-world in preparation for the future incarnation of Yeshua (Jesus). The remaining Adam Kadmon soul existed incarnationally at times within this realm of fallen matter but did not enter it karmically, that is it did not absorb the frequency of re-genesis matter into its incarnating cellular structure, this was the soul of Thoth. The one remaining soul of those three Adam Kadmon souls which did not rejoin the Elohim, held the focus of the re-genesis Eden Consciousness until the Age of Christ, when it would then join with the one already descended soul via the Host Yeshua.

.The German mystic, Rudolph Steiner stated that the akashic records had revealed to him there were two Jesus entities. Both had descended from the House of David, but through different lines. The Jesus child of the Gospel of St. Matthew descended through the Solomon lineage of David, while the Jesus child of the Gospel of St. Luke came through the Nathan lineage. Thus, we have the Solomon Jesus child, who according to Thoth, was inhabited by the soul of the Adam Kadmon which fully accepted the experience of karmic matter, and the Nathan Jesus child who contained the Adam Kadmon soul which had not entered the fallen realm until the moment of birth as Yeshua ben Josef or ‘Jesus'. Both Thoth and Steiner affirm that at the age of 12, the Solomon Jesus child died and his soul was then received into the body of the Nathan Jesus child. Thus the still living Jesus child contained both of these Adam Kadmon souls - the one fully involved with matter since the fall, and the chaste soul that was then experiencing its first incarnation into the fallen realm, although it was not to touch the binding coil of matter within its soul essence. Thoth states this coupling of the two souls was designed in order that the Jesus vehicle be able to ground the charge of the Christ, and at the same time hold the high level of pure being necessary for union.

It was not until the Baptism that the Christ actually descended into Yeshua the Host. It was then that the Archangel Arhaiel merged with the ‘Sun Spirit.  As the Archangel Arhaiel Sun Spirit entered Yeshua at the Baptism, the Solomon (matter-descended) Adam Kadmon soul served as a vehicle to embed the Sun Spirit into flesh. In doing so the Solomon Adam Kadmon soul passed through the Halo of the Sun, and was thus transformed and taken into the Greater Heaven. This accomplished, the ascending soul of the Solomon Adam Kadmon which had absorbed large amounts of planetary karma like a sponge, was expurgated of this ‘heavy matter', and in this way a portion of planetary karma was lifted from the world.

The Kadmon soul that existed within the matter realm without becoming karmically involved and which is now known as Thoth Hermes or Tehuti, in the time of Jesus Christ was layered with the soul of St. John the Beloved. The Thoth Adam Kadmon soul acted as a receiving mantle for the Solomon Jesus Adam Kadmon soul in the latter's process of purification and ascension at the time of the Baptism, as the Thoth soul had not yet merged with the soul of St. John the Beloved and was still on the inner planes . The Records of Thoth also reveal to me that the Solomon Jesus soul and the Thoth soul incarnated in key positions throughout history.

We find an interesting corollary to the multiple Adam Kadmon concept in Many P. Hall's ‘The Secret Teachings of All Ages'. Mr. Hall refers to the Isarim, in which "the secret doctrine of Israel taught the existence of four Adams, each dwelling in one of the four Quabblistic worlds." Within the first of these Adams "existed all spiritual and potential realities". The second Adam "corresponded to the church of Israel that shall bruise the serpent's head". The third Adam was "clothed in a body of light", and the fourth Adam was actually the third, after the Fall, when he "took upon himself the animal shell or coat of skins".

Thoth translates the above as the three remaining Adam Kadmon souls (comprised of the Nathan & Solomon Jesus souls, and the Thoth soul) after the original six re-merged with the Elohim in the Sun of this solar system. The fourth Adam mentioned in the Isarim, is the passage of the two which descended ‘through the veil' into matter at the time of the planetary re-genesis, and is not technically a soul unto itself.

Also in ‘The Secret Teachings of All Ages', we find the following information:

"One of the profound mysteries of Qabbalism is that set forth in the Notarikon based upon the letters of the name Adam (ADM). These three letters form the initials of the names Adam, David and the Messiah, and these three personalities were said to contain one soul. As this soul represents the World Soul of humanity, Adam signifies the involving soul, the Messiah the evolving soul, and David that condition of the soul termed epigenesis."

Based on what the Records of Thoth have revealed to me, we can see the ‘ADM' as recognition of the incarnating procession of the Adam Kadmon through the Houses of first Adam, then David, and finally the Messiah or Yeshua ben Josef.

The Records of Thoth record the animiotesh, or seven creational stages through which the Adam Kadmon Light Body or prototype created the Adamic Race. These are as follows:

1) Diethopas - the ‘Bringing of Fire' or command of Spirit

2) Mythegaris - the ‘Issuance of Presence'

3) Kyithos - the ‘Whirling Pillar' or establishment of foundation

4) Esoshaktes - the ‘Developing Thought'

5) Kasemel - the ‘Plasticity'

6) Endoshek - the ‘Breath'

7) Lotii - ‘Duality'

Thoth further explains the Adam Kadmon:

"The Adam Kadmon begins as a Light Body that is created from divine imprint through the angelic field. This Light body is then integrated with a matter-molecule of part Light and part matter, which we refer to as the M-stra molecule. All humans on this planet contain a seed of the M-stra that in the future will once again become fully realized. The Adam Kadmon then, is not a single Light Being or Race, but a sacred geometry transmitted from the angelic heavens to the matter-world."

Thoth reveals to us that the Light Body of the Adam Kadmon is our pattern for a return home to the greater Light Body of Universal Being. This greater Light Body he refers to as the Asheroth, although he stresses that this is just one of its many names. The Adam Kadmon is the ‘photograph' of the Asheroth which is encoded hologramically in the Zohar body.  The Zohar is the light body that permits the physical system to move into greater dimensions and universes of experience.  

We as human beings, contain a hologram of the Adam Kadmon within the cellular interface to our Light bodies. This is the memory of our true Divine form, that will re-activate through the awakening of the M-stra molecule as we assume our roles of Priests and Priestesses of Light within the Universes of God.

Adam Kadmon Art Series

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