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Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron: a Cosmic Streaming
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Numis'OM is the current name of the 4th dimensional intermediary stage of ascension into the 5th dimensional New Earth Star reality. Numis'OM is a name given to me by my mentor Thoth for this reality zone and it is integrated into the etheric body of Venus, Earth's Guardian. The Numis'OM streaming thus represents an inter-dimensional connection I have which then facilitates a flow of energy from the reality of Numis'OM as we prepare for the LP-40 planetary ascension. From early 2006 through mid-2009 I produced a quaterly ezine by the name "Numis'OM ˜ Eye of Metatron" to facilitate this streaming for others and the planet.

The Numis'OM ˜ Eye of Metatron quarterly ezine subscriptions have now been transformed into our 44:44 Ascension Portal. Access to all the archived issues of the quarterly ezine we produced over 3 years appear in the archives below are available in the 44:44 Ascension Portal.

View Listings of the Other Content Available in the 44:44 Ascension Portal.


Click on the desired year heading in the window below to see descriptions of the archived individual volume, article and special feature listings for that year. If you click on one of the individual issues, articles or special features links below you will be able to access it within the 44:44 Ascension Portal. Within the 44:44 Ascension Portal our Numis'OM e-pubs are displayed as nicely formatted html web pages and at times with flash media or audio presentations. However, with each issue you are also provided with a printer friendly full color PDF file that can be downloaded and printed. In this way you can print a copy to read at your leisure in a relaxing environment instead of sitting at your computer. Articles are presented in web page format often with special art images.



Crysulims - The New Earth Merkabahs |

The woman stood surrounded by the abundance of nature. she felt fresh, clean, re-born. Her senses were alive and clearer than she had ever known them to be....in any incarnation she had ever experienced, and now she was fully aware of them all. Yet all that was compressed in but a mere moment in time. She was entirely present in the expanded "Now" of this New Earth she stood upon. Yes she "stood" but...there was no sense of weight, only a marvelous feeling of connection, as if her body was growing right out of the soil and yet at the same time flying high above in the crystalline sky of the "New World." In the distance she heard birds singing, but the sound was fuller - with greater expression, for now she knew their language.

It was time, she could sense it... read more

The New Earth Star and Pandora |

Since the mid-1980's I have been writing about the New Earth Star: our ascended future reality - yet also co-existing with our present Earth. When I recently (1/10) watched the motion picture AVATAR I was stunned by the world Pandora's similarity to Numis'OM, the first stage of the New Earth Star world experience. The producer of the movie, James Cameron was shown Pandora in a dream over 10 years ago.

The Nav'i cat-beings of Pandora DO exist in Numis'OM. ThothHorRa calls them the... read more



An Initiatory Journey ~ Path of Remembrance

This is a long article with numerous inter-connected parts starting with my (Maia) visionary journey in my 'Starheart' aspect to Mount Kailash and connective Earth nodes. My lifetime as a Mayan Priestess named 'Temple Doors' who led a mass migration when her people were endangered is re-visitied. Portions of the interior enclave of Gurideva (inside Mount Kailash) are explored. Revelations on the holographic transference of the LOTUS Dweller Crystal Skulls from the Blue Star Valley to Gurideva, and the resultant forming of the In La'kech Earth grid. Starheart's experience as the Mayan Medicine Chief Temple Doors, and her role with the Dweller Crystal Skulls. ThothHorRa reveals to Starheart more of the history of the complete 72 Dwellers matrix, beings whose skulls became crystalline and the 'TWELVE' now often appear as 'Dragon Lords' and why; ThothHorRa as one of these 'Lords' - more of his soul history is revealed.

A Shamballah Installation

The 'Shamballah Installations' that were accomplished on the New Earth Star Island within the virtual world of Second Life and their purpose for facilitating planetary ascension.

Maia's Commentary

Short commentary on my perspective on channeling and mystical percpetions.

Heart-Speak With ThothHorRa

This is the interactive feature of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron. Readers can write in and ask questions pertaining to topics that have appeared in the publication or which are related. Most of these questions are answered and published in this section. In this issue we have questions on such topics as: axitonal moments, DNA in human bodies that have been placed in dimensionally shifted suspended states as vibratory anchors; the Runes and New Earth harmonics; the Zuvuya; Master Builders in the old and new Earth and much, much, more.


The Hieroaten

The Hieroaten is a manifested portal / complex through which receptive humans in this current Earth time are entering in Dreamtime to receive guidance and preparation for their “next step” into the first stage of the New Earth Star - Numis’OM.

