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In General

Dear Maia,

You have an absolutely brilliant website. So inspiring, artistically, spiritually, oh so many ways...Excellent site, and I've only just started to explore.

Thank you so much for sharing your life. For those of us who have struggled with vague and fuzzy dreams and who are now becoming clearer in purpose, we look to those who are ahead of us, with more experience, to inspire and guide. So thank you for being one of those brave and strong enough to shine your light so brightly.
- Stephanie Brent, Venus Rules Ok

I want to thank you and Simeon for creating Spirit Mythos, Spirit Heart (Sanctuary) and the Ning net, where all of us can grow spiritually and connect to other "light travelers" around the world. At least for me, Spirit Mythos has been a powerful force of change and has led me to take unexpected paths and remember very important things I had forgotten. - Giselle (Mexico)

Blessings Maia,

I am so resonant to your energy, and so very grateful for your clear expression of Light & Love! My life has certainly shifted, with many things fitting nicely in place, since coming across your Spirit Mythos resources. . .What you have shared regarding Mary Magdalene, Yeshua and the Grail Mysteries has been the most resonant to me of all the digging up of such wonders I have undertaken. I have been endeavoring to ‘connect the dots’ independently for some time, and what you have written is spectacular! I very much enjoyed reading of the Star Eagle lineage, and the Sara. . .On day 1, I found 2 pieces of your printed art on a small table at the institute with various art books, etc. that people have donated to share with other Bio-cybernauts to contemplate before entering the feedback chambers for the day. And then the experience took hold, I blissed out entirely on the knowledge of Numis’OM you have shared, High-Alpha can be seen as an authenticity test. Truths are acknowledged and ego’s doubts can be more easily discarded. I experienced communication with Thoth, and REMEMBERED many great things.
- Sah'Ra

Thank you, dear ones, for your uplifting and Great Work in behalf of the Spiritual Hierarchy on Earth. Your artwork and explanation of the hidden geometries and forms within creation have been a source of growth and enlightenment for me. It is my prayer I find my purpose in this lifetime and can gift the earth with worthy contributions in whatever way I am able. You and Simeon and treasured mentors for Humanity in this time of Great Transition. May you be blessed this day and always.  Namaste, Gillian

This email is basically thanks. I've been checking in on your website for over a year now, but tonight. Even more recent now there's been a pulse in my ear. Today and as I write now it pulses. I'm not sure what it's saying but it is a good messenger. Today\tonight as I read through some of your publishing I cried at some of the truths shared. When I first met your site your Mythos holding spheres on the from page, I had just drawn a similar portrait and it seems to come out in much of my art as well.

Again, this is a letter of gratitude. There is definately an essence I sense in your reflection on this electric cpu. I am often humbled reading others connection and visuals with our dimensional friends. There feels like such a clarity for the individual from the visual.

Blessings through and through your heart space.
with love,
Adrian (26 year old male, British Columbia)


Numis'OM on-line periodical and member's section

I'm reading this last one (Volume 1 - 2008) and it is a fantastic issue, Maia!

It seems one never ends getting completely amazed reading each and all the Numis'OM - Eye of Metatron issues. It could not be different this time, especially with the relate of your extraordinary experience at Teotihuacán, following your ultra-terrestrial mentors' indications, when you acted as a team with some other soul totally unexpected to me. And then the feeling of: "Of course...!"

Teotihuacán impressed me very much when I visited it and it is one of those places where I felt I was part of it and didn't want to part.

THANK YOU AGAIN for the effort to bring us such a valuable source of Light. - Amanda de Roca (Spain)

Hi Maia,

I have only had time to do a brief reading of the latest (Volume 1 - 2008) and again it is chockablock with the most wonderful information! Thank you for your dedication, dear Maia. So much swirling in my mind, just woke up here in my time and I read some of it yesterday afternoon, but what stands in my mind now is that I liked Thoth saying he wasn't an Ascended Master cause he never descended! I thought that was a really great clarification.
I loved the bit about the Sapphire Throne and will have to read again and again. Well so much to comment is all amazing and wonderful. The white tigers too very interesting for me. With love and gratitude,
Debi (China & Australia)

Dear Maia,

I feel you deserve a feed back now and then. I could give you some, many, many times, but it could be too tiring for you, I'm sure.

