Meditational Attunement Tools
Energy Transmission Art

I am blissed out by the beauty of the transmissions...What a wondrous 'gift' you have created for this Ascension, Maia. I feel I've barely begun to receive any kind of communicable information as it's all so overwhelming! - Mikah Starwalker

(writing about the art on Spirit Mythos) I have felt awesome every since I wrote to you earlier today. I have been sick since last Monday and just started feeling better this morning. Then I went to your website and bam! I have all kinds of energy and feel great. What is going on? Don't get me wrong, it feels great. I have no aches or pains or anything. I told my kids and they looked at me like I had lost my mind. Do these have healing powers? I can even breath deeper, if that is possible. - Leana


current selection of Meditational Attunement Tools (screensaver format)