The Seven Crystalline Frequencies

According to my akashic insight and ThothHorRa’s teachings there are seven crystalline frequency streams in the current human DNA. These ‘Seven’ are composed of millions of variations of crystalline strands being woven together. The ‘Seven’ can be equated to actual crystals on our current planet at this time. As the vibration of our Earth becomes more defined within the New Earth Star Hologram, so the highest level of crystal definition will change, as new crystals migrate to the surface of the planet and are ‘discovered,’ and more known crystals become more highly charged with the ‘Phi’ activation.

In conjunction with this article I have included a special MP3 file of me spontaneously channeling mantras for attuning to these seven frequencies. Hearing me speak allows you to understand how I pronouce them and also to to feel the energy of them as it transmits through my voice.

As part of this article I have also included a sub-section entitled "Ur'Kabala, Symbol of the Seven Shambhala Master Rays" which has a piece of my artwork depicting the Ur'Kabala Symbol that can be used with the mantras I provide.

The Ascension Mountains

All mountains of this planet or any planet emit massive hyper-electromagnetic (HYPE) charges, creating inter- connecting fields around them. Thus mountains are the generators of HYPE on the exterior Earth (meaning not the “inner Earth”). Hyper-electromagnetic charge / fields are operating at a lower pulse frequency that can be detected by current scientists.

As part of this article I have done a number of artworks depicting some of the major mountains that are already now translating into Numis'OM. I have depicted them from their New Earth perspectives.

Brigatata ~ the Time Counter

The Brigatata was built by Merlin (Arthur's Merlin - as like "Thoth" this is a title and there were several). Yet he built it in his younger years before the 'Arthur" period. (Merlin lived 300 years). When I say he "built" it I do mean that, as it was created through his ability to re-form matter, as is accomplished in the New Earth Star realms. The purpose of this structure was to "count" the timeline of Earth, like the Mayan Calendar.

Heart-Speak with ThothHorRa

Questions from readers are answered by ThothHorRa on various topics inluding questions from "who are the guardians of Lake Titicaca" to "birth" processes in the New Earth Star ascended reality.

Inter-Dimensional Healing by Maia Christianne Mallika |

An article that looks at the metaphysical reality of our intrinsic nature which exists in mutliple dimensions of reality simultaneously. Very few human beings have ever attained the ability to operate successfully inter-dimensionally -- going back and forth between these dimensions of beingness -- and keep it all in balance.

The Mem-Star Merkabah by Maia Christianne Mallika |

This article relates information regarding "Mem-Star merkabahs" and their relationship to String Theory and M-Theory in quantum physics. It also touches into the Mem-Star's relationship with things as diverse as our aura and gravitational waves. The Mem-Star Merkabahs are in other words, invisible quantum agents of the unified field and everything that manifests from it.

Dragon Star by Maia Christianne Mallika |

This article reveals the unified connection that exists beteen the various infinity points within celestial bodies and human beings and which ThothHorRa is referring to as the "Dragon Star." Information and understanding is imparted in how to use this awareness to "reboot" your energy system so it more accurately reflects its original or "Prima Matra" state of existence.

The Metatron Crystal Skulls by Maia Christianne Mallika |

I was shown on the inner-planes geometries of star patterns, one nested within another. At the point-nodes of each star is positioned one of the 72 Dweller Crystal Skulls. The Metatron Skulls formed the outer most circle, ringing the entire pattern. Altogether the Dweller Crystal Skull geometry connects with various planetary grids... feeding them the Light Codes of the Origin Pulse... the original Creation Matrix of the Earth and inter-facing with the Creation Matrix of the universe. The Metatron Skulls then in the outer ring, both contain and direct the current of the full geometry into that  universal interface... with other wheels (geometries) within wheels.

Read this whole article...

The Golden City by Maia Christianne Mallika |

Recently ThothHorRa brought to my attention what he is calling the "Golden City." He opened the scroll for me on beautiful mountains which I knew contained a valley nestled with it protective folds. In that valley was the Golden City. I understood that what I was seeing was in Numis'OM of the New Earth Star. I have since glimpsed portions of this "City." While some people appear and disappear there...

Read this whole article and view 4 new pieces of art that Maia created just for this topic...

