Although the following transmission was given to me several years ago, it is even more applicable today.

Transmission from Thoth / Chariot of the Sun
Date: 8/15/98
Subject: Earth Changes - CMT

Thoth: The Earth is currently inside a major 'spike' of convergence with the countdown to LP-40. By this we mean that there are periods of relative 'rest' and others of direct engagement with the CMT Field coming out of the constellation of Orion. When the Earth is in a high level interaction with this Field, increased activity accelerating this planet toward LP-40 occurs. When there is less interaction, there is a slowing down of the countdown (although never a cessation of it).

Maia: What do the letters 'CMT' stand for?

Thoth: The letters 'CMT' correlate with the numeric patterns coming from this field, and therefore, we have chosen to call it the 'CMT Field.' The Elohim and Ultra Computers send sequential codes embodying universal energy patterns through various magnetic parabolic ranges, in 'columns' that would closely equate with your alphabet, since the alphabet is a product of brain wave sequences, and brain wave sequences are inverse universal sequence codes of the CMT Field.

Maia: Please explain exactly what a 'CMT Field is.

Thoth: It is a field of high level magnetism, beyond what you understand as 'magnetic,' which nevertheless, effects lower magnetic fields. It effects solar flares, lunar influences, and gaseous patternings, such as those in the sun or on the highly gaseous (in your dimension) planets. The CMT Field is not actually in Orion, but located around the Eye of Ra beyond the Universal Tear. It is for this reason that it streams through Orion, since Orion is the constellation that contains the 'seam' of the Tear in space-time. The CMT Field is the re-organizer of this Universe in its return to the Metatronic Light. The Earth contains a certain 'call number' within its vibrational envelope. Visualize a scale of numbers from zero to ten, with 'zero' representing the numeric with full register to the incoming CMT field. When the Earth's call number is close to zero, so the CMT influences the planet heavily, accelerating it through the various stages of dissimilation within the 3rd dimension necessary for LP-40 to occur. When the register is weaker, say a '7' or '8' call number, so the influence of the CMT is not as strong. Since 1968, the gap between the high and low call number has not been all that much. Thus, although there are still variances in the degree of register the Earth has with the incoming CMT field, Earth has been steadily advancing toward maintaining a high register with the CMY field, and thus also a low call number. We realize this is complicated information, but it is key to the understanding of what is really happening on the planet at this time, and what is going to happen in the future as a result.

Through Divine intervention, often orchestrated by the UNIMANITY League (Thoth's name for an Ultra-Terrestrial assembly who is genetically related to Earth races through the Adam Kadmon Template and other specific dynamics), control of Earth's sensitivity to the CMT (through the call number analogy) has been manipulated in order to give this world more time to prepare for Ascension. The Earth is now in its last phase of that Dispensation. Thus, it is critical that humanity become more cognizant and spiritually prepared for what is to come. It is also of major importance that humanity come into realization that each of them are individually and collectively having both positive and negative influence on the creation of the New Earth Star consciousness with their thoughts, words, deeds, and choices. Many souls now incarnated on Earth are in their last incarnation in this world. As we have previously explained, re-entering a physical form will be an entirely different process in the New Earth Star. It will not be 'incarnation' as you now understand it. It is now, in this current embodiment on Earth, that each human being need put NOTHING BEFORE THEIR SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION. And that this spiritual path become, not a seeking, but a surrender, absolute and complete, to the WHITE ROAD of Divine Presence.

An analogy to demonstrate the changing nature of your reality: You stop to put gas in the tank of your car so that it will carry you to the end of the street, but find you are no longer in the same city when you drive away from the station with a full tank. You must learn to drive on 'empty,' trusting that the fuel you need is not what it once was. The new 'fuel' comes not from decaying dinosaurs, but from complete spiritual Presence.

Maia: This is a complex world with many attendant distractions arising from the simplest tasks of survival. Are you suggesting that everyone quit doing anything physical and simply focus on God?

Thoth: Were it so that this could be accomplished at this time! But God has not deemed that the world may slip the bonds so deftly. We do not speak here of abandonment of care for the body, the home and the family, or obligations to other human beings. There are a thousand and more decisions made by each human being in every day; everything from deciding which foot to first place out of bed, to the higher level inner spiritual choices which truly have the greatest bearing on the soul's evolution. We say only, CHOOSE WISELY. Prioritize where you put your attention and upon what you place your importance. Ask constantly to be directed by Spirit and Spirit alone; and then follow implicitly and in the moment, the guidance given. But to do this, one must divest oneself of lesser desire and motive. The personal will must surrender to the greater self. Too many souls incarnate upon the planet in this age say, "Spirit has guided me to this place or to this act or cause," when in actuality, personal will has been the prompting and guiding force.

Maia: Point Blank, Thoth are we very close to the 'Time of the Blood Sun,' which is the last phase before the Ascension or LP-40?

Thoth: The world is indeed close to this phase. It is like a woman who is an epileptic. She may have a seizure at any moment, which will be caused by something in her environment triggering a spasm in the brain. If she is not treated for this condition, she will surely have a seizure, but when? It could be any moment, yet not for awhile. The timing of the event will be determined by her encounter with the forces that trigger seizures in her brain. So those who orchestrate the Dispensation, manage the forces that will trigger the next seizure. Yet they cannot override certain forces which are impelled by mass consciousness. So long as the patient does not purposely expose themself to the conditions which will most certainly initiate the next seizure, these forces can be controlled yet awhile longer. But who can say what the patient will do out of their mortal fear?

Maia: I am seeing hints in the akashic that there is much, much, more to the CMT Field than this transmission is even beginning to reveal. Am I correct?

Thoth: You are. It is not necessary that all this be brought forward right now, since there are other more urgent works in which you should be placing your energy and time.

Maia: When the Earth does reach the Null zone, will people really go insane as everyone seems to be indicating?
Thoth: Only some people. Most will not go 'insane,' but have tremendous difficulty with their reality. Others will manage to hold to a greater reality and move through as if in a dream. Remember, the Null zone is not the final moment, but a precursor to it. Therefore, many will be re-aligned and prepared for LP-40 as a result of their experience with the Null zone. Many will also choose to leave their incarnations at this time as well.

Simeon: What are the primary determining factors being considered by those in control of the Dispensation as to when things are released to take their own course?

Thoth: The Cosmic Directives, and the amount of Light being held on the Earth by groups such as yours and the ILN (Inner Light Network) and others across the globe. The Cosmic Directives are predicated upon the greater movement in the heavens which includes the Precession of the Equinoxes, but are not limited to that dynamic alone. There are many worlds and events which are intricately interlinked with the movement of the planetary consciousness of Earth. There will come a time when the greater good will be served best by termination of the Dispensation. The Earth's humanity is being given all the Grace possible, but there will come a time when all must yield to the greater macrocosmic movement at hand.

Simeon: Several years ago you gave a "loose" projection based upon the situations at hand for the planetary consciousness of that time, which indicated that LP-40 would potentially fall between 2015-2025 someplace. With the advent of the tampering in the Great Pyramid etc., you indicated the time for LP-40 is being now accelerated. Can you give us a new "loose projection" of any sort?

Thoth: We cannot give any further projections in this sense. The original was given primarily to help define the other information we were imparting to Maia at the time. To continue to make such projections does not serve humanities co-creative role in their own evolutionary process.


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