The Quantum Cube

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The 'Q-Cube' is a holographic intelligence field within the DNA. It is also simultaneously 'everywhere,' as it quantumizes through all universal energy fields. The Q-Cube is what might be called a 'string synthesizer'.  This term refers to what the scientists are call the 'String Theory'. It is a complex theory, which after surfing several websites on the topic, I am convinced that the scientists really know very little about it themselves. I am tempted to write my own akashic version of it...but not for this article.  In brief, the string theory is a new way of looking at quantum physics. According to Cambridge Relativity website in the UK:

"One of the most remarkable predictions of String Theory is that space-time has ten dimensions! At first sight, this may be seen as a reason to dismiss the theory altogether, as we obviously have only three dimensions of space and one of time. However, if we assume that six of these dimensions are curled up very tightly, then we may never be aware of their existence. Furthermore, having these so-called compact dimensions is very beneficial if String Theory is to describe a Theory of Everything."

From my akashic perspective there are actually more than 10, but let's not quibble on details right now, as I want to get back to the Q-Cube. Let's just picture that this 'Q-Cube' coats the strings with programming which allows them to fulfill their purpose within the realm of chaos--which is not really chaotic as we define the word, but has a direction and purpose. Still, chaos can get somewhat bumpy in the ride, and the Q Cube synthesizes the movement and specificity of the strings. If there were no strings there would be no...nothing. Actually, there would not even be 'nothing,' as this term defines a state of something! This is the Q-Cube in it's universal mode. Up close and personal it is in US...coating all the strings that on the surface of their field are the DNA helix.

The Quantum Cube really is cube-shaped, IF you look at it as a 'thing.' You see, the Cube like everything else in quantum physics is only a thing if you think it is. If you are going to 'observe' it, then it becomes an observable thing for you. Yes, we could take this further and say that your imagination can cause it to look many different ways, but there IS a base-line formation that is cube-like (when it is being an object-picture for you). Yet this cube is inside a membrane of exterior vibration that in it's object-picture mode is spherical.

The Q-Cube is an intelligent universal resonance. It's seat in humanity is in the living heart. The DNA factor is it's workforce, but the place where it establishes it's initial intelligent connection is in the heart.

Where is all this leading? To one statement:  When we get in touch with our Quantum Cube-ness we are tapping the root of our Divine Intelligence. We then become Elohim, creator of worlds. Well, maybe we take this in baby-steps, but incorporating the Q-Cube principle will eventually get us there, and be remarkably beneficial for is in our here and now everyday lives. The Quantum Cube is the receptor for the Star Capstone throughout the 'All'. By focusing on and talking to the Q-Cube or the Intelligence of the Heart, we restore our own resonating membranes within the Intelligent Field. All illness and disease is a product of the deterioration of the quantum membrane. Taking care of one's mental and physical health in a holistic manner helps to re-build and strengthen the quantum membrane, but it is not enough if one wishes to reach UNION and live in immortal physical bodies that can move in and out of the realms of being (in and out of time and space) without the tiresome and often painful process of growing old and dying.

The Quantum Cube coats us as whole beings when we resonate with the All. Perhaps this is the quantum version of a 'Coat of Many Colors'.

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For more on the String Theory (quoted briefly above)


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