"In May 2009 a major emanation from the Hunab-Ku, an unfathomably large intelligence in the center of the universe according to Mayan Cosmology, will inform a magnificent birth of cosmic proportions. This epoch period, the Mid-Point of the Sixth Day of the Galactic Underworld, gives humanity an unprecedented opportunity to cooperate with the forces of evolution to fulfill individual and collective purposes, and to create a sustainable world of harmony, abundance and balance with Nature. As with any birth, there is also death…death of that which is no longer supported by these new evolutionary energies. This article provides the background for this paradoxically auspicious and ominous moment, and what we can do personally and collectively to consciously participate in it."

Carl Johan Calleman,
Seattle, 9 Reed (April 14, 2009)

Below most perfectly expresses what I feel is the core truth of the "New Earth Star" reality and what I have dedicated by life to facilitate in all ways possible for me; through my akashic translations and communions with the Illumined One, ThothHorRa. - Maia Alaula Kamala
- April 19th, 2009

". . .one of the more profound insights from the genius and insight of the Mayans is this: the energies that give rise to our manifested world change along a divine plan with which we can consciously align, and that by doing so, we move into greater perfection with the divine plan. In other words, the world that was is not what informs a new world. What informs a new world and our new lives are powerful forces continually emanating from the inter-dimensional, creative core and Intelligence of the universe. The Big Bang should no longer be perceived as solely a historic event; rather, it is also the ultimate present moment, THE Holy Moment: the perpetual bringing forth of new Light from the Creative Heart and Mind of the living universe. By creating resonance with that Heart-Mind, we cooperate and thus quicken the cosmic plan of creation. This will be the core shared intention of the Rebirth Celebration Concordance: I AM resonating with the Creative Heart-Mind of the Living Universe. I AM the Creative Heart-Mind of the Living Universe. Inhale while looking up through the brow: I AM resonating with the Creative Heart-Mind of
the Living Universe."

Joseph R. Giove
San Francisco, April 14, 2009 (9 Reed)
Executive Director
Intention * Concordance * Harmony

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