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Aleahu, Lady of Wai'ale'ale

Mount Wai'ale'ale is the long-dormant remnant of the volcano that spawned the continent of Mu (Lemuria). It is located on the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i.

The Hawaiian people's oral history speaks of the "Mu People" from whom they were descended before the Polynesians came to their islands. Their legends are full of stories about the great continent of the "Mu" which was destroyed, leaving a scattering of islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Each day, I meditate upon Wai'ale'ale, the mountain of "rippling waters." It was through this meditation that Aleahu first appeared to me. She and her Kindred who dwell now on the inner-planes, are guardians of not only Wai'ale'ale, but the Hawaiian chain of islands.

When Aleahu lived and breathed on these islands, she and her People built the pyramids, now hidden in the rainforests here and some beneath the waters, just off-shore of the islands.  They communed with the whales and dolphins and sought to re-build their world, but it was not meant to be.

Other, warring tribes came to the islands and eventually over-took the peaceful Mu, killing the males and inter-breeding with the women.

Yet that was to come after Aleahu and her company of Kindred moved beyond the veil, into the realm of the Immortals to guardian the treasures of Mu, still upon these islands so that they would not be found before the time was right for such revelation.

Alehau has also revealed to me that she and her kindred are working in concert with Thoth and other master beings, and the Amatrix Angels, in the developing of the Maiden Grid and the new Amaru Crystalline Grid of the planet.

Aleahu and her Kindred from the A'Ahu - the "Keepers of the Treasures," which are mostly precious Lemurian crystals and certain artifacts that are beneficial to mankind, and will aid in the creation of the New Earth Hologram.

Of note: Aleahu is a mixture of E'mu (the tall, blonde Lemurians) and Kopi'i, a darker Lemurian type.

Mount Wai'ale'ale

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