Dreamweaving through the Venus Transit


May 28th, 2004, Maui, Hawaiíi

It has been shown to me in the akashic that the dynamic of a Venus Transit opens pin-point vortices in the crystalline "snowflakes" of the DNA. These "snowflakes," or what the Lemurians called jii are the key crystal transducers which maintain our connection with the stellar frequencies of our universe. As the dynamics of the Venus Transit act on the jii, so tiny pin-point vortices--which are really miniature black holes, are created. (Iím choosing not to go into the technical science here.) Other stellar current which we experience from time-to-time can also cause the pin-holes in the DNA jii, but a cosmic event like the Venus Transit creates many more of them and of far greater intensity in their whirling "eye."

These vortices are spinning energy fields of the magnetic body. As they spin at their centers, they cause the incarnate form to extend a path or corridor of neutrality through the individualís akashic record. This corridor of neutrality accommodates the soul/body in connecting to itís universal reference point. The "universal reference point" is the coordinate the soul is seeking for complete alignment (ie, awareness of) to itís own divinity.

Through the corridor of neutrality stellar wave forms are drawn into the DNA black hole spinner fields. They are then "spun" into a fine etheric light-thread: the pumii. The pumii thread is then woven into a shell about the energy bodies of the soul through the activity of the magnetic body and the higher light being of the soul. This "weave" contains the "dream" of the weaver (the incarnate soul.) The Dream is the complete hologram of Spirit which the souls weaves in itís incarnational sleep as it turns from one life experience to another. Therefore, the Dream is always in a state of change. It is vital, shining and multi-faceted. When one is in contact with the Dream, they feel the expanded thought of God-ness throughout their entire being.

With major stellar occurrences, the weaving of the dream shells brings us into deeper contact with the Dream. It allows us to access the universal reference point through that ever-expanding dreaming. The Venus Transits create codes of that reference point that help us to accept it more fully into our energy bodies. These codes are essentially IDF (intrinsic data fields) of the fibers of the universeĖthese fibers all leading to and stemming out of Source.

With the Venus Transit in 2004, each of us will experience this dynamic in our own individual way. Some may go straight into the heart of the Dream and through to the other side (where no dream is necessary). Others may simply make contact with the Dream for the first time in this incarnation...and all stages in-between.

How will you choose to experience the Dream? It IS your choice, but it must be made on a deep level of your soul-being.

The influence of the Venus Transit will not cease when the transit is complete. It is only just beginning then. It will create waves in the planetary sea of energy that will affect the earth for a long time to come.

Ha ola loko ike aloha (love gives life within)
Maia Kyi'RA



June 15th, Maui, Hawai'i, 2004

Now that we have move through the Eye of the Needle with the Venus Transit, it is important to stay connected to what has been set into motion by this cosmic event. We will continue individually to experience the "dreamweaving" as described above. This will open new vistas in our awareness of self and others. "Other" will become more and more like "self" as we delve into the sea of our true life essence that calls to us incessantly through the waves of time. It moves us now into the cosmic stream Venus has left in Her wake. Like dolphins returning to the shallow waters of the Islands to feed and make love, so we are returning to a gentle place in our souls where the nets of our mind are loosed and we are free to follow joy into the Heart of the Star.

Requesting to receive a keynote for the next phase of our Venus Dreamingweaving experience, I called upon the "Mana Cards ~ The Power of Hawaiian Wisdom" by Catherine Kalama Beck, PH.D. and Doya Nardin, and received 'Ano 'Ano. Which is "seed" and "intention."  According to Beck and Nardin, in this context the world is "ipu" or a vessel and the stars are the seeds of the gourd-vessel. They state that "gourds were often enclosed in tightly woven baskets...the word for weaving is ulana. Ulana means 'to still, alm; to predict the future.'"

This card was chosen at random, and yet there is an obvious connection between the ulana-weaving of the gourd-carrier and the pumii thread woven about the energy bodies of the souls, as stated above in my May 28th article.  The 'Ano Ano card was revealed with the seeds pouring out of the gourd downward, meaning that it is not only important to now focus on our INTENTION, but to "resist the temptation to secure a desired outcome."  My insight is that our intention needs to be that we are to be AT ONE with our true spiritual heart (however you may choose to word that in the context of your own life). Yet we must focus on the ESSENCE of that FEELING and not what we THINK will bring it to us.

Ha ola loko ike aloha (love gives life within)
Maia Kyi'RA


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