Planetary Changes in the 21st Century - The Interior of the Earth


As the world ventures ever deeper into this next century, the joyful experience of belonging to Spirit and being consumed by the Flame of Love will no longer be a long-sought desire. It will become an urgent and immediate need, as necessary as air to fill the lungs or food to nourish the body. Many will literally perish without it. Yet those who accept and prioritize the needs of the soul will ignite the inner fire and find nothing else necessary in order to sustain the life within them. - Panthgara (as received by Maia), December, 2004

Now is the time when the seals are coming off the ancient earth scrolls, as with the release of the O’pah symbols on the date of the Venus Transit, 2004 upon the summit of Haleakala, Maui. Be prepared to experience seals in your own akashic vaults to be lifted. The sense of individuation in the human experience is shifting. It will shake and quiver, bursting forth like a geyser from the earth. Be ready, be aware, stay present with the moment. - Maia on the O’pah Seals, after Venus Transit in 2004

I have received that the activation of the newly formed Phi Gate will take place in the window of February 27th through March 18th of 2005. The final catalyst for this activation will come from an inter-dimensional nova of the star Spica in the constellation of Virgo....When the central sun of earth receives the Spica charge, it will cause the earth's sun atoma to respond by re-coding the Ra*Star dynamic. The Ra*Star charge moves up the 'hagia' tube, through the roil point of the earth (at Mauna Loa on the Big Island). This new code will then find it way up the FireGem matrix to the Phi Gate, then entrance into the earth being located on Mount Wai'ale'ale of Kaua'i. - The Phi Gate Activation

In the shift between the days June 1 and 2 of 2005 we will experience the very midpoint not only of the Fourth Day, the Fourth pulse of Light, but also of the whole Galactic World. Thus, around this time we will experience very powerful energies bringing about the synthesis of what is really the core content of the current development of consciousness.
- Carl Johan Calleman as quoted by Mitch Battros, producer of Earth Changes

In my previous material on the Inner Earth I explain my akashic perspective concerning the ‘hollow’ sphere and it’s actual inter-dimensional quality:

The north and south poles of the planet form a vortex portal to the Interior. However, this vortex is highly magnetic and warped at the poles of the earth, and not suited for a simple stroll through the door, so to speak. Markers by surface earth explorers have been placed at the "exact point" of "North" and "South" in these regions, proclaiming these points as the actual poles. Yet from my view of things, our whole planet...our whole UNIVERSE and ALL it's spheres are whorls of energy interacting in various rotations and alignments to form what we experience as "solid matter." In this context, the highly magnetic "poles" warp the energies of our planet along the central axis of the magnetic shell we choose to experience as "matter." When we walk on or fly over the magnetic poles of our planet we are really just going around the edges of the magnetic whorl / vortex. In order to ENTER it we must "catch the wave" just right, as Admiral Byrd may have inadvertently done in the early 20th century.

Thus, when we view the ‘core’ of the earth through our electronic and magnetic sensors we find something quite different than a hollow world with an atoma-sun at it’s center.

Yet there has been a recent discovery by scientists that through my akashic insight, is a connective link between the two ‘worlds’ and a precursor of things to come:

An odd, previously unknown sphere, some 360 miles in diameter, has been found at the bottom of the Earth. It was detected by a Harvard professor and a graduate student who patiently examined records of hundreds of thousands of earthquake waves that passed through the center of the planet in the past 30 years.

"It may be the oldest fossil left from the formation of Earth," says Adam Dziewonski, Frank B. Baird Jr. Professor of Science. "Its origin remains unknown, but its presence could change our basic ideas about the origin and history of the planet." - excerpted from article “Earth’s New Center...” William J. Cromie for Harvard Gazette

It was revealed to me that this sphere was discovered by our world as a result of a bleed-through of the energy shells between the dimensional veil that separates the outer from the inner earth. The sphere is most certainly not the central sun atoma of the planet, but it is, I believe, a ‘value’ of it’s presence. In other words this sphere, which Thoth is revealing to me as the imgea, is a result of the atoma’s presence as the central sun of our interior earth. It would not have been detected prior to it’s discovery, as in our reality, it would not have existed then. The fact that it is now being revealed indicates that the two ‘worlds’ (inner and outer) are becoming increasingly more resonate electromagnetically.

