Celestar Phi Crystals

In the early morning hours of December 6th, 2005 I received the following transmission:

In three crucial periods of this planet a satellite was sent from Rigel in the constellation of Orion to orbit earth. This “satellite” was really a crystalline computer far beyond any technology we can imagine. In fact, beyond “technology” itself, for the devise was more one of pure light-crystal in a frequency of divine resonance. I was given the name of “Celeste” for this satellite.

The three period in which it orbited this planet were:

  • approximately 500 million years ago (for a 55 year orbital cycle)

  • 150,000 years ago (for a 25 year orbital cycle)

  • 6,000 years ago (for a 3 years orbital cycle)

It’s purpose was to seed the earth with a specific crystal formation, in a dimensional slightly removed from our own. It is in fact, the same dimension-shift in which our natural inner earth realm exists. Thus these crystals are in the physical for the Interior Dwellers of our planet, but not at this time for the surface inhabitants. In the future, however they will begin to appear in our reality.

The crystals created by Celeste I am given to call “Celestar” crystals. They are the ultimate “Phi Crystals” of this planet. With the events of the Phi Gate, the gathering of the Amatrix Angels and Zohar Mages, and the current activation of the crystalline structures in our real-time earth through the nova of the star Spica....all these interrelated dynamics and others, which I am not aware of, the Celeste Phi Crystals are being re-calibrated to integrate with our current reality on the surface of the planet. It is not yet time for them to “appear”, but we CAN greatly benefit by working with them through psionic templates and imagery.

While the Amatrix Phi Crystals contain the codes of the Amatrix Angels themselves, the Celestar Phi Crystals hold the codes of the divinity of the earth as a singing element at the core of our galaxy. In the “black hole” of each galaxy vibrates a chord that like a DNA code, determines the spiritual and physical properties of the planet and it’s basic path of evolution. This “path” can be modified, accelerated or slowed by other factors, but the essential elixir of that world is contained in the nectar drop at the center of the galaxy.

Since the essential elixirs of both earth and Venus come from the star-sun Rigel in the constellation of Orion, so the Celestar contains that original nectar drop before it blended with the Milky Way.

Celestar Phi Crystals contain holographic geometric overlays into the natural "phi" crystalline component that creates a greater energetic and visual stimulus for the substances and individuals in contact with or merely focused upon these crystals.

I truly believe that working with these Celestar Phi Crystals as they appear in the interior realm of this planet is a major transformational window for both personal and global resonance with the New Earth Hologram.

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