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The Talika
The Soul's Incarnational Journey through Matter
akashic material by Maia, with "process" contributed by Simeon Nartoomid
from issue 4 - 1996 of Temple Doors (TD-9604)


The information in this article was received from the akashic records, most specifically those Thoth calls the ‘Records of Thoth', along with his ever-present overlighting. It discusses the Talika, which was an ancient name for the study of the hierarchal stages of the soul's descent into, and journey through matter via reincarnation. The Talika does not address all manner of soul / matter / spirit integration and cohesion, but only the processes of those souls involved in incarnational process.

The first stage of the sacred procedure of the Talika is activated from the iid. You can visualize the iid as a pyramid shaped energy system that is in and of itself an intelligence. This intelligence is composed of the consciousness of highly evolved beings in the universe that are known to us through Biblical interpretation as ‘Elohim'. The Elohim are the ‘worker bees' of the Creation Universe. The Creation Universe is the matrix in which all other universes, including our own, are given the Light mathematical codes for existence. So the iid then, is an energy-pyramid containment field for the highly evolved intelligence and consciousness of the universal builders, or Elohim, of the Creation Universe.

The iid intelligence is in constant symbiotic contact with all souls in all universes. It therefore is what you might call the command center for the evolutionary experiential flow of all souls. This concept may be staggering to our linear way of thinking, but we must understand that the incredible number of souls involved means nothing to the greater realities which move within the One Consciousness. As Thoth has told me, "Only the matter-bound must count the sheep to know how many there are or where they pasture." The iid is at one with every single ‘sheep'. Yet each soul is very individualistic in its incarnational passage as it moves into realms that separate, distinguish, select and individuate all experience. The soul must become one among many in order to find its way back to the eternality of the One. The iid evaluates this individual process and creates pathways into matter realities for each soul. As all souls stem from the One, in order to move forward in cohesion with such a process as reincarnation and not create chaos, and thus even further separation from Source, the iid uses Light code bonding to bring souls together into units that are able to ‘fit' with other units, similar to a child's building blocks, until all souls are ultimately linked through families. Through this giant family tree all is still one within the greater template, with the more extreme divisions taking place only in the final resolutions of the matter experience.

The iid is continually cognizant of the Light codes in all stages of the soul's evolution, or what we would define as past, present and future, and it then links that soul to its unit or grouping of souls. Souls will eventually become part of different units as they evolve, but only when they reach levels far beyond those available upon the Earth. In other words, souls incarnating on this planet have been and will be in the same soul unit throughout their ‘Earth' experience. To clarify this a bit further, there are many soul groupings present within the Earth experience, but the souls that belong to them will remain so during their incarnational sojourn here. There are exceptions to this rule, but they are extremely rare and elaborate, and are not within the immediate scope of this article.

Before continuing we must differentiate a true soul unit of the iid called a satii, meaning ‘Light cocoon', and that of a lesser grouping of souls called a manéka, who have collected on the inner-planes and incarnate to ‘work out' a karmic scenario. This latter soul assembly is an expedient gathering which is temporary in our linear way of thinking, and being of karmic circumstance the manéka is not always perfectly aligned to the greater evolution. In one karmic grouping several different manéka are very likely to be represented.

Now let us move further into the incarnating pattern. A non-incarnated aspect of a soul is the magna soul. The magna itself does not enter human experience, at least not with its entire containment field. It projects a beam or ray of its energy down into a physical biosystem as a lesser representation of its being. While most souls on Earth experience but one physical embodiment in a specific time zone, there are souls which will beam into two or more embodiments within the same linear time frame, or into parallel realities. Thus, a magna could be reaping incarnational experience in China, North America and France, all in the same period. This form of incarnational integration is called ambionic. Singular incarnation in a given linear time zone is introphic. A soul may have several introphic incarnational journeys, and then experience a series of ambionic ones. This would be due to either a decision to adjust karmic stability with greater rapidity, or to the soul assuming a specific type of incarnational role for planetary transformational purposes. In the latter the soul would be returning to ground Light mathematical codes that can aid the planet as a whole by anchoring in more than one locale and scenario in the same time zone. Most souls are usually inclined to be either introphic or ambionic in their incarnational patterns rather than being able to fluidly move between these two types of incarnational experiences. This inclination is paragenetically (simply put, paragenetics are the genetics of the soul, while genetics are those of the physical form) transferred from the satii of that soul, determined by the inherent Light codes of its origin. This does not necessarily mean that a soul inclined to the ambionic incarnational experience will always incarnate within it, but that they will do so with greater frequency than a soul which is not paragenetically in resonance with that field to the same degree.