Golden City Templates by Maia Christianne Mallika |

Continuing with concept of the Golden City I have created the first in a series of three templates attuned to the Golden City function in the brain. Subscribers can login to read about this and copy the Golden City symbol images to your hard drive. Instructions on how to work with them are given as well.

It is my belief that working with these templates will aid one in the harmonic development of the "Golden City" Nexus in the brain. Of course it will certainly develop without any human tools, but being aware of it and feeding it certain symbols will enhance a smoother and more rapid assimilation of this neural array as it grows it's network within you.

Alternate Realities by Maia Christianne Mallika |

ThothHorRa (THR) has often brought to my attention the existence of "alternate realities" existing in "electro-magnetic zones" of the Earth. I have thus explored it more fully in my Akashic travels...

Quantum Starlight Re-Calibration by Maia Christianne Mallika |

A few days ago as I was doing my morning healing on myself and all of a sudden I felt/saw these laser streams coming down through my body. They were LIGHT but kind of liquid light and they were linear like a line of them... and they were many-colored. Some were red, others green, then blue, purple, etc and some were pure white light. They had number sequences pouring out of them (this has since changed to flame letters of Light Language). I felt the difference in my body and a charge of energy moving through me...

GLO'RII'A - New Earth Mother Ark by Maia Christianne Mallika |

In the early morning hours of November 8th, 2009 - which was the beginning of the 6th Night or 12 Heaven in the Mayan Calendar - I awoke to see in my mind an incredible sight. It was a series of circular platforms rotating with a “Seat” on the top platform. Light was moving through it from below and above. The whole platform system was made of gold, with marvelous golden lotus buds beaming rays of light upward. The seat was crafted of golden lotus petals.

It was far grander than the one you will see in the art on this article's web page which I have created in the virtual world of Second Life. My virtual rendition of the New Earth Ark of the Mother has the basic structure and movement of the object I witnessed. In my waking dream I heard the incredible tone coming from it: MAAAAA. It was like the chorus of a thousand angelic voices all blending together in perfection.

This article comes complete with a couple of beautiful art images showing my depiction of the Glo'Rii'A - New Earth Ark of the Mother and also a short video animation with a special audio background created by a community member who is a musician especially for this purpose. The audio closely captures what I heard on the inner planes.

You can additionally download and listen to the whole audio file, which is much longer than the video.

The Academy of On by Maia Christianne Mallika 

This article explores Thoth's Academy of On in ancient Egypt and its replication in the New Earth Star ascended reality. The article includes an energy-art medallion and a slide show of a re-creation of an aspect of the Ancient Academy of On in a virtual world. The article begins...

Some 10,000 plus years ago when Thoth Raismes of Aphra abided in Egyptos he had constructed according to sacred pattern, the Semik Ra'Hanok which we will call here the Academy of On, for it was often generalized as the great learning center of the city of On (An / Divine Light), much later to be named Heliopolis (City of the Sun) by the Greeks. This "academy" was much more than simply a place of learning...



Isis Eye of Thoth with Arieopax:

A brief understanding of the Arieopax or Isis Eye geometric as "Thoth's Breastplate."

Cruxus Venus - Building of the Templaric Grid:

This article discusses the Cruxus Venus as the "8th Venus Temple" in the New Earth Star / Numis'OM. I also discuss how an interesting, and to me profound, phenomena occurred as I created the art work of the 8th Temple to accompany this article.

The Shamballah Gate and the Falcon of Andora:

There is a lot covered in this article, which makes it difficult to write a brief summary of it; but it is basically a treatise by Thoth on energy and symbols which apply to the New Earth Hologram and Earth Star. It is based on questions submitted through me to Thoth by William Buehler (worker with earth grids, sacred geometry and synergy groups).

Dragons and Dragon Pearls:

One of my favorite topics! ARE THERE DRAGONS in Numis'OM as a reality? Oh yes...and unicorns, mermaids, griffins and other wonderful "mythic" creatures: all a part of the energy manifested through human interaction with the elements of nature. And the "dragon pearls?" Well, you will have to read this Numis'OM to find out about them!

The Sapphire Throne:

The ice crystal canopy of the Inner Earth is also to be found in the New Earth! It is the "Saf-Fire Mount" also known as the "Sapphire Throne." Yet there is more to the Sapphire Throne: as a concept and a Sacred Ray of Divineship.

White Tigers of Thoth:

Here is discussed the white tigers who are Thoth's devic guardians and also his white falcon, "Go Forth." This is a short article which accompanies my new art work of Thoth and his "creatures" in Albasalm: once in the Nubian Desert and now within the Numis'OM reality.