Lately I'm called to go to SM daily and I find the tools you and Simeon offer there, very useful to attune with Numis'OM and the New Earth Star. The help this brings to keep the balance in these special times and the information related to it, is priceless and the effort behind it all, impressive.

When I go to the Oracles, I ALWAYS get at random keynotes that are adjusted to my present moment or need. Besides, there appear other synchronicities. For instance: as I waked up the morning of the last 9th, I could still remember being in dreamtime at Numis'OM together with other souls, projecting a landscape. I felt moved by it and quickly did a drawing of what I had been working on. Only a few hours later, I found your picture of MOUNT MAHAMUN, identical but for the mountains color! (Mine were pink-reddish).

This afternoon I was concentrating in my objective to be in a near future in Gran Canaria island to do my function there (I see it more and more related to energy grids, but not certain about how, when or which. But I'm at disposal) and I had a vision of me on the top of a mountain, exactly the same as your picture of HERMES CLOUD (Electrikum Oracle - Numis'OM subscriber pages), which came out when I pulsed at random the Oracle one hour later!

I have no idea about how many people go to your webs, yet I'm sure that any number it might be, it will have a multiplicating effect to many more, if they have the same urgency than I have to pass notice to others about what your web SM is. If we would play the old game and somebody would have to tell which musical instrument I was, certainly I am a trumpet right now... proclaiming the good news...Amanda De Roca, Spain


Maia's Custom Art Services

Personal Merkabah Logos

Dear Maia,

Thank you for the beautiful Merkabah Logos! The keynotes that you have written are quite accurate.

Divine Love and Blessings, Julie Sirr

Maia, Blessings and thank you for the Merkabah logo. I have seen many times a very similar design in these very colors overlayed in the etheric on one of my walls in my healing room, so this is very confirming and I am happy to now have it in the physical format. Much love and joy. Namaste, Stacy

Thank you so much for my Merkabah Logos. You know I was really surprised at what it came out to be. You think you know what it should but then the end results just blows you away. You hit the nail right on the head on this. I am so excited about having this and will treasure it always. I guess the biggest shock were the colors. Anyone that reads or picks up on my energy always feel the colors gold, purple & fuscia. Again, I'm so happy with my logo and enjoy your beautiful and wonderful website. Much love & light, Denise

Maia, Thank you so much!!!  I LOVE my Merkabah Logos!  I opened it up and it brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.  It's beautiful!  Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.  I look forward to the continuation of my expression into the world and this art will help me achieve my goals. Many Blessings, Dani

 The essentiality and purity of the Merkabah Logos you designed for me struck so much a harmonic in the center of me, that I KNEW, I UNDERSTOOD.  No doubt was left about WHO I WAS and WHO I WAS NOT -when transcending any Individuality's Field of Conscience.


Your key notes illustrate to the perfection of detail what I had experienced before in my life, yet -somehow- it attains some consistence that was missing formerly. - Amanda de Roca, Spain

 Dear Maia,  My friend María Jesús wishes that I translate for you her feed back on the Merkabah Logo you designed for her: She is highly impacted by it. Its resonance is felt as very close to her, as she feels great affinity  with the Merkabah Logo and your keynotes. Besides, from some time back, she has been very  attracted to Celtic symbolism and music and now she is able to recognize it as amazingly close to her soul's nature. The function she has been accomplishing professionally is very much related to the deep meaning that the ML expresses. (Amanda: She was very moved by the fact that someone who didn't know her, had such a profound vision of her being and thus felt a touching emotion for being recognized, which seldom occurred before in her life).

María Jesus thanks you with all her heart and look forward to a new opportunity to relate with you in a near future to ask for her daughters and son's Merkabah Logos and maybe some questions for Thoth. - Amanda de Roca, Spain

There are no words, to express my immense gratitude. I did not except such a powerful impact on me as I discovered the logo. Only a tanghka I have acquired representing Manjushri had a similar effect. Be Blessed, thank you so much. Love and Light - With Gratitude Sebastien

Maia, THEY'RE INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!
My soul is pounding in my chest, waves of electromagnetic energy are rushing over my body. It incorporates everything perfectly!! I was previously very drawn to the red Templar cross and was considering using it along with a Celtic pattern in work that I'm doing. I have been using gold chocolate coins in my work as well....Waves of energy continue to ripple through my body as I look at the logo. I'm speechless.
- Tim

