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The Star Capstone

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As Thoth revealed to me in 1999:

In the stone structure of the Temple of the Risen One, are meridians which carry rays or impulses of consciousness. These meridians we will call "star paths," for the ancients called them "the shadow-halls of the stars." They knew from even more distant legend, that the "Star Lords" had placed "long-shadows" of the cosmic beings (stars) across the Temple of the Risen One. These "shadows" had opened halls or paths in the stone for the soul to travel. The star paths then, are consciousness streams programmed by super-intelligence into the stone of the Great Pyramid. They are not the "air" shafts (which serve other purposes), but invisible highways of Light-intelligence cris-crossing deep within the stone.

These “star shadows” contain the programs of Light for the entire universe. This may sound incredible, but it is much less so than we would imagine. Thoth shows me that all of this universe (there are other universes) comes out of “one stroke” of the Arahabra. The “Arahabra” is an ancient word for a creation radial of light with a supra-black hole at it’s center, around which is a double tetrahedron of a specific type of “energy” that is...well, not really energy as we know it. I won’t expand on that topic in this article, but suffice to say that this non-energy energy is called by Thoth kamitii. There are many kinds of black holes. A“supra” black hole is also kamitii, which is like a reverse mirror of our energy system and yet IS our energy system. We simply cannot experience it directly. We can see the top of a duck floating in the water, but not the part of it that is submerged. As the kamitii energy in the geometric of a double tetrahedron reacts with the supra-black hole, it becomes a flashing double-diamond spinner field (a tetratryon). Visualize a diamond (a double tetrahedron) spinning around a center of tremendous gravity. A supra-hole does not suck energy in, as it is not in space. The gravity it exerts is not what we understand as gravity, but it is related. The supra-gravity does not operate in space...it creates space. So as you see, there are problems in relating this dynamic in human terms. Nevertheless, as you see this diamond spinning around a force that is being exerted on it, the Diamond is affecting the force. This causes the spinner field of the double tetrahedron to spin faster and faster until it starts flashing in and out of it’s source dimension, becoming a tetratryon. Not all tetratryons create universal radials (why some do and some don’t is not an area this article covers), but the ones that do are universe creators. Just one stroke or strobe coming out of the flashing center creates a universe! So in this context, let us return to the star shadows captured within the Great Pyramid. The programs of Light they contain are from just ONE flash of the universe-creating radial. When the Masters tell us “All is One,” this is a good example of what they mean. Every particle of starlight that is within the matter of our universe–in our bodies and DNA and everything–contains the Master Stroke as a holographic vibration.

The star shadows however, are more than a holograph of the Master Stroke. They are the living fire of that Stroke. They are only “shadows” in their path between dimensions; the paths which are opened within the Great Pyramid (in it’s full operative mode, the Temple of the Risen One), and within the Great Pyramid’s etheric body, which Thoth calls the “Temple of the Morning Star.” Yet the Temple of the Risen One and the Temple of the Morning Star are only aspects (the former in stone the latter in etheric substance) of a greater, cosmic pyramid. This cosmic pyramid we could see as the Master Stroke from the Universe-creating radial as it moves away from the supra-black hole / Flashing Diamond combo. As a beam of light traveling from it’s source, the beam become wider when it strikes an object. When the Master Stroke “strikes” it’s own creation it’s “shape” and “function” becomes another tetrahedron or pyramid. Now all these analogies are using our dimensional terms and understanding...what I am speaking of is really beyond all such dimensional understanding. However, it does create that “picture” in this dimension, and it is a workable picture, as creational matrices are accommodating to their creations.

So now we are envisioning a pyramid of the tail-end of the Master stroke (a ray?) Coming out of the universe-creating radial and striking it’s own creation: this universe...this planet...these bodies our souls temporarily inhabit. But what if this pyramid we are envisioning is really a capstone to...a larger pyramid? A capstone is a pyramid that contains the information to allow the pyramid it caps to make contact with other universal systems in the chain of cosmology it arises from and reflects into the Infinite. What then, is this “Star Capstone” pyramid crowning? Thoth opens the scroll for me to “see” the greater pyramid. IT IS US. It is everything that the Master Stroke strikes...it is all of the creation in this universe.

Let us focus at this juncture on the topic of this article, which is the Star Capstone. The Star Capstone “crowns” everything in our universe, however we can look to the Great Pyramid as a primary “gear” of the Star Capstone in our earth grid system.

This opens the door to seeing the planetary grid systems in a more expanded perception. Thoth unfolds a cornice of the capstone to reveal to me “star shadows” spilling off of the contact surface between the Master Stroke and it’s creation...moving out of the Star Capstone like straws of light, being drawn into alignment with the gravity patterns of the earth. Scattered like “pick-up sticks” (the baby-boomer toy) on the plane of the earth, the star shadows embed into the gravity patterns and form “grids” which are patterned according to both planetary and human consciousness.

Yet we are crowned–each of us–with the Star Capstone. Well, it is not sitting on top of our heads, but as comical as that picture might be, it does show us how it streams into our crowns and down into our chakras, spooling out into our energy bodies. If the Star Capstone is the Master Stroke–the creation of the universe–coming into contact with it’s own creation (us), then how might we expand our awareness and thus our consciousness with this understanding?

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