The Children of Abrahim:

This article contains Thoth's comments concerning the new ET/Human/Ultra "race" - the Children of Abrahim. I personally consider this information a watermark of the "changing of the guards" in the power structure of this current world system!

Numis'OM in the NOW:

Numis'OM is herein viewed as a Reality inside a reality that is accessible in essence at all times. A unique understanding of the flow of energy and consciousness between these two realities is provided and as well a meditational affirmation to facilitate moving into Numis'OM at will which will elicit a purification with each journey!

Heart-Speak from Thoth:

This section was so long this time I had to place some of the questions to be answered in the next volume (Volume 02, 2008) of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron! I think you will find it a very interesting mix of questions and some profound comments on them by Thoth. Topics include: the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, the Flower of Life, the Pleaides, the Egg of Life and the ancient meaning of the word Shambhala / Shamballah.


Korbola, the City Out of Time

Korbola, which we are calling a “city,” is really more of a dimensional gathering, encompassing more than just the main structures atop what is in this current reality, the large, flat-topped mountain in Israel by the Dead Sea known as Masada. This location bears a tragic history for the Jews, but was sacred ground long before that, and is a key node in the future for our current connection to the New Earth of Numis’OM.

Manna, Elixir of the Gods

When we hear or read the word "Manna" we think of the Biblical Exodus when the Israelites were guided into the Sinai by Moses were mysteriously "fed" by a white, dew-like substance falling from the sky. According to Thoth, there were Ultra-Terrestrial Light Craft feeding the people in this way, and the "Manna" was a form of monoatomic high-energy substance.

The New Earth Arks

The 'New Arks' are a much higher and more dimensional type of communication vector. They inscribe into Numis'OM the key creation codes from what Thoth calls the 'Diamond Star Systems' of the Metatronic universe. These star systems contain pure crystalline LIGHT from the flashing 'diamond' suns within them that are constantly moving in and out of multiple universes, bringing in streams or threads of divine essence and 'weaving' through their systems a network of pure Metatronic being.

Healing in the New Earth

Numis'OM is the first stage of development for the New Earth Star's World System II. It is thus still somewhat dualistic, although not to the degree as is our current world. Souls and all living things ascending from the Old Earth into the New Earth will bring with them a 'phantom' of their Old World being. This will be subtle, but present. However, every living thing 'arriving' is instantly enveloped in a cloak of LIGHT that connects them to those guardians, guides and healers from whose administrations they will specifically benefit.

New Earth Star Island   (a spiritual online 3D interactive experience coming soon)

More on our new project of creating a NEW EARTH STAR ISLAND  in a virtual world that is a very powerful 3D online reality and which supports a level of interactivity between members of its vast community which is unprecedented to date. This provides us with the perfect medium to create a community of people online that are dedicated to having and promoting New Earth Star awareness, consaciousness and direct experiences. Such an environment makes it sooo very real it is tangible and Thoth tells us this will also accellerate personal and planetary ascension processes in a graceful and really fun way.

The Dragon Pearl Photo-Art Gallery and Oracle

Each of the seven Dragon Pearl's attunements includes: the physcial level, etheric level, planetary level and also information about the dragon spirit of that Dragon Pearl. This not an article unto itself, links to this gallery and information can be found within the "Healing in the New Earth" and "Heart-Speak from Thoth" articles.

Heart-Speak With Thoth

Questions from readers are answered by Thoth on various topics inluding the Anti-Christ, properties of the New Earth Star, the Seven Scrolls of Babylon and much more.


ThothHorRa, the New Earth Star and Second Life

ThothHorRa speaks about his 'new form' in Numis'OM. Why he is focusing it and how it relates to our Merkabah of Service for all of us who resonate with him.

ThothHorRa goes into some detail on different aspects of our New Earth Star Island Estate in the virtual world of Second Life, and how it is being created to represent various dynamics that exist in the actual New Earth Star reality.

ThothHorRa explores the most dynamic principle of planetary Ascension - the "Yushuda."

New Earth Creation Dynamic

ThothHorRa goes into explaining the Creation Matrix as represented by the archetype Nuut (Nut); and the Ascension role that the ancient Menhir (monolithic stones of the ancients) play.

The Nature Kingdom in the New Earth

ThothHorRa moves into the Nature Realm, and he explains how the current Earth and New Earth nature beings are part of the whole Ascension process.

