Artwork commissioned from Maia Nartoomid by Linda Frisch.
An actual photograph of the Chintamani stone in the possession of Linda was used in creating this art.


Midnight Sun Stones (Chintamani)

A meteorite sent from Orion via a specific trajectory to strike the earth. It arrived on this planet 12,582 years ago. It is a primary seeding for re-calibrating the magnetic charge of the planet. It’s frequency is that of restoring the “fallen” pillar in the Temple Wisdom. It is the stone of the Tetragrammaton – the “Lost Word”, sound or vibration. (Thoth also calls this stone the Lapis Exlis.)

According to esoteric author Corinne Heline, the Tetragrammaton is derived from the Greek and it's meaning is "four letters". These letters "I H V I" (also "yod-he-vau-he") stand as code for the name of the Deity, which no human can pronounce. The Being Dionysus was the "Light that Shineth in Darkness" or the "Mystic Midnight Sun".

Hiram Abiff (incarnation of Thoth Hermes) was the Master Builder of the Temple of Solomon. He was also an initiate of the Dionysiac (also known as the Adonis) Mysteries. Corinne Heline tells us that Hiram bestowed the to Masters in Jerusalem the Tetragrammaton or "Lost Word". It was this Lost Word which Moses engraved on a plate of Gold. According to tradition, the Tetragrammaton had originally been revealed to Enoch by God. Enoch was taken to a high mountain where he beheld the radiant, inscribed triangle, and then down into a "subterranean place" where once again the golden triangle was seen by him after his having descended through "nine arches".

At a later time, Hiram would construct a Temple with  nine arches, just as was revealed to him in the vision. Enoch concealed under the ninth arch was a duplicate of the golden triangle with the Tetragrammaton / Lost Word upon it.

Heline states that the true name of God is unpronounceable by the human tongue until that day when humanity enters a state of higher consciousness. The Mystery equivalent of the unpronounceable name is “I AM THAT I AM”.

The pillars of the temple:

Two pillars of brass were cast by Hiram Abiff and placed on the porch of Solomon's Temple.  These pillars are esoterically referred to as "Jachin (Pillar of Strength) and Boaz (Pillar of Beauty)". They are male-female representations of equilibrium. However, the feminine pillar (Boaz) is said to have "fallen", to rise again one day when balance is restored in the Temple Wisdom.

When the two columns find equilibrium between them it will signify the union of the Sushumna and the Kundalini. This sacred marriage will create a "Fire-Mist" to radiate throughout the human body, filling it will divine Light. It is then that humanity will become the third column of the Temple Wisdom. He/She will be a column formed by the combined forces of Strength (Jachin) and Beauty (Boaz). This act forms the Lost Word in the vibratory system of the soul's physical embodiment.

It is my akashic insight that the Midnight Sun Stone meteor contains the encoding of the Tetratragrammaton that will release through the magnetic field of the earth the “sound” which will open the centers of the brain in order for humanity to “speak the Word”.

I also believe that below the Tetragrammaton in the subterranean vault is one of the Midnight Sun Stones, another once being in the Temple of Solomon. It is in the Kabbah of Mecca and other key locations on the planet. This stone is in our frequency range and can help us to move into more refined electro-magnetic zones, ever closer into the range of the New Earth Star.

The magnetic alignment properties of the Midnight Sun Stones work to balance the magnetic poles of the earth, and thus the electro-magnetic zones, which must be re-calibrated before the "Time of the Midnight Sun" -- a stage of the planetary ascension into the New Earth Star.

While the Midnight Sun Stones are not Celestar, they open a path through the electro-magnetic zones to their energetic presence.

The TAU Cross (seen in the artwork above on the Pillar of Strength):

It is formed by the letter "T" which is the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet. There is a great deal of mystery around this symbol. From Thoth's (through me) perspective, it is an ancient Lemurian symbol, also used in the temples of Atlantis to represent the BALANCE of the MIDDLE PATH or WAY. That "way" is of course, the equilibrium of the two pillars of the Temple Wisdom meeting in awakened humanity.

Corinne Heline relates that the Tau as the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet represents the "consummation" of the seven stages of cosmic evolution in the world. She further states that the Apocryphal Masonic legends refer to the Books of Tau and the symbolic "T" as having come from Methusael, the descendant of Cain. It was Hiram Abiff, the Master Architect of Solomon's Temple who journeyed into the inner earth to receive the knowledge with which he constructed the more magical properties of the Temple.

Heline tells us that the Books of Tau were actual historical records and secrets of the Craft of the "Sons of Fire"  which also included the "mysteries pertaining to earth's center". These mysteries Hiram had received initiation in from his ancestor Tubal-Cain when he went into the interior of the planet.

From Thoth / Hiram Abiff,  I receive that Tubal-Cain was an inner earth master and Hiram had been given entry into the inner earth to receive the "power" of his path from his ancestor, Tubal-Cain.

The "Sons of Fire" are an inner earth race and the "books of Tau" their history and mysteries. The Midnight Sun Stones hold the frequency of the Sons of Fire from Orion, and their plight upon the earth of restoring the Temple Wisdom.

The Midnight Sun Stones are also called “Chintamani”.

ref: Corinne Heline's Old Testament Bible Interpretations & The Bible and the Tarot

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