The RA-UM is the signal charge or spark of electro-static creation within the center of the molecule. This charge is activated at various levels through interaction with the universal codes of the Divine Archetype. The purpose of this activation is to re-align an elemental coding in the molecule to the sacred or divine fire of Perfection - that center of all consciousness in which the Mind of what we identify as God exists. Because this re-alignment can be stirred on various levels, this directive does not necessarily ordain instant Godheadness to that molecule or collective molecules. The RA-UM is more likely to be activated at a much lower level, which would bring about a motion or acceleration of re-direction toward the nearest degree of purity with which the molecule finds resonance. This causes a 'free-flow' effect, as the RA-UM graduates its elemental host toward a consciousness change at the molecular level, disengaging this consciousness from its previous modality and re-directing it toward a free assemblage with Omni-thought, which encompasses all possible realities. In simpler language, this means that when Ra-A-UM occurs at a very basic level within a human vehicle, that vehicle experiences a cutting loose of its established temporal pathways, and is able to move through time realities, until the nearest pure form or pathway of most harmonic Divine Order is accessed. This can occur in a dramatic way, such as is witnessed by fire walking or non-bleeding Yogis impaled on a bed of nails, or in the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ. It can also exist in more subtle modes, where the individual finds a sudden breakthrough in events as if the seas parted, the doors suddenly were opened and he / she is no longer in the trenches, but above the conglomeration free to choose his / her modality of Spirit more directly. One would perceive this as Spirit effecting Matter...Spirit acting on Matter, molding it to more divine and ordered purpose. This is only partly correct. Spirit does effect Matter, but not by interfering with it. Instead the charge of Spirit coming through Matter, cuts the cord of dependence on matter within elemental conformity and thereby allows the initiate to release time as a directional outcome, and instead move through time, to choose the most ordered reality (that is "ordered" to align with a direct channel to translation of matter into pure spiritual being).

The RA-UM Labyrinth is a tool for this principle of Spirit acting through matter. There is much more to the whole of it than is explained here, but this Labyrinth is the touch stone for many levels of planetary alignment necessary at this time in order for the Transfiguration (more aptly "Translation") of the earth.

The RA-UM Labyrinth was created by the Enochian Masters (Illumined Beings). It is liken to an omni-universe made from "cosmic string." with a black hole at its center. This Labyrinth is brought into etheric / physical entrainment via a high order crystal computer (holocrystalline form) which is a matrix set into the ethers and anchored to earth. This matrix is filled with dot sequences of RA-UM energy points to form a labyrinth gridwork. On the computer, and thus the actual energy-frequency, a slice or bi-section of the labyrinth 'fill' resembles the complete cycle of the I CHING. Looking down through the labyrinth from top to bottom, one would perceive the spiral. Attempting to move from one level of this dimensional grid to the next would reveal the actual labyrinth pathways.

As the center of the RA-UM Labyrinth is 'set', it is charged through the etheric substance of crystalline frequency externalized in obsidian. Lightening branches are seen to strike upon the tip of an obsidian point, as matter discharges its energy to allow for the displacement of its mass by the free-float of the Ra-Um, whose essence holds no allegiance to material bonding. Obsidian initiates "transformation and mastery over the physical plane." However, this mastery , as has been explained , is really better defined as "co-existence" (actually "harmony" would be a better word here) - striking a harmonic access to the desired elemental bonding.

The RA-UM aligns to the sign of Aries. In "The Symphony of the Zodiac" by Torkom Saraydarian, it is stated that Aries is the transmitter of the Cosmic Fire. Saraydarian speaks of three states of fire:

 "Aries releases Cosmic Fire, Leo releases Solar Fire, "Sagittarius releases Planetary Fire....These three fires manifest on this planet as seven flames:

1) The flame in the heart of each atom

2) The flame in the seeds of the vegetable kingdom

3) The flame in the animal kingdom

4) the flame in the heart of every man

5) The flame in the heart of the Hierarchy-Christ

6) The flame in Shamballa-Sanat Kumara

7) the greater flame, the planetary source of Life."

Thoth has stated that these Seven Flames are the 'tongues' of the Divine Fire (or the Holy Flame). RA-UM is the right sequence of awareness that triggers the uniting of the Seven, achieving omnipotent accord with all space-time realities. To continue on Aries, Saradrayrian states that:

 "All flames eventually come together and form a fiery flower around the Central Fire of the planetary life."

The central sun of the planet is called the "Golden Rose" my the inner earth inhabitants. Saradarayian continues:

 "Such firey flowers eventually form the petals of a greater fire, and so on eternally."

The RA-UM labyrinth employs these flames to clear a path through linear time, allowing those who interact with this labyrinth to recover some of the lost stars within our own black holes.


RA-UM Labyrinth Visualization

1) Visualize a labyrinth.

2) Imagine yourself beginning at the outside rim, and moving inward toward the center. This labyrinth contains your true spiritual encoding. As you seek the center, what symbols, patterns, impressions do you receive? Be aware of these messages, for they contain the keys to unlock further portals for you.

3) Once you have found the center of the labyrinth, place yourself inside the obsidian shield/sphere. Then allow yourself to resonate with the entire labyrinth as it becomes the greater Labyrinth of the RA-UM. Your obsidian shield / sphere begins to become luminescent, as it glows from the infusion of greater to lesser. You become the Greater, merging with the Heart-Mind of free-flow existence. As your shield becomes light, see your spirit colors wrap scarves of enfolding rainbows about you all colors of your glorious soul-mandala. Feel the resonate chord of harmony between your most centered self and the RA-UM pulse of free-flow.

4) Once you have held this state of At-Oneness for a comfortable time, you may enter your commands into the matrix. These commands should not reflect the persona (personal will and preferences) but the Spirit (the essence of your natural soul-being). In other words, you do not enter "I want" or "I need," but instead that Divine Order be established in your beingness. In this way, you are freeing yourself from karmic bonding to a degree that enables you to accept the reality best suited to your Spirit Journey in soul evolution in this lifetime.


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