The Burying of the 12 O'pah Symbols

On June 7th, 2004 (day before the actual Venus Transit, yet in the "light shadow" of that transit) in a sacred process at the Haleakala crater on Maui, we buried 12 small, folded sheets of hand-made paper containing sacred words that were sealed with wax at the foot of Mt. Sinai in the Sinai Desert in 1989. The imprint in the waxen seals of these 12 papers is from a Silver Seal which I had crafted in 1976 in Carmel, California at the request of my mentor, Thoth Raismes. I was told at the time that the Silver Seal would eventually be buried.

In 1989 I entrusted the seal to a spiritual colleague, Estrella, who took it with her on a sacred journey to seal the papers at Sinai with the Silver Seal and then bury that Seal in the desert there. Thoth requested that I keep the returned, sealed papers for a "future time." That time arrived on June 7th, 2004. Along with the sealed papers, several small stones will be buried at Haleakala, one of them from the site of "Masada" in the Dead Sea region of Israel. The Masada plateau is the anchoring location of the future city of Korbolla [app. 7,000 CE], which is the main entry point of the Templa Mar Matrix into this space-time dimension. Many of you will recall we did the 6th anchoring of a Templa Mar node in Topanga, CA [near LA] back on 7/703.

In 1997 we anchored one of the Templa Mar nodes at the Kileauea crater on the Big Island of Hawaii. While the process at Haleakala will not be a node anchoring, it will be an activation of the entire Templa Mar Matrix.

From a recent Merkabah of the Host transmission I received

"With the delivery of the 12 seals (sealed light coded papers) to Haleakala, so the path is opened between the Hawaiian/Maui/future City of Light associated with Haleakala, Hawaii and the Sinai/Dead Sea/Korbala future City of Light associated with Masada, Israel. The Guardians of the House of the Sun (Haleakala) await this arrival. They will open the gates for you. Once the spontaneous sacred process is complete, draw a circle (the sun) around what has been interred and then OPEN THE CIRCLE facing WEST and EAST. This will create a corridor going from west to east (and vice-versa)."

The Opening of the Seals

On June 7th, 2004, I and my companions, Estrella, AN and Simeon climbed down through mists and jungle ferns onto the rim of the Haleakala crater--the largest dormant volcano in the world. Bringing the sealed symbols from the Sinai to Haleakala through a linear passage of 15 years brought about powerful feelings of both completion and new beginnings for me. As we opened each seal to reveal the images within which I had drawn in silver ink onto the blue, handmade paper (donated for this purpose), I felt an incredible charge go throughout my body, yet centering profoundly in the heart. I knew then, that it was now time to understand more about these symbols and realized that their journey had only just begun.

It has consequently been revealed to me that these 12 symbols which were given to me to transcribe upon the papers in 1989, are the O'PAH, meaning the Sphere or Circle of Light that calls new creations into existence. The word is of the aloii, which is the First Language, first brought to the life of sound from the impulses of the brain in the most ancient days of Lemuria. O'pah is the Sound in it's first forming out of the mouth of the Elohim (Creation Lords). This "first forming" is not sound. It is the etheric pattern that precedes the sound. . . the DESIRE that is then made manifest in the WORD. The O'pah is spherical, like a swirling bubble containing the etheric Desire Breath that proceeds into the second form, which is the Manifest Breath. As the O'pah gathers intent through desire, so the sphere-breath becomes more radiant with divine luminescence. When a human reaches into the heart-seed of his/her being and touches that kernel of love and devotion to the God-ness of all things, so the O'pah - the Desire Breath - is released. This is the beginning of a New Creation in the universe. Seedling light veins are formed that connect to the O'pah of many other souls. In this way a "body" or star merkabah will eventually form to shine forth in the heavens. The entire process is of course, vast and complex in arrangement of it's components, but this is the end result.

The Elohim or "Creation Lords" are universal intelligences who are beyond what we understand as individual souls, for they incorporate "soul-ness" into a broader spectrum of awareness. Yet THEY are US, for we all create O'pah that join together. The Elohim simply form deeper connections into the strands we offer them through the sacred geometry within the pulses of our DNA. As humanity moves closer to the center of the Desire Breath, so we become the new evolutionary level of Creation Lords, merging our soul-ness with a more expanded band of Awareness.

The O'pah symbols then, are keynote triggers that can act upon our head brains and heart brains and quicken even deeper responses within the crystals of the DNA. They are intended to facilitate the Desire Breath for those who meditate with them. There are 12, for there are 12 "Movements" of the Desire Breathe and 12 main meridians that are stimulated in the DNA to create the O'pah. These 12 meridians come out of 12 crystalline geometries within the DNA, which in the aloi'i language is called the IvI. I choose to spell this with a capital "I" at both ends as I see the alo'ii glyph for these crystalline geometries as "IvI." The two "columns" (I I) with the inverted open-ended triangle (v) in the center. The 12 IvI crystalline geometries or "crystals" are vibrating merkabic thresholds of Light which form the creation patterns for our energy merkabahs, inclusive of the physical body. As the IvI spin the connective threads, which at the meeting points are revealed to us as our human form and energy systems, so the Desire Breath is inhaled and exhaled by the whole being. The IvI and the O'pah then, are the KEY Resonators for all Life. Life not only as we witness it from this reality, but the complete energy/light geometries of the living being from it's point of divine inception at SOURCE.

The purpose of creating a linking on the planet between the Sinai/Dead Sea and Haleakala on Maui is significant, and I will touch upon it only briefly here. In essence, these two nodes on the planet contain major "Cities of Light" along the "future" timeline of earth. As these two points received the imprint of the O'pah Symbols, so they joined forces in a new pattern of breath for the planet, opening the way to the 44:44 Stargate. The 44:44 Stargate is simply a term being used to signify the doorway to Full Realization of OUR TRUE COMPOSITION AND BEINGNESS IN THE UNIVERSE.

To place the significance of the O'pah Seals into perspective, they could look differently than they do. The images chosen however, were from the original "Book of Breaths" or Hau'te ka le of Lemuria. These symbols were chosen by my Illumined Mentor, Thoth as they have a powerful charge from past association with the 12 "Movements" of Desire Breath.

I have now been asked to release these symbols on the Internet so that they may stream through that energy resource out into the world. I took photographs of them at the site where we buried the O'pah papers on Haleakala, just after the seals were broken open and just before they were laid into their earthen nest to be returned to the soil. This gave them a quickening which was transferred into my digital camera and imprinted onto each of the photographs.

The 12 Lemurian crystals radionically charged (in an SE-5) with the 12 Opah Seals

The now unsealed papers being placed on top of the crystals inside the burial hole

The burial site of the O'pah Seals and their crystals

The 12 O'pah Seals

An Interesting Footnote

Venus Transit info (off this website)

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