In La'kech, the 13th Living Dweller Crystal Skull

ThothHorRa speaks of  In  La'kech - The 13th Living Crystal Skull, and how 'She' will come among us and explains what her core purpose will be for incarnating at that time.

The Holy Mountain of New Revelation

ThotHorRa herein opens the scroll on Mount Kailash, calling it the "Throne of the New Earth," and explains it's connection to himself and the Living Temple of In La'kech.

Heart-Speak with ThothHorRa

An onging column where people write and ask Thoth questions to clarify or expand upon information he has given, and at times which open up entirely new avenues of exploration. This is the "interactive" and "co-creative" aspect of my Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron quaterly e-pub.

Topics covered in this issue are: Christ consciousness grid and the New Earth; Supporting the influx of new souls incarnating to assist planetary ascension; The Wands of Horus; How to balance "doing" and "being," and more.



The Nine New Solar Sheaths of the Sun:

Information on this ongoing unfoldment along with the special aloii (ancient Lemurian language) mantrams Thoth gave Maia for attuning to the harmonics of each of the nine new Solar Sheaths of our Sun. Additionally, as previously stated, there is a special multi-media activational presentation in the online version of this issue to help you embody the nine new Solar Sheaths.

Maia Christianne is chanting in the ancient Lemurian aloii language on this presentation (first language on the planet). If you have never heard her chant like this you are in for a real special treat.

The Activation of the Kaua'i Lemurian Temple-Node:

Some tidbits of information Maia gleaned from from Thoth on the Venus Temple Nodes and the upcoming activation of the one on Kaua'i.

The Cross of Quetzalcoatl:

Information on this cross and its cosmic nature and dynamics. This cross was first introduced to our list members back in November 2006 with the message Maia brought through about our entry into the Fifth Day of the Galactic Undwerworld in the Mayan long count calendar.

The Foundation Stone of Yephyra:

Maia touches bases with this powerful and sacred dynamic once again and expands upon what she wrote through a period in the 1990's on this. This is complete with a special template image that is NOT available in the Spirit Store.

Life and Light of Numis'OM:

Information on the nature of Numis'OM as a fluid reality which is our portal to the New Earth Star. The "Numis'OM: Light & Life Gallery and Oracle" presents 27 images I have created to represent the type of energy and places one might find in the Numis'OM reality.

This special Oracle/Gallery is only accessible to subscribers and allows you to let Spirit choose which image you need to interact with, or you can see them all at once and choose your own at a conscious level!

The Master Builder's ~ Their Legacy:

Maia touches bases once again with the grouping of beings she knows as the Master Builders (the Sun Bow Clan) who left 33 geodetic markers in this Earth aeons ago and which have guided humanity to this point. Maia herein provides the geographical locations of all 33 geodetic markers and some new information along with a tribute to their work here on earth.

Heart-Speak from Thoth:

An onging column where people write and ask Thoth questions to clarify or expand upon information he has given, and at times which open up entirely new avenues of exploration. This is the "interactive" and "co-creative" aspect of my Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron quaterly e-pub.

Topics covered in this issue are: Archangel Michael and the Dweller Crystal Skulls and New Earth Hologram; the God Code and the Aba'Ra frequency; Thoth's role in the celestial hierarchy; comments on the violet, gold and white frequencies and more.


This is a very special issue because it unveils a major work which Maia has been planning on doing since somewhat before the inception of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron (late 2004). She promised this would eventually be coming as a part of Numis'OM, and here it is finally after many, many, MANY hours of work!

This work is the Lotus Loci Frequency Matrix Galleries. The Lotus Loci are in brief, New Life Forms which are forming in the reality which my sources refer to as Numis'OM. This is a "staging area" of sorts for the New Earth Star, the ascended reality we are headed towards.

Maia has created 189 (yes, that is correct) new images which are arranged in seven different Lotus Loci Frequency Matrix Galleries (7 x 27) along with their 189 associated mantrams for further attunement (light and sound). These images are now available within these galleries, and these galleries are only available to the subscribers of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron.

For non-subscribers, I have provided you a peek at the Lotus Loci galleries and the information about them contained in this issue of Numis'OM.

Portals of the Old Earth, Orientation to the New Earth:

This article imparts some understanding of the re-orientation of certain ancient earth portals, such as Amaru Muru at Lake Titicaca, and how and why they are stirring now to become synchronized with the New Earth Star via Numis'OM.