Another type of incarnational pattern is called diatronic, meaning that the souls within this field are multi-dimensionally dispersed in their incarnating cycles. Very few souls incarnating on Earth are involved in diatronic experience. A soul may be both ambionically and diatronically inclined however, thus they will tend to not only incarnate with multiplicity in one time zone, but in various dimensions or planes of being also which are linked to that time zone. This falls into a another complex format which we will not venture into in this article, but can give the following information for clarity.

For each ‘point' in time, there are multiple referencing strands or links, which connect to other realms of experience. These links are formed when that point in time contains information that is related or relevant to the ‘other' dimension. This sets up matrices which hold other viable states for souls to experience incarnationally. As an example, let us follow the incarnational pattern of magna soul ‘A'. It beams into two separate life presences within the same time zone as embodiments ‘1' and ‘2'. But it also moves diatronically into five alternate realities which link to that same time zone. In these alternate realities, this soul is living on Earth in various parallel embodiments. Yet these ‘Earth' sojourns are not in the same dimension of reality as embodiment 1 and 2. Such a consideration shakes the very foundation of what we consider ‘real', of what we know as ‘history' and of how we relate to our reality. The incarnational experiences which magna soul  ‘A' elicits in the diatronic experience, are just as vital and as real as are the ones it creates in the ambionic as embodiment 1 and 2, or even the introphic should it have chosen that experience.

Souls most likely to experience diatronic type incarnations are those who have taken upon themselves the roles of serving the greater holistic universes through the process of gathering the organizational Light mathematical codes and patternings which have become scattered during various stages of the ‘Fall' from Grace. In incarnating diatronically, the soul is able to bring these ‘pieces' into a cohesive unit of consciousness and redirect that consciousness back to Source. There are other reasons for souls to experience occasional diatronic incarnations, such as having been caught up in certain interdimensional vortices as a result of playing too close to the edge of time distortions.

Now we approach another possible area of incarnational experience which is that of ‘soul layering' or ‘latticing'. Several souls which are usually, but not always, from the same satii or soul unit will sometimes share incarnational experience within one biological system, i.e. a singular human being. This is called soul latticing. In this situation there will only be one ‘body soul', which is the soul actually projected into the physical system. The other souls which lattice to the body soul connect energetically and etherically to the biosystem through that soul. It is somewhat like a sky diving team holding hands in a formation as they drop through space. One wrong move and the whole formation would become imbalanced and possibly perish. Similarly, the soul ‘team' in the lattice must maintain specific balance patterns, beginning with the number and arrangement of the souls in the lattice. In the Earth's incarnational flow within our present stage of planetary evolution, the number of souls in a lattice must be three, five or seven. The arrangement of souls in a lattice is accomplished in consciousness through a particular relationship to one another, and although it is not a spatial relationship it aligns to sacred geometric design through orientation with its spatial flow.

How then, do the laws of cause and effect work within such a multiple system of decision-making and action in a latticed soul experience? The body soul generally makes decisions that are in the greatest degree of polarity, such as what to eat, wear, like, dislike, fear, etc. These are choices stemming from the emotions of the lower magnetic body. The body soul is the closest link to this force field, and therefore the most interactive with it. The higher on the totem pole of the lattice the soul is in order of arrangement, the greater the spiritual recursion present and acted upon. This recursion is a fine-tuning system which forms a movement up and down the pillar of connectiveness between all the latticed souls including the body soul. This hierarchical staging allows these souls to work in harmony, each tending a separate patch of the garden.

