The Star Chord

Through the portal of the Phi Gate as it enters and connects to the central sun atoma of this planet, so the phi crystalline geometries move in a procession of specific geometric frequencies, determined by the cosmic “dance” between the solar and the inner earth atomas (within the suns). The “dance” is orchestrated by the combined soul intentions and actions on earth as they attempt to synergize with the greater Universal Field of which contains them.

The “Star Chord” is a series of crystalline Phi geometries which come together in Light Language/Mathematic pulses to create a “chord” of harmonic LIGHT QUANTUM. In order to fully discuss the Star Chord it would be necessary to reveal how it works with/in the following systems:

Roil Point of the Earth / RA*STAR 2000 / The Phi Gate / The Star Capstone / The Quantum Cube / The Amatrix Angels / The Zohar Mages

But I’m not going to go there, as it is far too complex and you really don’t need to know it to benefit from what I wish to impart in this article.

The Basics:

The Star Chord “sings” through our DNA and through the major DNA artery (hagia) of the earth. It is composed of major Phi codes / Phi crystalline geometries. By working with these Star Chord frequencies we have the potential to open the circuits that are blocked not only in our energy bodies but in the energy body of this planet, in order to receive the higher and at this transitional time, more chaotic frequencies coming through the Phi Gate from Galactic Center through our solar sun and into the inner sun-atoma of earth.

A second potential of work with the Star Chord has to do with setting intention and specific acu-crystals at certain key locations on the planet, which would need to be actively guardianed by an individual or individuals. These chosen places would need to fit into a specific criterion energetically and be available to the “steward” of that star-point for further work and activation.

I am currently working on the first phase now, which is to create psionic art-crystals with the Light Language codes of the Star Chord, which individuals can use to attune to the Star Chord frequencies within their DNA and the DNA artery of the planet.

The Crystal Skulls

In the 1980's and '90's I wrote about the 72 "Dweller" Crystal Skulls: some on the planet, in the Interior of the earth, other dimensions of the earth and off-planet, yet connected to the earth's evolution. There are also many 'Seed-Dwellers' that register an aspect of the charge of a 'parent' Dweller. The Dwellers skulls were once actual skulls of Illumined Beings who chose to leave a time capsule of energetic charge behind in their crystallized skulls. These charges carry seeding codes for the Light Program of the earth and are connected to Galactic Center through the Star Chord points in their skulls...connecting to the Star Chord points in our skulls. The original information on this topic is not yet in electronic format, but this is a work in progress to be completed in the near future.

The Astral Comet

Thoth speaks to me of an “astral comet” which we are recently being influenced by. This “comet” is an inter-dimensional energy burst coming out of the inter-dimensional nova of the star Spica. As we experience this energy, which will continue through January-February of 2007, so many aspects of our mental bodies with undergo major transformation, or if resisted, major collapse. Working with the Zohar Mages and the Star Chord frequencies will help us to stabilize this passage.

update: Crystal Skulls - Messengers of Light now completed


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