Thank you for this wonderful experience thru your art!  The colors are all ones I wear and always gravitate to.  I wear opals all the time and that is present also.  It is so wonderful it brought tears to my eyes and brings up a strong resonance within. - Namaste, Karen

The logo very much resonates in every cell of my being. - Rachelle

(her "dragonfly" Logos) Yes, it is perfect. I have a large dragonfly tatooed on my back, I travel to distant ponds bringing larvae from other areas to my own backyard pond. I am building my "bridge" and working on new beginnings and ever so much agreeing with your insights. I am awed and touched.  Namaste, Jody

Dearest Maia,  the magnificent Merkabah Logo you have created for me has been a tremendous source of inspiration and fulfillment.  The total Logo pulls me into the Universal Cosmic Consciousness by the power of the Blue Ray, the connection with Jupiter, the power of the pink energy of sacrificial love symbolized by the rose.  The Circle-Cross and the Rose have brought back incarnational memories for me as a Rosicrucian and as a Knight Templar.  Recent visits to France and Germany were powerful confirmations of these past life experiences.  The cross and the rose were evident there and are evident in my life now in my religious practices - the cross of Christ and the Rosary. The blue topaz in the middle of the logo is particularly relevant at this time and place:  My husband Don gave me a blue topaz mined in Mason County, Texas for my birthday and retirement gift on August 31, 2005.  The maple leaf of Canada ties me to the Lemurian origin of Canada.  I pulled my unbound copy of your "Red Tree" book (1972, Naylor Publishing) and connected once more with Lemuria.

Another connection to the Cross and the sacred 4 directions:  Every day I say the Universal Prayer given to me by the Brotherhood of Light in 1972 through Amazella and Zelda Burris:
Let all Beings be Happy - in Love one with the Other.
Let all beings have Understanding - at Peace one with the other.
Let all beings be Blissful with the Realization of their Oneness
 with all life throughout the Cosmos.
Let this be unto all Beings to the East, to the West, to the North and to the South".
 Daily I draw more strength, courage and inspiration from my Merkabah Logo.  Thank you again!  - Kathleen Boehme


Twining Flames Medallions (Merkabah Logos for two)

It is beautiful! We are both quite delighted. The keynotes brought tears to my eyes and great opening in my heart. - Patricia Hughes


Personal Healing Mandala

Maia – Thank you!  I must tell you, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened the file.  I am sitting on my living room floor with the baseball game in the background this Sunday evening with my youngest son doing homework next to me.  I read your keynotes and then opened the file and began to inspect the Mandala, examining the detail in the outer regions.  I then focused on the center thinking about how I would use it for my meditation.  I was not anticipating being impacted by it right away yet as I focused on the center I felt energy fire immediately down my spine to my groin and back up again!  I have only felt the intensity of this during deep meditation before.  I did not believe it at first, yet as I continued to focus on the center the feeling kept coming in waves.  Wow! Thank you so much.
All good things! - Rick

The mandala is beautiful and intriguing! Thank you so much....It is amazing how the keynotes completely mesh with what is going on in my life now.  - Rebecca

Maia It's stunning and very powerful. It resonates at a cellular level. I had a dream that that amazing blue would be in it, as I see it everywhere and can't seem to get enough of it. I have bought so many clothes of that color. Also found a crystallized turquoise...that is almost exactly the hue of "my" mandala. Again, thank you for your energy stream. - Denise

Oh please--this is awesome.  Something within me just wants to sing at seeing and sensing this work of art.  I AM truly humbled...this mandala speaks volumes...Thank you so much for your energy...  - Louise Campbell

Dear Maia,

Thank you for my beautiful Healing Mandala.When I first looked at it I experienced a lot of movement in
my crown chakra. Looking at the Mandala gives me the feeling of incredible peace and serenity.

 - Divine Blessings, Julie Sirr


Maia' s Written Material & Art

(Solar and Lunar Mysteries) I write you to know that the articles you are writing about the Lunar and Solar Mysteries are meant to come at this time. I have read with great interest the article on the Wyse Wymen. As I read this I began to cry as somehow your words were touching a place in my heart that was hidden from me and that I had forgotten...Your work is very empowering and fulfilling and opens up many doors and windows for me. You so willingly share with us all the insights that open up to you and for that I am truly thankful. - Faith Starlight Michael

(The Amatrix Transmissions)  First, let me say that I am blissed out by the beauty of the transmissions. Secondly, it's extremely difficult to give any kind of coherent feedback at this time. Such a colossal Work! The experience is entirely in my feeling body.