Obviously this type of arrangement requires a high calibration of Spirit-to-matter synchronicity. This means that most of the souls in the lattice are rather highly evolved in order to perform the dance. But not all of the souls layered need be so evolved, at least one is often a less aware soul who has reached the threshold of the greater experience and is being given an opportunity to advance by linking into a commanding matrix of master soul experience.

Usually latticed soul experiences are those which have a highly visible profile such as Merlin. Merlin was a five soul lattice, with Thoth as one of these entities. On rare occasions, souls which are spiritually ‘disabled' will also be allowed to lattice. The disabled souls are beings which were once highly evolved, but have since become distortions of their original presence; thus they can still maintain a semblance of a lattice structure, but it is always quite far out of balance as compared to a ‘healthy' synergistic latticing.

Because most soul latticed embodiments are high-profile individuals, they usually become archetypes. As archetypes, many other souls can identify with them and the Divine characteristics they represented. For this reason the soul latticed embodiment or personality will often have numerous souls within its field of radiance feeding from its incarnational experience, although they are not able to affect or alter that evolution. These feeding souls are in direct archetypal receipt of that life experience. Even in situations where an embodiment is creating an archetype through its incarnational experience which is the result of a singular soul and not a soul latticed arrangement, a band of archetypal ‘groupies' will generally still gather in the field of radiance. Thoth in his best known incarnation as same, was a singular soul and not a soul lattice, yet he is also a very strong archetypal being, and as such has a band of souls who strongly identify with him generally known now as ‘The Children of Thoth'.

Soul latticing and archetypal identifications can explain the phenomenon whereby several different people may recall or akashically read different souls having been incarnated as the same person. For instance, in the New Age community it is common for individuals to receive information for themselves or others that indicates an embodiment as Mary Magdalene. Most of these persons who are convinced that they, or someone they have read for, were Mary Magdalene are experiencing the archetypal identification with her true soul experience. This is a very profound feeling, for those souls did indeed ‘feel' through her being a certain resonance with their own soul path at the time of her incarnation, and they thus retain that feeling and bonding in their soul memory. One or two of these persons who believe themselves to have once been Mary of Magdalene, were possibly part of her soul lattice and thus really were ‘incarnated' as Mary. Most people in this age are not capable of the finer discernment necessary to distinguish between a past singular incarnation or lattice incarnation as a specific personage, or to be able to discern an actual incarnation from an archetypal identification with a separate incarnated being or beings. This inability to distinguish such subtle differences is also present for many who read the akashic for others. However, if the one receiving the information does so without egoic attachment, it is not important whether he or she actually lived in the past as Mary Magdalene. It is the essence of the information that should become aligned to his / her spiritual quest. This essence is that his / her soul has a strong spiritual connection to the principles exemplified in the life of Mary of Magdalene.

Now we move on to the category known throughout the metaphysical community as ‘walk-ins'. Walk-ins are identified as souls which have traded places upon agreement with a soul currently inhabiting a body. Thus as the current body soul leaves, the new ‘tenant' enters. The switch is made, and the individual feels suddenly different and not at all who they were before, although they will retain most memory in the cellular consciousness of that physical life prior to their entry into it. According to Thoth, such walk-in experiences do occur, however they happen with far less frequency than presently believed.

It is assumed that souls trade places in a specific embodiment when both are dissatisfied with their current situation. The current body soul is not able to fully do its work in that lifetime, and wishes to move on, and the disincarnate soul is in a hurry to become physical for its own purposes, not wishing to go through the tedious stages of birth and maturing. Thoth tells us that this is not so. If such an exchange of realms were allowed to take place exclusively because of these aforementioned reasons, souls would be in constant exchange, playing musical chairs to the extent that no karmic resolution would be possible. Walking-in, or what Thoth prefers to call absolam meaning to ‘pass through', is dictated through the command center or iid, as a means for balancing an entire grid of soul placement. When these grids become imbalanced due to karmic saturation, certain tensions must be released through a re-ordering process. Often this requires rapid transitional methods. In the light of this purpose, there are points upon the grids which become energetically de-centralized. This allows a more highly evolved soul to assume the embodiment of one which is in a lesser evolutionary state, so that the grid-point that embodiment is holding may become more rapidly activated.