More Ankii Portals:

A brief look a five additional geographic locations for these portals between the old and new earth.

Etheric Retreats of Thoth:

Thoth's Retreats in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range of Colorado, and his main Retreat, in the caverns beneath Lake Titicaca in Peru. How the two are merging and re-orientating to Numis'OM.

What this will mean for those who work with this Master Being. What IS a "Retreat" in this context, and how may you travel to one and interact there with those specific Masters and energies for personal and planetary ascension. Also, a sepcial look at the the "Asula Retreat" and its entrance mechanisms at Lake Titicaca.

Thoth and the Emerald Table:

The Emerald Table of Thoth, its relationship to his Lake Titicaca Retreat now that it has been moved from under the Great Pyramid to its new home here, and how it has recently also had the 13th Tablet (octave) re-activated and upgraded by Thoth.

The 13th Sun Disc of Amaru:

The result of the opening of the Lotus of the 9 New Solar Sheaths covered in the last issue of Numis'OM, this is located also in Thoth's Retreat at Lake Titicaca. This 13th Sun Disc is designed such that it directs the creational flow and hierarchal expansion of the New Earth through a special arrangement of alchemical emeralds working with the Elohim. Also the relationship between this Sun Disc and the Venus Temples and Gate.

The New Life Forms of the New Earth Star:

This is an in-depth look at the nature of the creational matrix spawning new life forms in the New Earth Star through the portal of Numis'OM, truly the "Eye of Metatron." Herein are unveiled the Lotus Loci, focuses of light-engendered intent which morph and form new types of life and manifestation which are the fundamental basis for the manifestation of the New Earth Star ascended reality.

These life forms are born of a cosmic fractal geomtery that resonates at octaves of consciousness that are highly resonant with the unified field. The 189 images arranged in 7 separate frequency matrix galleries are designed to help you attune to these frequencies and to bring them into your being to close the gap and create the bridge between old earth and new earth.

Heart-Speak from Thoth:

Questions and answers between readers and Thoth and Maia. There are some rather interesting questions that have been asked in this issue by three separate individuals representing three different countries! Thoth reveals some true gems in this issue here in this regular column of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron.

Some of the topics covered include: the Master Builder's geodetic markers; the Mazur, the Stone of God and the Emerald Tablets of Thoth; the Pyriethum and the Suna (Grail) Apis; the Hall of Records; Earth's second Sun (soon to be); the Archangel Stone, and more!


New Earth World Tree:

A new art piece that Maia created depicting the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine roles in the New Earth and our transition into that Ascended Reality. She provides a short interpretation of the art and how it relates to the concept of type I and II World Systems as universal realities (we are type I becoming type II)

The New Avalon:

The "imprinting" of the Avalonic state through the transitional reality of Numis'OM and on into the New Earth Star - what will be the same and what will be changed, and why.

Ophar: an Intentional Community in Numis'OM:

A look at one of the "intentional communities" of Numis'OM - souls gathered for a common purpose. Ophar is within the umbrella of the Temple of Aramu - Thoth's "temple" consciousness. This article includes art and info on the Golden Jasmine Crystals or suuvya, which form the capstone upon the "Doma" of this dynamic.

The Lion's Gate:

A discussion of the Ascension relationships between the Attasic Universe, the Golden Star of Mazuriel, the constellations of Leo and Orion. Also, more Thothian cosmology and it's relationship to the New Earth Star.

The Scarab Initiations:

Information on the Scarab Initiations of ancient Egypt and how they worked with the nine energy bodies recognized by the ancient Egyptians. There is a special psionic artwork attunement image and suggested process provided for working with these initiations today.

Christ in the Old and New Earth:

A look at how Yeshua and other Masters will transition into the New Earth and their roles in the ascended reality. This article brins forward some older information from an unpublished manuscript of Maia's entitled "Christ in the Earth."

Heart-Speak from Thoth:

A good assortment of questions in this issue from people around the globe! I welcome readers to ask questions of Thoth in this section for future issues. If your questions are chosen to be presented to Thoth the answers then appear in a subsequent issue! These are questions with relevance to planetary trasnformation, ascension and or of a scope that they relate to the processes a lot of people are engaged with, they are not personal questions.

This is the interactive aspect of Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron, an etheric and virtual community of souls from around the globe wishing to explore deeper mysteries with the Illuminary Thoth and myself.

