The Amatrix Angels

The Amatrix Angels are a specific type of angelic being who contain within their multiple energy forms, the crystalline geometries of the Phi Gate cosmic portals. The Amatrix are holographic seed responders, meaning that their energy bodies are interfaced with major points called (by Thoth in this context) sophic nodes in the webbing of the universal matrices (which nest one within the other, and thus are all part of ONE Supra-Matrix). Interfacing in this way, divine streaming from SOURCE pours through their 'heart' (or highly developed chakra pool correlative to the human heart), bringing together multiple radials of star streaming into their being and through them into and through the Phi Gates. The Amatrix then become holographic fields, responding to seeds of Light programs already left in place within the planet by the E'lohim or Creation Lords. The Amatrix send into those seeds, the germinating LIGHT INTELLIGENCE for the re-genesis of that specific planet.

When an Amatrix Angel engages a planet through a Phi Gate, it locates and assimilates all the 'data' of that planet's akashic records. Such a Being is able to accomplish this free from influence by the magnetic realities those records contain.

The Amatrix also receive the universal humanity original pattern (Kadmon), from whence the human Light body is formed. In the context of earth, that form is sometimes given the name of the 'Adam Kadmon'. The original Kadmon for each human-inhabited world is unique to that world, although the basic pattern remains the same. It is necessary for the Amatrix to assimilate the akashic records of the planet and receive the human pattern of the universal form, so that they may take within them that planetary being in order to feed it from the font of the sophic node of their 'bodies.' This feeding is proportionate to the patterns unfolding in the Light Programs of re-genesis already in place within that sphere. At a certain stage in the process of assimilating the planet, the Amatrix move down the Phi Gate and into the center of that sphere, touching their heart atomas to the central sun atoma of the planet. This triggers the hagia tube (charge of DNA-like energy form drawn out from the center of the earth's atoma) to spin out of the central sun atoma and up through the roil point, unfolding to reveal it's helix, where the Light codes have been inserted by the E'lohim. It is at this stage that the re-genesis truly begins. (This latter stage will not begin until sometime between 2012 and 2025.) (suggested reading: Roil Point of the Earth)

All of us on this earth as well as on/in any sphere where the Kadmon is inserted into that planet's genesis program, contain higher-state beingness that is connected through the heart chakra to the energy nodes of the universe. The difference between our connections and those of such beings as the Amatrix and other angelic or high devic forms are numerous. The major difference however, is earth humanity's lack of awareness of it's multiple-state consciousness and being and as a result, the types of nodes from which we stream.

On March 5th of 2005, during the window of activation of the Phi Gate on earth, Simeon and I and the merkabah of Spirit Heart Sanctuary, will come together here in Kaua'i with those who wish to join us here physically, as well as those who participate with us remotely. We will intend to hold our HEARTS open to receive the crystalline geometries of the New Earth Hologram, and to become, each in our own way, a streaming for the planetary re-genesis into the New Earth Star. It will be a simple process of anchoring PRESENCE together as the wave of the Amatrix Angels with their crystalline fields passes through all of the living earth in order to assimilate it into their Beings.

I will am currently offering a series of 40 art-energy templates for individuals to attune and integrate specific key meridians of the phi crystalline geometries. These Phi Crystal Templates have been placed into the medium of a screensaver format. This will allow those who wish to assimilate these ‘keys’ to receive them through direct visual transmission. Other than select small examples (including the  Amatrix Angel on this page), none of these artworks will be available to view on my websites. They will be exclusive to the ‘Amatrix Transmissions’ screensaver.

to read more about The Amatrix Transmissions CLICK HERE.


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