In order for the Ascension process of the planetary whole to be accomplished, the central sun atoma must become more resonant and accessible to the incarnated souls of the earth, in order for the Planetary Genius to be transferred from the Old Earth to the New Earth Star: When the sounding of the central sun ‘Golden Rose’ reaches a certain stage in progression, a wave of golden light, known as the ‘Gaiavatha', will updwell from the atoma of this sphere and enter all matter which is then resonant with the 44:44 octave of ascension. This golden light, which will be plainly visible to the human eye at that time, contains all the Light codes of the Earth, even those portions that will not go through the Stargate. These codes will be impregnated within the ascending matter to be carried as a full hologramic insertion into the New Earth Star.

Next, certain soul groups of this Earth who are about to begin the Exodus will interact as hosts for various aspects of planetary disassembly. Some of these souls will take up their forms at this time and move as vanguards through the stargate. Others will pass through the spiraling abysses of lower magnetic energy within the Earth that are being separated from the higher Light, allowing that Light to be ‘redeemed’ through the stargate. These ‘cesspools' of lower magnetics will be powerful, pulling on the loosening fiber of linear weave in matter, trying to re-organize it and bring it back into the old forms. Those ensouled humans who will pass through it must have been prepared for this experience through lifetimes of working with the cellular fire in the body and the magnetic alignments in matter. They will know, they will feel, the insertion points through which they will slip through into the core of the Earth. Once they have moved through these dark portals, they will use their own magnetic threads which have now loosened from the old magnetic grids, to attract the Planetary Genius from the Earth's central sun atoma. - Light Principle Forty - The Mechanics of Earth Ascension

With the revealing of the imgea sphere, we will begin to experience the first stages of the fragrance of the ‘Golden Rose’ or central sun atoma. There will, of course, be more stages of revelation to come.

In a recent article on The Phi Gate Activation I wrote:

Certain crystal formations in the earth will be programmed with the energy release from Spica. That is, some crystals on the planet will harbor more of the charge than other elements, and the level of this charge will cause them to connect to the new cosmic alignments of the Phi Gate and the Maiden Grid in a more specific manner. This will include certain crystals already mined and crystalline structures within the brains of the higher evolved mammals. The brains which will absorb the greatest charge will be the cetaceans, especially the dolphins. Humans will receive the next level of charge. The reason cetaceans will receive more than the human species, is that they contain holographic brains, and therefore their brains have more crystalline matter.

I have been guided to insert into the akashic consciousness the following crystalline synergy which can be meditated upon and interacted with, to help the planet stabilize and open more resonantly to the dynamics of the New Earth Hologram now expanding rapidly in our midst. This synergy is composed of specific earth crystals...both on the surface and within the interior of the planet.

The first three crystals are major holders of the earth's crystal consciousness at specific points in the earth:

1) Ne'er Crystal: the primary Earth Keeper crystal, located within a cavern close to the Interior earth

2) Harkara Crystal: in a cavern within the Himalayas

3) A'dheem Phi Crystal: in formation inter-dimensionally within the Phi Light Pillar connecting to the central sun atoma of the planet through Mt. Wai'ale'ale on Kaua'i

My art renditions of the above three crystals can also be found in the Crystal Gallery and in larger sizes in the Inner Realms wallpaper section.

The last two crystals are both in Kaua'i. I selected these as they are here at the font of the Phi Gate:

4) Sivalingam Crystal: in the San Marga Sanctuary

5) Iao Crystal in our own Spirit Heart Sanctuary

There are numerous immense crystals within caverns in the earth which hold the crystalline pathways for the geo-cosmic grids of the earth. These crystals are receiving the New Earth Hologram into their programming as it takes shape through earth dynamics such as the FireGem matrix.

Suggested Synergy Process

See yourself in the center of the 5 crystals. You are the 'atoma' of LIGHT: a point where the universe streams it's brilliance through to all other points of being. As these crystalline energies are drawn into you (from the 5 crystals and the Phi codes they contain), so the "point' that you are becomes brighter and brighter. Set the intention that you are a LIGHT ANCHOR for the New Earth Hologram and it's crystalline Phi geometries.

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