A ‘walk-in' of the 1st kind takes place when a soul not previously in the current incarnation comes into the body as the former soul moves out for the above mentioned purposes. However, in a soul-lattice there is a variation of this in a 2nd kind experience, where a soul may move into a lattice in which it was not previously incarnated, without any of the other latticed souls moving out at all.

If walk-ins are rarer than we have assumed, then what is it that so many people are experiencing which they mistake for this condition? There are several different dynamics which can produce effects that will simulate within the mental / emotional experience of the individual the same conditions of a walk-in experience. As previously discussed, souls on rare occasion do change places within the current soul-lattice causing a perceptible difference in the persona of the individual and their actualization of enlightened consciousness. This latter is not truly a ‘walk-in' since all souls in the soul-lattice are incarnate together in that one embodiment, no matter what formation they may currently be assuming within it, but it can be mistaken for an absolam experience.

Another possibility is simply a quantum burst in consciousness at some higher level, after which the individual feels it must be a new soul that has entered their body. This is usually coupled with a strong sub-conscious desire to leave behind the identity and perceived mistakes of the past, as well as to become a new and ‘better' being instantly.

A further similar dynamic that is often confused with walking-in is when an individual accepts a greater part of Self into the body to be integrated, this is an even larger movement than a ‘quantum burst in consciousness' at higher levels. One does not need to be a part of a soul lattice to have this experience. Remember, a singular soul is but a beam or ray projection of a much more complex magna soul. Each soul projection perceives only a certain amount of its true dimension, and that amount is dependent on its karmic restrictions. Any time some of the major restrictions are lifted, the soul will feel greatly expanded and reborn. They will often not have the same likes and dislikes they did before. They will gain in expanded perception and in some cases exhibit talents they did not previously possess. They will very often feel a great disassociation from the personality they projected before this expansion occurred. None of these movements should be discredited and are just as viable in the process of soul evolution as is the walk-in. More so in fact, since the walk-in is only a re-adjustment of an original movement rather than a smooth evolutionary progression forward.

Another condition about which there has been a great deal of discussion, is that of multiple personalities. This too, has its niche in the topic of soul function. According to Thoth, there are actually two forms of this condition, but before discussing them we need to understand the dynamic behind the effect. We have stated in this article, that a magna soul is a complex system. It is ‘one' soul in comparison to a satii which is a soul grouping containing phase-matching Light codes, or a soul lattice which are souls connecting through one body, yet the magna soul can register many different facets of expression through the human field of cognizance if plumbed deeply enough. Drugs can do this artificially, wreaking havoc within the association patterns of the brain that create logical conduits for deciphering the magna soul through its projection into the biosystem. Also, great and /or prolonged trauma can cause a breakdown of the natural filter between the magna soul and its projected form in the host. This filter allows an individual personality to develop and evolve, based on its gradual expansion of the magna soul consciousness into the brain-mind complex. In some instances, trauma can cause the soul-ray to try desperately to be released back to its magna ‘womb'. It is liken unto a deep sea diver, running out of air in his portable tank, swimmingly frantically for the surface before his lungs collapse. Multiple personalities result when the ray tries to return to the magna. Of course, death would release the ray, but the human psychology does not so easily surrender to the premature abandonment of the body. More often, it will try other tactics to hide or escape, while still holding onto the incarnating vehicle. Thus, as the ray attempts to become re-absorbed into its magna soul, it must force its way rapidly through the filter. Within the layers of this filter, are many unexpressed facets of self which the soul has not chosen to fully project into its conscious personality. These facets are sub-personalities which have compartmentalized away from the main streaming of soul-to-matter association in the brain-. When the filter becomes overstimulated by the soul-ray's desperate attempt to break through it and return to the magna, the filter simply crashes at one or more levels, like a computer fed too many programs. This releases some of the compartmentalized sub-personalities into the conscious mind. Since the conscious mind cannot act out so many personalities at once, it stores them in the sub-conscious for periodic release. Their individual surfacing is determined by outer stimuli affecting the emotional body. The soul has then created a ‘barrier' between its emotional pain and the outside world. It has simulated the satii, the soul family through which it can now delegate feelings as necessary to each member capable of dealing with those particular emotions and situations. This of course, is a form of mental breakdown, and not to be considered a real solution to the problem.

