Zohar Mages (Zohar Kadiph)

On August 16th of 2005 while in meditation, I had a visionary experience where I saw golden beings holding presence within beautiful mandalas of light. If felt new threads of light being woven into my merkabah. I later “asked” who these golden ones were and received the “Zohar Mages”. I had been given by Thoth information on these Mages in 1997.

Thoth (1997): The Zohar Mages are a grouping of beings who work specifically with re-coding the human race through it’s Adam Kadmon template, by forming sub-templates that override the Seven Seal master-plate. This may be accomplished for specific projections so ordained by the Hierarchy. This takes place under what we have previously referred to as the ‘New Dispensation.’ Understand that when one works with the Zohar Mages one is aligning with and manifesting through Sacred Law outside the matrix of earth’s current planetary evolution. The Zohar Kadiph Mages could also be called the ‘Lords of Dispensation.’

Thoth (2005): The Zohar Mages are beings who are completely unified with their Monad. All these beings of the Kadiph (Zohar) emanate from a single Monad. They are very present now with the earth since the opening of the Phi Gate in March of 2005 (rather the focal point of this opening, since it is an on-going energy event). The Amatrix Angels have created “nests” within the merkabic patterns of the earth’s Light Body. These nests act as cocoons for the Zohar Mages to enter and spin new merkabahs for the New Earth Star Hologram. All humanity is entering into creating this Hologram together. The Zohar Mages are now spinning basic merkabah patterns for the Hologram so that aware vanguard earth souls may enter these merkabahs and assume the creative patterns within their own fields, extending them and evolving them throughout the human energy systems.

Maia: I have created some energy-art templates of the Zohar Mage spinning merkabahs of the New Earth Star Hologram. These are just some basic patterns to help one attune to and enter the more complex formations beyond this “first stage” as individuals are ready to do so. I depict the Zohar Mages as golden beings all looking alike, as that is how I saw them. However, they are not as they appear. They are more pure light bodies. Still, since they presented themselves to me this way, I was guided to reveal them in the energy-art in the same manner, for this is currently their symbolic signature and it serves to activate their initial presence in the energy field of the beholder.

I have also placed these images into an activational tool screensaver which I feel is a powerful tool for receipt of these dynamics in the earth at this time. In addition, we have the individual merkabah images available for digital download. By viewing at and focusing on these Kadiph Mandalas and saying their mantrams, one has the opportunity to attune to the process of re-forming one’s merkabic field to the New Earth Hologram, which is a quantum leap outside the current evolutionary path of earth and it’s kind. Such a “leap’ takes the earth and it’s orbiting-souls into a whole new dimension of evolution aligned to the origin of the earth as a Light Body emanating from the constellation of Orion, and to which it will return as the New Earth Star.

Further, those who work with the New Earth Hologram (NEH) merkabahs will help to radiate them out into the whole planetary consciousness grid. One may access and work with the NEH merkabahs on their own. It is not necessary to use my Kadiph Mandalas for this. Yet I do feel that they can greatly help to access and enter the first stages of integration with the NEH merkabahs. To read more about the individual Zohar Mages mandalas

Addendum - September 2nd, 2005, Maia’s question to Thoth:

Is there any direct connection with the Zohar Mages now (since March of 2005) spinning the basic merkabahs of the New Earth Hologram and the intense escalation of natural disasters since March of this year? (Asian Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina thus far the most devastating.)

Thoth: It is all directly connected: the Phi Gate activation, the Amatrix and Zohar Mages and much more are all in place and moving with the Divine Accord for the transition of the earth into the New Earth Hologram and thus the eventual ascension of earth consciousness and form into the New Earth Star. Understand that as painful as it is within the perception of humanity at this time to see and experience such loss and devastation, an awakening of the human being on this planet must now take place en mass. Where is has not, so it will be jarred awake by the natural law of acceleration. Where it still does not, so it will fall away, making room for the new vision of the “single eye” (third eye).

Those of you who understand this Law and are ready to aid it’s fulfillment in the earth are now set upon a personal course with your vision of the New Earth that must become more flexible, more compassionate and stronger in LOVE. Nothing less than complete surrender to the movement at hand will be enough.


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