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The following is a transmission from Thoth, given in several stages during late August of 1999. It is even more pertinent today.

The Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau of Egypt is a multi-dimensional entity in stone. It has many functions and sacred programs of Light inserted within it. This structure, which we call the "Temple of the Risen One," is supported in its multi-dimensional work by the other temple-pyramids on the Giza Plateau (the Temple of the Oracle and the Temple of the Fifth World), which we refer to as the "Solar Table."

In this transmission, we address only one facet of the mighty crystal that is the Temple of the Risen One and its complex on the Solar Table. Yet this is a vital facet to the current age of humanity and the portal through which the planet is traveling into the "beyond" of a greater world--that of the "New Earth Star" ascended reality.

In the stone structure of the Temple of the Risen One, are meridians which carry rays or impulses of consciousness. These meridians we will call "star paths," for the ancients called them "the shadow-halls of the stars." They knew from even more distant legend, that the "Star Lords" had placed "long-shadows" of the cosmic beings (stars) across the Temple of the Risen One. These "shadows" had opened halls or paths in the stone for the soul to travel. The star paths then, are consciousness streams programmed by super-intelligence into the stone of the Great Pyramid. They are not the "air" shafts (which serve other purposes), but invisible highways of Light-intelligence cris-crossing deep within the stone.

At certain points of linear time in the earth, specific star paths are activated. By this we mean that they begin to send their consciousness streaming into the collective consensual reality of the planet. In this way, all human souls may benefit through the stimulation of their own spiritual intelligence in areas of thought which are resonant to the consciousness contained in the activated star paths of the Great Pyramid. In the past, many inventions, discoveries and other breakthroughs in awareness in the world have transpired as a result of the activation of the star paths in the library of stone which is the Temple of the Risen One. By this, we do not claim that ALL breakthroughs in great thought on earth are a result of the star path activation in the Great Pyramid. Again, this is only one facet in the greater crystal of earth-cosmic consciousness. The greater picture is far more complex, for this function within the Great Pyramid-Temple is only one part of a greater whole.

The earth is now coming upon a series of intense activations of star paths in the Great Pyramid. The activations occur with or soon after solar flares and other cosmic alignments, as well through direct releases of seals (an example being the O'pah seals released on the VT of 2004) over consciousness zones in the earth by the universal hierarchy. Once the initial activations occur, the next stage is the transference of the consciousness codes contained within the star paths into the planetary consciousness. This is often a much slower and convoluted procedure due to the fractured reality in which earth's kind currently dwells. In this transmission, we are purposing a means for individuals in the "Age of Communication" to engage and aid in the transference of these star path activations into the planetary consciousness in a way that would benefit their world.

We will give you a series of numbers that are psionically sensitive in the particular orders in which we will reveal them. The numbers in these specific orders will be accompanied by certain symbols which will further "specify" their frequency. These number codes are access points for the star path consciousness. If you feel so guided to participate, all of you who receive these number codes, may utilize them in the following ways:

1) Before you go to sleep at night, mentally "send" these number codes into the planetary consciousness field, simply by forming an intention that this is what you are accomplishing.

2) Place these number codes into a file on your computer (simply save this page to a special location where it won't get deleted).

3) Send these number codes through the Internet to others via e-mail.

4) Place these number codes on websites.

Understand that as these number codes pass through or are held in the electronic medium of the Internet, so they become extremely sensitive to the planetary consciousness grid. By sending and holding these codes in the worldwide electronic system, they form a Light pattern that serves as an integrational field for passing star path quantums of consciousness into the planetary mind.

The numbers and identification symbols are as follows:

447689001: six silver bands of light surrounding a golden egg

380905224: a blue lotus flower suspended in the starry vault of Orion

105802291: a white rose as seen from directly above the center point of its full blossom, containing 72 petals with a diamond at the point of each petal

778540211: the Emerald Tablet of Thoth radiating fire letters of gold from the polished surface of the emerald stone

Although the physical capstone of the Great Pyramid was destroyed (all but the gold plates containing the circuitry codes which were once inside the physical capstone), the greater geometry of Light from which the Great Pyramid's capstone was an elemental duplication still exists. This greater geometry capstone we call the "Capstone of JERICHO." We, of the Chariot of the Sun (the merkabah of 2,197 [13x13] souls which is itself capstoned by Thoth), have inserted a Light program into the Capstone of JERICHO which will greatly facilitate the integration of the star paths within the Temple of the Risen One into the planetary consciousness grid. We are choosing to call this Light program "Ra*Star 2000." A brief description of this Light program is as follows:

RA*STAR 2000 is a hierarchically generated planetary "oversoul" which allows earth's humanity to work within a stabilized consciousness bridge to the New Earth Star future ascended reality of earth. Using the Ra*Star 2000, this bridging will be able to take place in the midst of the increasingly distorted sacred geometries of the Old Earth reality. The distortion of these Old Earth sacred geometries will be increasing as the planet moves through the magnetic solar, magnetic planetary and other cosmic influences which are beginning to effect the planet in very tangible ways, and will continue to do so into the future right up to the point of planetary ascension. The Ra*Star 2000 Light program creates a new geometry bridge or oversoul, so that humanity can work with BOTH forms (OLD and NEW) and not become entirely enmeshed in the warping effect which causes the distortion.

"The shadow-halls open to the Initiate who walks the star-way. It is he who quickens the womb of fire in the hallows of the earth and responds to the soul of time." ~ Thoth Raismes of Aphra

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