Topics covered in this issue include: the Earth and Venus in the ascended reality; the Sacred An or Ark of Grace; the Bosnia Pyramid; Earth's electro-magnetic zones; the Mushaba grids; the torus and World System II planets; Thoth's role in the New Earth and more!


The Pure Gem Universal Heart Crystal:

This article is based on the Thoth-concept of the "Pure Gem" body we evolve within the New Earth Star (and are evolving it on some levels now). Years ago, Thoth gave me the "Pure Gem Codex" - an esoteric, very symbolic work that is now in the Spirit Mythos Subscriber's Special Content Index, and once on that page it is in the "Sacred Codices and Oracles" section. Here is a direct link:

The Unwinding Spiral ~ Our Return (Sagittarius and the Milky Way):

Covers the recent discovery that the Earth is actually a part of the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy, which is merging with the Milky Way! Simeon devloped some insights around this and I take it to Thoth, who addresses it further, bringing forth some profound information concerning our true path in the heavens and on our spiritual path as a world system.

Venus, Melchizedek and the Heaven Houses:

I relate some information that I received akashically many years ago concerning the being, "Lord Melchizedek" coming from Venus to Lemuria, the "Supreme" Temple in Lemuria and it's 12 Heaven Houses representing the 12 signs of the zodiac.

The Isis Eye or Aeriopax and the New Earth:

The Isis Eye, also known as the Aeripoax sacred geometry, was revealed to me in the early 1990's. It is the major generator of the 44:44 planetary Ascension Stargate (not the stargate itself). I expand on the topic in this article, addressing more specifically it's "New Earth Star" dynamics and how we may use it as a tool for planetary and personal activation.

EYE Light Language and the Eye of Horus:

How Thoth uses the EYE as a point of merkabah (vehicle) transport into or between energy / cosmic systems. A process for working with this system personally or in a group is given.

Dynamics of the 44:44 StarGate

Planetary ascension dynamics given to me by Thoth. While images and stages of this dynamic are on Spirit Mythos in the "New Earth Star" section and also appeared in several articles in Temple Doors in 1997, I felt Numis'OM subscribers should have the over-all outline all in one place as well.

Thoth on Astrology and the New Earth Hologram:

Astrology in our current incarnations is not as definitive to our nature as it once was, as we develop the New Earth Star Hologram.

The Golden Star of Mazuriel:

This is major "golden star" in the Attasic or non-dualistic universe that is our true HOME - even beyond the New Earth Star - for all souls of this universe.

Fire and Water Mysteries ~ Initiations of the New Earth Hologram:

The basic Initiations of the New Earth Hologram, which the Christ Yeshua taught us as the Mysteries of Water and Fire. An understanding of the true principles of this Mystery and how it is "unveiled" within us.

Heart-Speak from Thoth:

An onging column where people write and ask Thoth questions to clarify or expand upon information he has given, and at times which open up entirely new avenues of exploration. This is the "interactive" and "co-creative" aspect of my "Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron" quaterly e-pub.

Topics covered in this issue are: "string theory," the sacred "arks," and "hyperspace tetrahedrons."




Numis'OM, the Aramu Temple of Thoth and the Shamballah Gate:

Thoth enlightens us in this article as to what his Temple of Aramu is actually like and gives the reader something they can relate to in order to better attune to this high-level Illumined Retreat. The Temple of Aramu sits within the vibrational reality of Numis'OM, which is a transitional reality between where we are now and the New Earth Star ascended reality.

Additionally, the nature and function of the Shamballah Gate and the Eye of Metatron are revealed along with the seed forms of the new Earth known as the Lotus Loci and their Lotus Stalk dynamic.

Numis'OM and the Venus Gate:

An exploration into the relationship between the transitional reality of Numis'OM and the Venus Gate which opened on June 8, 2004 and will complete on June 6, 2012. The Venus Gate is defined by a pair of Venus transits of the Sun which are spaced at almost excatly 8 years apart. The article describes how our collective passage through this Venus Gate is preparing us for 2012 and beyond.

The Star Lions of Numis'OM:

Keying off of the book "The Lion People - Intercosmic Messengers from the Future" by Murry Hope Maia Christianne elaborates on the nature and purpose of these beings in Numis'OM, and thei role embodied as white Lions in the current Earth. Maia channels information on these beings from Idoris, a Lion-headed Sirian Sun-Lord.

A Sacred Sun-Lion Shield artwork was also channeled and created by Maia for attunement purposes and appears here in this article.

