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The Kali Rift
and the Ranna Time Flow

The Ranna is the true flow of time in this universe. The Earth and other worlds are created as a path for karmic resolution to prevent certain forces from building within the sacred trinity of Pleiadies, Sirius and Orion whereby the pure thresholds of Light might become violated in time. These worlds including the Earth are created within a parallel construct of the Ranna Time Flow, but still aligned to it. Once the Earth had been created further karmic forces built and eventually the Earth fractures away from its parallel track within the Ranna Time Flow and the Kali Rift is formed. This is actually a fracture in the Earth's time grid or flow that was created as a result of inter-dimensional implosions which happened sequentially in a linear construct, but simultaneously in a true perspective on the sphere of time. In other words, as a result of sentient will pursuing its own course of action as a separate focus from that of the true time grid / consciousness of the Ranna Time Flow, certain occurrences came together in Earth's time construct as a synchronous event to cause a fracture of true time' in our reality, thus creating the Kali Rift. So the Kali Rift is the gap that exists between our true time flow and where we currently reside in the continuum.


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