Some souls who have undergone acute trauma not only in the current lifetime but in past incarnations, will contain far more compartmentalized sub-personalities than someone with a less intense karmic background. In their individual compartments, these sub-personalities are very basic. They contain the essence of a potential personality. Once they are released into the sub-conscious and conscious systems, they must be given a full-blown ‘identity' by the mind in order to relate to the rest of the mental being. This identity will invariably come from past and even future life experiences, which can include incarnations in other dimensions (diatronic). A single sub-personality may contain bits and pieces from several past / future lives patch worked together to form the current compartmentalized entity. This is the most straight-forward form of multiple personalities. A greater deviation is that of ‘possession', when completely autonomous disincarnate souls within the lower astral regions attach to these compartmentalized sub-personalities in an attempt to control them and experience through them. They will merge into those personalities that resonate with their own karmic fields.

Thoth has given us the following analogy to summarize the formation and activity of compartmentalized sub-personalities, and the subsequent possible activities of attaching or possessing entities: A troop of soldiers, once a tight and efficient system that could think and act as one body come into contact with the enemy. A great battle ensues and the troop becomes scattered. Many soldiers are wounded and some are killed. They now lie in all manner of twisted shapes and conditions across the battle field. They are no longer a confident force. Instead they are in pain, frightened and crying. They are without direction and feel totally alone and separate. They each begin to forget they were ever One. Then upon the field come the vagrants, who snatch and tear at their clothes and valuables. The wounded are too weak to resist. They allow the vagrants to take up their garments and wear them as their own.

The condition of multiple personalities escaping from the barrier of mind to invade the holistic being, is a grave dysfunction of the soul / body system. However, the principle of expanding emotional senses through various stages of identifying one's own compartmentalization can be worked with in a very positive way by both mentally healthy individuals and those in dire need of re-grouping their scattered sub-personalities. Coming into cognizance of and drawing upon the compartments through spiritual awareness in a process of releasing all guilt and fear associated with these personality essences, is a good exercise for cleansing and re-balancing the soul as an incarnating entity, and becoming a more fully integrated being in the present embodiment.

A procedure for working in this dynamic:

As has been stated in the previous information on the Talika, sub-personalties are really not true ‘personalities' as we understand them. They are fragmented essences of the soul's attempt to integrate with its life experience. As these personality essences attach themselves to various aspects of our behavior, they often find an unbalanced venting into the larger personality. In extreme cases, outwardly displayed multiple personalities may result.

Sub-personalities need expression in the conscious mind in order to merge with the holistic system each incarnated human being contains. How do we then, allow this expression to take place? First we must acknowledge that these sub-systems are not separate from us. They may be incomplete passages of Spirit, but they are parts of our very being in various levels of experience on Earth. Secondly, we need to recognize that in order for the sub-personalities to express into the conscious mind, we must be willing to earnestly communicate with them. This means that we must speak to these portions of ourselves as openly as we would have them speak to us. The ‘language' is in our heart, the bond we share with all aspects of our nature. The communion is given substance through the soul's ability to know all time as one, and thus all incarnations and experiences of that soul and not just the current embodiment. Since the soul carries awareness in the higher mind that it is in the process of reincarnation in many time frames and possibly dimensions simultaneously, so it shares that knowledge with all the compartmentalizations that have formed as a result of its attempts to integrate with the sub-personality essences. In doing this, these essences may draw from past and future lifetimes of that soul in order to evolve the essence into a true function of the whole persona. In this knowledge the key to the door between our conscious mind and the compartments of our fractured being may be found.

