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    The Sacred An ~ Ark of Grace


    The story as revealed to Maia from the akashic Library of Thoth:

    The original "ark" was gifted to the earth and it's humanity eons ago. It was 'translated' from a planet inside the 'Blue Star' Rigel in the constellation of Orion. (According to my {Maia} akashic perspective, higher intelligence beings exist in 'planet' or world systems inside their star-suns.) One of the purposes of this gift was to aid in the re-balancing of the supra-magnetic sheaths of this planet and thereby re-aligning them more closely to their 'Mother' realm of the 'Blue Star'. The higher energy sheaths of earth and Venus did not originate in this solar system, but were projected from the Blue Star Rigel in Orion. This is a story to this that I will tell in the future, but the topic is vast, so now I return to the ark itself.

    The ancients called this first ark, the "Sacred An". My inner-planes mentor Thoth has referred to it as the "Ark of Grace." The greater purpose and function of the Sacred An was to act as a conduit for high-frequency signals sent from a devise in Rigel to earth, which radiated the "Light and Perfection" as it was called, of the original divine template of mankind. This "Light and Perfection" Thoth has referred to also as the "Inscription of Light" which is self-inscribing within the hearts of all human beings, and which connects us to the ALL. However, he also has revealed to me that humanity separated from the Inscription of Light. They did not leave it. One cannot leave something that is at the core of their very existence; but they removed their focus of intelligence away from it, and therefore their consciousness was separated from it. Yet it still burns for each and every one of us in the center of our hearts.

    The Sacred An was sent to aid humanity at a very crucial and difficult time. The planet was in great turmoil. Consciousness vectors were changing, causing a re-structuring the geo-physical earth. Our DNA was suffering from this shift as well. People were becoming more in command of personal will and thus more division of thought and desire were manifesting within the mass consciousness.

    In those days the "Sun Born" lived among us. They were humans who had strong Ultra-terrestrial (illuminated extra-terrestrial) genetics mixed with human races. They lived much longer than ordinary humans of that age. They were taller, stronger and more physically radiant.  A "Sun Born" was obviously different on sight than other humans. They were kind, good and very loving. Yet they were somewhat set aside by the populace for the obvious reason of 'difference'.  It was the Sun Born who were granted guardianship and operation of the Sacred An for the earth and all humanity.

    It was in the Temple of A'kirana in what is now Lhasa, Tibet that the Sacred An was delivered. A special chamber was prepared for it there. The image above shows the Sacred An in it's chamber in A'kirana. My depiction is of course not exact, but I do feel that I have managed to capture it fairly well.

    The actual 'An' was inside the box seen above. It was never outwardly revealed to anyone but the guardians, priests and priestess of An. The outer casing and winged creatures were fashioned in A'kirana by the Sun Born Craft of the Brazen Serpent.

    As you can see, there was much gold used. All the gold in the outer casing of the An and in the chamber itself was created alchemically. There were various types or vibratory levels of this gold employed. Alchemical gold is usually very light in weight (there are exceptions). In fact, if a small token of alchemical gold were to be placed in your hand, you would probably feel a moment of seeming weightlessness, dizziness and disorientation. The Sun Born had no such problem in being around and handling large amount of alchemical gold. Such gold was radiant with the "Light and Perfection".

    The golden panel behind the Sacred An contained plates with what we would now call "circuitry". Each plate corresponded to a dynamic within the Sacred An. Understand that the chamber itself was as important in the whole operation of the Sacred An as was the box itself. The An cannot be fully operative without a "Thresholding" chamber.

    The An box itself contains:

    1) alchemical golden plates, similar to the ones on the panel behind the ark, but not identical. Instead they "face-match' with the Thresholding plates. These plates inside the ark box contain what Thoth calls the "Alphabet of the Ark" (link to more info below).

    2) Five conducting terminals or "gemstone quill scrolls". (link to more info below).

    3) the Ka'tiim sphere which contains within it a duplication of the feminine human heart triple-poles. While men have one heart node, women have three. (link to more info below).

    The winged beings on the casing helped to control the modulations with the actual An box by the positioning of the wings.

