akashic definition of:
Amatrix Angels

 The Amatrix Angels are a specific type of angelic being who contain within their multiple energy forms, the crystalline geometries of the Phi Gate cosmic portals. The Amatrix are holographic seed responders, meaning that their energy bodies are interfaced with major points called (by Thoth in this context) sophic nodes in the webbing of the universal matrices (which nest one within the other, and thus are all part of ONE Supra-Matrix). Interfacing in this way, divine streaming from SOURCE pours through their 'heart' (or highly developed chakra pool correlative to the human heart), bringing together multiple radials of star streaming into their being and through them into and through the Phi Gates. The Amatrix then become holographic fields, responding to seeds of Light programs already left in place within the planet by the E'lohim or Creation Lords. The Amatrix send into those seeds, the germinating LIGHT INTELLIGENCE for the re-genesis of that specific planet.

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