The transmissions move me very deeply. Of all 40 images, the Isis Sphere is the most powerful for me at this point. I could literally sit with it for hours. It transmits such a nurturing feeling ... a sense of hOMe.

Another that has a very strong pull is the Sphere of New Intention .. It draws me in and reminds me of the inside of the 'ship' in Close Encounters. The final scenes in the movie always bring tears to my eyes because of the strong feeling I have of wanting to go hOMe ... NOW!

The Han'Atum strikes a deep chord ... too early to describe ... but I can feel it working with me. The Crystalline Matrix of Source feels very strongly connected with the Temple of Archangel Mikael ....

I could go on and on. I haven't mentioned the Amatrix Angels because I feel a strong connection with all four, and as I go about my daily routine, they are there ... ever so present. I love to work with the Heart Inscription planting seeds of Love where I am drawn to.

What a wondrous 'gift' you have created for this Ascension, Maia. I feel I've barely begun to receive any kind of communicable information as it's all so overwhelming! - Mikah Starwalker

(The Amatrix Transmissions) I have so enjoyed the screen saver, at some point every day I sit down and watch at least a portion of it. But today has been wild. This past week I apparently rose enough energetically to be able to have several parasites or negative forms removed, and today I was able to rejoin with a part of myself thought lost since forever. I am still cleansing energy to a huge degree, but hope to make great strides now that I have found this part of myself. I just wanted you to know. I do not know how much has been due to your lovely material, but I suspect quite a lot. Thank you so much again, Gina

(writing about the art on Spirit Mythos) I have felt awesome every since I wrote to you earlier today. I have been sick since last Monday and just started feeling better this morning. Then I went to your website and bam! I have all kinds of energy and feel great. What is going on? Don't get me wrong, it feels great. I have no aches or pains or anything. I told my kids and they looked at me like I had lost my mind. Do these have healing powers? I can even breath deeper, if that is possible. - Leana

(Maia's Archives) The material I am receiving from you is a direct answer to a prayer. I can't even begin to tell you how important the information is and the activations and energies that are coming through as I am reading. I am so grateful to you for your dedication in bringing so much through. - Aine

I love your site, your story, and deeply appreciate you sharing this information you have with the rest of us. It certainly
means a lot to me. - Caroline

When people look at your art work they have a soul memory, because what they see is truth. Thoth said, "Picture are keys that awaken the mind." - Wilma Carpenter of Creative Wings Entertainment

Maia's artwork is like looking through a window to another dimension. It is a breath of fresh air to meet everyone she has depicted. Her artful destinations are hauntingly familiar and sacred in their powerful answers to my prayers. It is not only Maia's beautiful digital art filled with wonder that are worthy of great attention, but the writing that accompanies the works. She is a gifted artist in both mediums. We are so lucky to have her and her beautiful art to help us all to learn and grow into all we can be. Viewing Maia's portrait of Gwenifaer was very moving to me. She captured her essence perfectly. - Gwen Mangum, Angel Artist

"Digital Spirit Art" created by Maia presents us with a window into a Reality that is hauntingly familiar. Rather than mirror this dimension, it re-Minds us of a place some call Heaven, others, Home. The pictures can create a shift in consciousness that causes us to catch our breath, then smile in recognition. - Maggie Pym, wife of the late Canadian artist, Hal Pym

I have seen your video (Encounter With Sacred Space) two times, and I want to watch it again. It is a very heartfelt and beautiful montage of images and sounds. A reflective, inspired meditation for people to use and receive high vibrations....I was truly entranced and remembering from some of the pyramids and landscapes created from your art. I have been there.  - Rowena Kryder, Visionary Artist and Metaphysical Facilitator

The video (Encounter With Sacred Space) is wonderful. I play it every night now before going to bed and I was a bit scared of spacing away, but the opposite thing: right away I felt my body and the energy When I put the video on and heard the native flute, I felt such a home-coming. A feeling, I was looking and waiting for, a confirmation or a kind of something I feel on the inside and could not really find in the world around me. So good to feel!...The whole video, how it is built, makes that I go and flow totally with it without thinking from one image into the other. Being One with the music, your voices, and all the sounds and tones on all level of my being...I liked by the way, to see the face of Maia and her voice ,her vibration is so subtle, and every time I see that red monk, I think: that's Simeon! Very dear.
- Bernadette from Holland

