The Hawaiian Islands & the Phi Gate:
exploring the individual functions of the island “chakras,” the roil point of the planet, the Maiden Grid and the Phi Gate


key points:

1) See akashic definition for roil point.

3) In a message I received from Panthagra of the Merkabah of the Host as a Christmas-New Year’s message for 2004:

“Toward the end of 2004 and into the first months of 2005, a new light grid will form around the Roil Point of the planet (located on the Big Island of Hawaii). This is the point where energy streams upward as a core beam from the solar atoma at the center of the earth. This new light grid we call the "Maiden" for it resonates as a divine feminine ‘virgin-child’ coming out of the Mother’s flow at Mauna Loa & Kilauea. The Maiden will gently turn in the deep and the dolphins and sea turtles will follow new paths in the ocean.”

3) The Phi Gate is the entry point into the planet for the New Earth Hologram. This Gate comes through the Star Capstone directly into the “crown chakra” of Hawai’i, which is the island of Kauai, and down into the roil point of the planet (all of the Hawaiian Islands with the center being Mauna Loa on the Big Island).

Thoth: Through the Phi Gate the true phi geometry is organized into the New Hologram, which is infusing and growing the Maiden Grid. Once the Maiden Grid is completed (sometime between March 23rd and April 5th of 2005), “She” (the grid) will “give birth” to the New Hologram phi geometry, out into the whole earth dynamic. All earth and temple grids will be in receipt of this New Earth program of Light.

The center-point of the Phi Gate is now forming on the mountain of Waialeale (meaning “rippling waters," it is the font of seven rivers). As the phi geometries of the New Earth Hologram stream through this node, there will be those who are drawn to this island to work specifically with the forming and integrating of the “New Earth Phi” (NEP); and some to actually embody these geometries as an access point for all earth’s humanity. But this is only the beginning. One need not come to Kaua’i or Hawai’i in general, to embody the NEP fo the Ascension Body. It is the starting point only, progressing outward through the entire planetary body. There will be those who begin this process, and they will come to the fount to receive the first offerings there, from the “rippling waters” of Waialeale.

Each of the Hawaiian Islands will play a major and dynamic role in the integrating and assimilating of the NEP for the planet, as it gestates within the Maiden Grid (which is now also in a process of formation).

Now is the time when the seals are coming off the ancient earth scrolls, as with the release of the O’pah symbols on the date of the Venus Transit, 2004 upon the summit of Haleakala, Maui. Be prepared to experience seals in your own akashic vaults to be lifted. The sense of individuation in the human experience is shifting. It will shake and quiver, bursting forth like a geyser from the earth. Be ready, be aware, stay present with the moment.

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