The Process

You may wish to record this process on a tape so that you create your own self guided visualization which would free your mind up more completely for the process itself.

1) Lie down on your back in a comfortable and relaxed position. Do some deep breathing while visualizing an image or scene that brings you a sense of comfort and belonging.

Feel yourself floating, very relaxed and tranquil, with a silver cord attached from you to a central point or image in your visualized scene.

Think and feel yourself moving outward from this scene, yet you are safely attached to it and able to return at any moment, simply by desiring to do so. The intent here is not to have an out-of-body experience, so insert the intentional ‘command' that you will stay in-body and yet be able to travel freely through your own inner spaces.

2) As you move outward, ahead you sense a destination. Ask that your course be set toward a lifetime either in your past or future, in which a personality essence of your soul that you are not consciously aware of is most prominently expressed. Request that this essence clothed in a past or future life be the one you are now ready to experience and integrate into your holistic persona.

Before we move further into this process, certain factors should be clarified. The intention here is to find what the personality essence is trying to express in your current lifetime through the outer garment of a past or future life. Thus, as you interact with these past / future lifetimes, it is important to keep focused on your true ‘mission', which is integration of Self in the current time frame. To do this, you will need to see past the outer dynamics of whatever life experience is presented to you. Your insight must be honed to find the aspect of that sojourn which is registering in your current embodiment as an incomplete and thus compartmentalized essence.

3) You have now been presented with a glimpse of a past or future lifetime in which the current fractured essence prevails. You may be given only one event out of the whole life experience, or you may see a basic unfolding of the complete lifetime. Understand that you will be shown whatever most reveals the essence which you are seeking. If a basic picture of the whole life expression is viewed, then you will be alerted to the fact that the essence is distributed throughout the lifetime somewhat equally. If you are given one or several specific moments in that life scroll, then those are the points in which the essence is most intensely demonstrated.

The personality essence you are pursuing through the maze will probably have several lifetimes in which it plays a prominent role in the soul's journey. For the sake of expediency, you do not need to tap every one of these lives. Ask only to be shown the one or two in which the essence is most accessible to you.

4) Keep a second tape recorder handy as you travel through this encounter. Speak whatever you see and feel. Ask repeatedly to be shown the aspect of that life which has become trapped as an incomplete essence in your current experience. Peel away the layers until you find the core, the seed; that part of yourself which is being more fully expressed in the past or future, and is in the present locked away in a small dark room of your lower self. When you can feel it in your heart center, you have made contact with the essence. What you think about it is not important, you must feel it in your heart. When your heart quickens, tingles and pulses, you will know you have touched the essence which you are seeking. Once this sacred communion has been established, surround the feeling with absolute love and forgiveness, and ask it to come with you back into the present incarnation. Follow the silver cord back to your source-scene of original departure. Now move back into your present time frame and embodiment.

5) Bring the essence you brought back with you into the Light of your heart-mind. Visualize a brilliant White Light permeating the essence until it expands and surges into an equally radiant wave of bliss, piercing your heart like a golden arrow.

Open your eyes and smile. You have accepted another part of yourself into the fold.

After a successful retrieval and integration of a sub-personality, the work is still not completed. Each holistic being holds a strong lower self magnetic charge around the karmic field of that particular sub-personality. Once the essence or sub-personality is integrated into the greater persona, the magnetic imprint will still remain for awhile and can cause the newly retrieved essence to re-create itself within the compartmentalized, fractured being. Thus, it is important to be aware of where in your magnetic field or lower self, you are demonstrating a ‘phantom charge' of the old fractured essence. When you find these places within you, move into a heart-centering immediately, focusing the White Light into the cells and up through the crown of the head, beseeching all angelic and inner-plane mentors to aid you in releasing these phantom responses from your field.


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