The Moon's Gate:

The Moon's Gate is a specific dynamic within the stone complex at Stonehenge. This article provides a little backrgound information and a guided meditation to work with the Moon's Gate for personal and planetary transformation.

Heart-Speak from Thoth:

A question and answer exchange between Maia, Simeon and Thoth to get this regular column off to a start. Some of the topics covered include the most important thing one needs to know about entering into this group matrix with Thoth and us, an update on planetary ascension energetics affecting your conscious life reality including the "idokii" or Dragon's Breath now emanating from our Sun.


Window in the Sky - Rapa Nui:

Maia takes a look at the sacred mysteries of Easter Island and how they relate to the Zumir, the lion-headed ones of Sirius, complete with recent photos taken on Easter Island.

Walking with the Star Lions ~ a Shamanic Journey:

a furtherance of the article entitled "The Star Lions of Numis'OM" which appeared in our first introductory issue. The article opens with correlations between Thoth's information and that which Linda Tucker relates in her book "Mystery of the White Lions, Children of the Sun God."

This article then moves to take a closer look at the "Star Lions of the Light Fields." These Light Fields are those which create the web of inter-connectedness to the New Earth Star, and the Star Lions of Numis'OM are intimately inter-connected with them. Being attuned into this field of awareness can be helpful to the ascension process.

We then get to take a peek into the internal dynamics associated with the Temple of the Lion in Numis'OM. Here is revealed the inter-relatedness between the Golden Star of Mazuriel, the Constellation of Orion, Numis'OM, Star Lions and Unicorns!

And finally Maia takes you on a guided Shamanic Journey with the Star Lions and introduces you to two of the Star Lion beings she has been interacting with in Numis'OM of late!

Divine Grace, Avalon, Numis'OM and Para Prakriti:

Herein Simeon offers you a look at the correlations between these different realms. Divine Grace is very prominent within all of them and the New Earth Star [NES]. An understanding of Divine Grace relative to the ascension process is revealed and how this incredible blessing of God-Spirit-Source will launch us collectively into the NES at ascension time.

Some helpful hints on how to align yourself to this greater flow and how it relates to the Heart Ascension are also imparted. This is a fairly in-depth article that I know will be helpful in pulling together a number of pieces of the puzzle for many.

Crop Circles ~ the New Breed:

Maia speaks to a surprising new trend in Crop Circles that speaks to the heart of what Thoth calls "True Transformational Principle." I can't say much more without ruining the surprise!

The Ascension Ankh:

Maia received a special Ankh energy and archetype to help facilitate our ascension processes during some sacred work we were doing together. She reveals this stunning and unusual ankh, offers it as an art image to all subscribers for free, and elaborates on its significance as a symbol and an energetic dynamic.

Heart-Speak from Thoth:

A regular section in Numis'OM ~ Eye of Metatron. After the first issue was released we had a number of questions submitted on various topics relating mostly to the ascension process. These questions are answered herein by Thoth and Simeon who adds some further input from his own knowledge and awareness on some of the topics.


The New World:

Information on the differing levels of temple structure within Numis'OM and how they relate to the movement from World System I to World System II. This includes some information on Lemurian terminology for these differing world systems and the astounding revelation about mutliple groupings each of twenty-nine world systems!

The New Tree of Life / Serpent Rope:

The new Tree of Life and how it interconnects our world with the New Earth Star. This discussion takes the reader back to some previous information we published in 1995 about the Metatronic Spiral, the Red Serpent, Blue Serpent and role of tetratryons.

The Council of the Seventh Flame:

The name is fairly explanatory. This brief article includes both a mantram and an image for attunement to the Council of the seventh Flame which holds the core matrix for Numis'OM as a stepping into the New Earth Star.

Star Eagles / Star Hawks ~ Children of Divine Rayship:

Information on these non-physical beings that interact with the nine Divine Rays of Numis'OM, which are also named and described herein. Description of how these beings at times incarnate on earth as Children of the Divine Rays to facilitate planetary transformation and some examples of well-known personages and their lineages in this streaming.

The Power of Pure Being:

A journey through the dynamics of Pure Being and some tips and techniques for increasingly experiencing this state of being.

Heart-Speak from Thoth:

Thoth speaks directly to some readers questions as usual. Topics addressed are: the possibility of many evolutionary pathways, multiple universes, eternal or temporal evolution, the serpent aspects of the goddess and the Seven Veils of the Temple of Solomae and their relationship to the Seven Flames of Numis'OM.