akashic definition of: Zohar Kadiph - Mages of the Zohar

Thoth: The 'Mages of the Zohar' are a grouping of beings who work specifically with re-coding the human race through it's Adam Kadmon template, by forming sub-templates that override the Seven Seal master-plate. This may be accomplished for specific projections so ordained by the Hierarchy, most specifically the Elohim Council of Light. This takes place under what we have referred to as the 'New Dispensation'. Understand that when one works with the Zohar Mages, one is aligning with and manifesting through Sacred Law outside of our current planetary evolution.

The Zohar Kadiph work in close synchronicity with the Kadmonis, but the former are not 'of the realm' as are the latter. The Zohar Kadiph Mages could also be called the 'Lords of Dispensation'.

The Zohar Kadiph is one of the 7 jewels in the Key of Thoth.