Thoth, Merkabah of the Host ~ New Year's Message for 2005

2005 will offer earth consciousness a new pattern of development, being stimulated from the inter-dimensional nova of the star Spica and the programming of specific crystalline formations on this planet as a result of the energy burst from that star. Humanity will begin to re-design itself on multiple levels, from the crystalline DNA to the forming of new facets of perception in the mind. In Panthagra’s message for 2004 he stated:

Events will unfold in 2004 that will unhinge the locked doors allowing the cold, clear air to move through long-stagnant places. Throughout the world a growing number of people will hear the song. . . the hum deep inside the Mother. It will soothe the listener and direct him/her to draw upon the greater Source that what the world may provide.

2004 will be the year when new worlds begin to shake themselves and arise from the collective Dreaming. Like barnacles on the backs of great whales that lift themselves out of the sea, old habitations of the mind will be washed away until only the power of Spirit calls the traveler onward.

With the shaking of the earth in the last days of 2004, so humanity has been given the gift of new awareness on an experiential and collective level. For those with eyes to see and hearts to listen deeply to the earth, so Her voice is a clear and ringing bell. While such events as the earthquake in December of 2004 and it’s resultant tsunamis appear as disasters and tragedies on the human level of consideration, they are in reality, the pure streaming focus of universal law as it re-creates new patterns and frequencies in the earth. This re-creation shall lead to the New Earth Star and the domains of LIGHT beyond the solar system to which we (all of us) are returning. Those who chose earthly transition through the waves of the sea are riding the crest of the wave of COSMIC LIGHT. They are gathered among the way-showers in creating the NEW EARTH HOLOGRAM.

Such cycles have come again and again on earth, each one creating energetic geometries that take this world closer to the New Earth reality. This cycle now forming will be the last, for as it ebbs, so the souls of this world will find their star within.

In the year 2005 as the Maiden Grid becomes a viable harp upon the earth, so Her song will be heard in the souls of Her children. This passage will culminate in the future when the Divine Feminine raises up from her virgin bed and takes her bridegroom by the hand. As this loving touch is made, so time will stand for a moment on the brink of eternity, like a falling leaf suspended in mid-air by a sudden updraft of breeze. All the sorrows of the Mothers shall be heard then, received and brought into the light. Joy shall then come winged upon the rays of the New Sun and alight as a dove of Spirit upon the earth, a brilliant rainbow trailing behind it.

The Phi’Ra’Im (time-travelling Lemurians) hold the crystalline DNA codes from the 3 universes together as a rainbow bridge, so that the new Phi geometries may allow humanity access to a greater expanded energy bank in their process of transformation into the New Earth Star. Such beings as T’zar compose the Phi-Ra’Im. You may call upon her to aid you in opening your DNA to the liquid fire of the PHI that pours through the universes and into the divine seeds of all being. By removing the perceptions of time, space and dimensions, so you will be in greater harmony with the planetary events to come.

Ask the crystalline Phi geometries to guide you in selecting a crystal or crystals into which they may embody their codes of light. Interacting with these crystals has the potential to re-activate the dormant crystalline centers in your heart and head brains. Call upon the cetaceans as well, for they are the guardians of the crystal sea-path that leads from humanity to the Living Lights of the cosmos. Attuning to designated primary earth crystals such as the Sivalingam and the Iao are also potent activational attunements for awakening the Phi crystalline geometries within you.

In 2005 humanity will hear the call from the distant shore. The hollow sound of the wind song coming deep from within the earth, the cosmos and the human heart. How they choose to answer that call both personally and collectively, will become the decisive moment of the new century.

for an expanded perspective on the December 2004 earthquake and other cosmo-geologic possiblities coming our way, visit the NASCA website.


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