Roil Point of the Earth

The roil point of the planet carries the charge of the RA STAR Dynamic out from the central sun atoma. The “charge” contains the following energy systems:

a) a Light Mathematics template, b) a recording crystal and c) a genesis field

The charge is drawn like water from a well from the center of the planet’s atoma. One might understand it better by seeing it as a rolled tube. Inside the tube is the “blueprint” containing all the light codes of the energy systems within it. It was suggested by Thoth that we call this tube/blueprint the hagia.

When the hagia tube spins out of the roil point (in a continuous action) it unfurls to reveal a helix of these codes. From the light codes the energy systems of the blueprint can be accessed. The systems themselves are activated by cosmic and planetary events. The hagia actually IS a DNA “Mother” helix, as it feeds the DNA of it’s creation (earth) with the Light programs of evolution.

Closed, the hagia is in a rest and generative state: the a’nata. Open in the state of i’ni, it is ready to send and receive.

As it moves out of the roil point, the hagia becomes a spinner field. This particular “spinner” opens to allow various earth-balances to take place. New information is received and interior codes are released, like pollen on the wind.

The roil point of the planet is located on the outer skin of the earth at the Hawai’i Islands. It’s field encompassed the entire island chain, but it’s center point is the volcano Mauna Loa on the Big Island. These is where the “engine” of the roil is most active on the surface of the planet and the hagia is released; however it is through the crater of Haleakala on Maui that the hagia is accessed by cosmic, earth and living systems. It is this access or touch point that keeps “us” (earth’s living systems) in alignment with the core “living being” of Gaia.

Haleakala is the largest dormant volcano in the world, it’s summit being 10,023 feet in altitude. According to Ellie & William Crowe, in their book "Exploring Lost Hawaii" it is the strongest natural power point in America:

"There is an energy configuration coming from the earth and a high focus of radiation coming from outside the atmosphere. The volcano (Haleakala) sits like a might pyramid in the Pacific. According to Mike Townsend, park ranger and naturalist, the huge, iron-rich cinder cone called Magnetic Peak has a magnetic field strong enough to deflect a compass needle...The cinder cones within are volcanic vents that may form electromagnetic lines from the center of the earth."

Haleakala is one of the most powerful energy points on the planet...probably only second to Mauna Loa on the Big Island. It’s impressive magnetic field holds the “presence” of the planet’s entire magnetic field. It is these two powerful mountains: Haleakala and Mauna Loa (with the smaller active volcano, Kileuea, next to Mauna Loa as part of the latter’s energy field) that compose the “engine” supplying the earth with Mother Matrix for all of it’s energy grids. This engine is turned on by the central sun atoma of the planet, as it moves the hagia tube upward to the surface of the planet.

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