    In addition to the problems most humans had in touching or handling--or even being in the presence of--large amounts of alchemical gold, when coming into physical contact with the "Light and Perfection" frequency of the entire Sacred An energy devise, such a contact would reverse the electro-magnetic current in an ordinary male human body, causing the heart to immediately stop. This was due to the fact that most humans cannot maintain life current without the electro-magnetic flow. It had no ill effect on the Sun Born, who did not totally rely on the electro-magnetic current. Most human women, while perhaps somewhat affected by touching the An, would not receive a serious current reversal of their electro-magnetic energies, for the simple biological reason that they were on the same wave-length as the Ka'tiim sphere inside the An.

    While Sun Born males guardianed the Sacred An, it was the Priestesses of An who operated it and became the living oracles when necessary, for the transmissions received through it.

    Shortly before the destruction of Atlantis, Thoth, Raismes of Aphra was informed by the High Priestess of An that the ark must be moved to Atlantis in hopes of stabilizing that continent. It had to be carried over land and by ship over sea by Thoth and his "Companions", rather than be transported via Light Merkabah, as the An had to move across certain ley lines of the earth to then rest at the acu-point of Atlantis. Thoth and his Companions made the journey with the An to Atlantis while the new Thresholding chamber was being prepared for it there.

    When it became apparent to Thoth that the Sacred An would not stay the hand of fate and Atlantis would soon be no more, he then transported the An to Egypt, where it eventually came into the keeping of the Sirian being, Menon and was housed in a special Thresholding chamber inside Mt. Sinai (now called "Mt. Moses" by the Egyptians). The An had been kept in this Thresholding Chamber once before and then returned to it's chamber in Tibet. Understand that the Sacred An adjusts and heals the planet by moving it across and placing it on various earth acu-lines and points.

    Centuries later, Moses, the son of Akhenaton, who were both adepts of the Solar Mysteries, came to the Mountain to claim the Sacred An for the "Promised Land".  However, it was made known to him through the obvious actions of the people he shepherded on this journey, that they would not be able to abide the high-frequencies of the An. It was at this point that Moses made the decision to create another ark. One that operated at frequencies that would be more beneficial to the people he shepherded and to the plan laid out before his etheric vision of the 'Promised Land'.  This second ark Thoth refers to as the "Ark of Karma". Since the Hebrew Priests of that age did not condone a woman to be in the presence of 'holy objects' of power, such as the Sacred An, they adamantly would not accept that only a woman (or a woman at all) could handle and be the oracle for the ark. To this point Moses condescended, as he was conflicted in his own feelings about the matter, and also he felt that without the cooperation of the priests, the ark would not be of use to the plan which he envisioned. So the second ark was 'adjusted' in order for the priests to be able to interact with it. It was a wooden box with gold plating only. Some of the gold was alchemical, having been transported with them from an Egyptian temple, but it was mixed with gold mined from the earth. The Ka'tiim sphere was somewhat duplicated, but a certain component was not included, so that the priests could more easily work with the ark. The rest of the internal mechanism was also duplicated in a fashion, but it wasn't until King Solomon's reign that the Ark of Karma was given a true gemstone scroll. Solomon then had four other arks created, each housing a separate scroll, so that there were five in all. These arks worked with the main Sacred An (Ark of Grace) at a distance.

    Even with the modifications, this second ark could not be directly touched by most men. There were no more "Sun Born" in that age. So the priests operated the second ark through by using certain tools that were non-conductive the frequencies of the ark, and this greatly limited their ability to work with it.

    It has been speculated in the present time, that the "Ark of the Covenant" was an electrical devise that shocked anyone who touched it unless they knew the secrets of it. However, it has been my akashic perspective that while there was some low-level electrical current running through the arks, the greatest damage to the human body came through the dynamics I have explained in this article.

    From Moses day on through Solomon's and to the current age, were women were never allowed near any of the arks again (with the one exception being the Sacred An). Yet the Sacred An and it's offshoot arks are still with us. The prototypes are guardianed at various places, but the Sacred An itself is now (after having been moved many times hence) once again inside Mt. Sinai. There the Priests and Priestesses of An hold vigil with this object and continue to administer the "Light and Perfection" it radiates. Of course we need no physical objects to unite with the "Light and Perfection" within. Still, such sacred tools do serve a purpose in aiding us along that journey to acknowledgement of the Reunion.

    This writer believes, as do others, that much of the Mosaic material originated in Egypt, and also Moses was strongly influenced by the teachings of Akhenaton. It is even conceivable that Moses was a student of the Egyptian Mystery Schools during the reign of Akhenaton. - "The Egyptians and the Breath of Life" from the Rosicrucian Digest, 1977

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