Sessions with Maia

Thank you so much.  It clarifies, confirms, and streamlines a great deal.  I will likely be in touch soon with some more questions. Thank you for your wonderful work. - Alison

As I read it, I sat with tears streaming down my face! Thank You, again! I am pleased, honored, and blessed. Bless you, too, for attending to your sacred work. It edifies all of us! - Love, Marlys, Flagstaff, Arizona

You have NO IDEA how much your words & sense of my situation RESONATED deeply inside of me. I mean, "gold coins" in the past life, and the "spinning plate"....I work in GOLD PLATING as a profession now & have always held myself back from exploring more by staying at our family company Stutzman Plating. Maia, your insights were unbelievable & uncanny. and the unicorn you saw touching my 3rd eye maia....ahhhhhhhhh!!! ive been working on a unicorn webpage...for no reason. now I know why. ~+ Thank you for your help & spiritual guidance. - Dawn Stutzman

It was overwhelmingly beautiful and heartening for my soul at this first stage already... It taught me a great deal about what my soul truly wants, and the images and feelings that came along were on the one hand familiar, but at a much higher level than I had experienced so far, and it definitely also contained lots of images I had never dreamt of or seen or read about before, in the literal and the figurative sense.

My heart and soul are filled with joy and awe for what I have seen and experienced within. It is clear that not all of these images could have been produced by wishful thinking or mere fantasy, as I really did not know what to expect, and the images formed in front of my inner eye(s). Most of the images I had never seen anywhere in books, films, on websites or drawings. They are too fantastic and different from what I have been studying so far, and behaved in an unpredictable manner. - Bart Van Sichem De Combe

I have been consciously on my spiritual path for over 30 years.  I owned my own metaphysical boutique in San Diego, California for a while and so had access to every practitioner who worked or gave classes at my shop along with whoever came in the front door to demonstrate and apply for a position.  And I do a little reading myself.  So I feel more than qualified to add my acknowledgment and appreciation of Maia's work to those already on this page.  Maia is on a whole different plane.  The day I found Maia's Temple of Thoth web site (in the spring of 2001) I could sense I was standing at the threshold of an invisible door, so I contacted Maia and the door to a richer, fuller spiritual life opened.  Maia has guided me through critical areas of my life path (Simeon too), talking me through critical transitions and handing me challenge after challenge to grow.  Maia's Akashic sessions are always resonant and have been invaluable to me. - Donna Provancher, Astronomologer (astronomy using the true night sky)

My first session with Maia is 4 years ago; only when I listened to the session tape again two years after the session, I was ready to be so deeply touched by her words; she must have dived right into my whole potential soul manifestation on earth this lifetime and listening to her words my whole being resonated with what she was talking about 2 years before when I felt miserable and called her up. I listened to the tape over and over again and slowly allowed myself to trust her words about who I am. Now I understood so much more of my life until here and how I make a difference every day; true: beyond all mental expectations and logics I was already on my way living my consciousness every day with more love, respect and joy. All the years before I had no clue of who i really was, I just didn't see or feel it and quite often I felt like a lost soul. Maia was the first person who plugged into my true existence and let it become alive for me, she brought my spirit in a totally new, very wide and empowering perspective. A perspective I did not allow myself to see and to be. (It is so good to touch the green green grass off home!! Elvis :) there anything better?!! thank you!! With love, Marjet (Holland)

(Akashic Research) As a historical researcher I have found Maia's profound akashic insights, accompanied with detailed historical information, of the highest caliber. In my opinion her source translating from the akashic dimension is light years beyond conventional New Age channeling. Her extraordinary capabilities are likewise reflected in her unique style of spiritual artwork. - Barry Dunford, author of "The Holy Land of Scotland: Jesus in Scotland and the Gospel of the Grail".

(Akashic Research) In the 30 years I've known Maia she has consistently helped with translations from the higher Akashic and inner planes agencies...I now almost totally use her work as the basis of my own group, temple and earth grid applications originally designed for Metatronic/Christic Ascension of this Continuum. I place a very high value on her friendship and integrity. - Rev. William Buehler, Church of Antioch (Malabar Rite); Commander, USN (Retired)


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