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This is a large website. For this reason, I decided to create a page with links leading throughout Spirit Mythos to sections and pages I believe to be of primary importance concerning planetary changes and inter-dimensional events effecting this earth and those who live on it, and also key personal transfomative dynamics. I have also included a category for my art on this website which I consider to contain especially charged transformational codes.

For a greater understanding of the topics on all these pages, make sure and click on any related links on each of the pages below. Of course, there are many more articles and art throughout this website that you may find informative and inspiring.

IMPORTANT: The on-line periodical Numis'OM - Eye of Metatron no longer requires a subscription to access and is now part of the Spirit Mythos archives. However, because Spirit Mythos is so extensive I have not yet found all the pages where "subscription required" is stated.

VERY CURRENT: earth and stellar events and transmissions concerning current earth and stellar dynamics, leading into building the New Earth Hologram.

Rebirth & the New Earth Star

ALL MY WEBSITES AND BLOGS AT A GLANCE (my blogs contain my most current material)

FOUNDATIONAL: material which sets a basis for the 'language' and geo-cosmic perspective offered on Spirit Mythos

The Writing: My Statement

My Inner-Planes Mentors

The Akashic Records

Akashic Definitions

Earth Genesis

Roil Point of the Earth

The Star Capstone

The Pymander

Solar / Lunar Magnetic Shells

Hawai'i Earth Dynamics

Numis'OM - Eye of Metatron (archive)

PRESENT & FUTURE: material which offers a specific understanding of current and on-going planetary dynamics and transformation

The O'pah Seals

Ra*Star 2000

The Phi Gate (make sure to click on all related links)

The Amatrix Angels

Planetary Changes - Interior of the Earth

Planetary Changes - Lights in the Ocean

New Earth Star

Light Principle Forty - Earth Ascension Dynamics


Personal Healing Mandalas

The Talika  (the Soul's Incarnational Journey through Matter)

The Nine Energy Bodies

Chakra Infusion

OTHER IMPORTANT TOPICS: related to all above categories

The Alphabet of the Ark - (Language of Metatron)

Languages of Light

Quantum Physics, Time and the Akashic Records

RA-UM  (The signal charge or spark of electro-static creation within the center of the molecule.)

The Two Roads - Paths of the Grail

The Blood Flower  (Transformational Properties of the Blood)

Metatron  (Angel, State of Being and Quantum Reality)

The New Earth Hologram and the Dolphin Masters

The Solar and Lunar Mysteries

Ascension Temple Grid


Energy Art Meditational Tools (links to text info as well as art packages available to order)

Seal of the Living Law of Light (manifestation template)

Electrikum Art Templates  (both text and energy art)

Mandalas  (energy art mandalas: Master, Theme, Grids & Gates and Blood Flowers)

The Templa Mar Earth Matrix 

The Adam Kadmon  (Universal Human Being Template)


Zohar Mages

Master Activator Keys

New Earth Star You Tube Channel