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Angel, State of Being and Quantum Reality

In the context of Biblical myth and Qabbalic symbology, the Archangel Metatron is considered to be the most supreme of angelic beings, and is associated with the pinnacle of the Tree of Life, which is the sphere of Kether, the Crown.

He is seen as the highest of the "recording angels" in his capacity of maintaining the "eternal archives of the Lord." Therefore, Metatron is congruent with the Scribe of the Akashic, Thoth Hermes.

Mythically, there is the story that Metatron was originally the prophet Enoch, who was transformed into the Archangel by God.

His Latin name is 'Metator,', which means a guide or measurer. In the Soncino Zohar glossary, Metatron is described as the chief or head of the "world of creation," and also the "servant or the "body" of Shekinah (the divine feminine).

Form my akashic insights and communion with the Illumined Master, Thoth, the following on Metatron has been revealed to me.

In order to understand Metatron as an Archangel, it is necessary first to comprehend to some degree the constitution of an angelic being. According to my akashic and Thoth-engendered perspective, angelic beings are actually "Living Light Intelligences" radiating from the Heart Seed or Holy of Holies of the Unified Field of Divinity, which Thoth calls the "Attastic Universe." This "universe" is not a place "out there," but instead is within ALL. Their most visible effulgence is to be seen in the fiery light of the star-suns in our universe. The atomic power demonstrated in the solar systems is an outer shell effect of the angelic "Living Lights," sending their radiations out through the physical universes. Yet angels can also be "up close and personal." They are within us as well as in what we see in the heavens. They therefore whisper to our soul and stir our intuition. They motivate us and attract us to graceful acts and a deepening experience of our eternal connection to the All.

Archangels are the supreme movements in the angelic symphony of intelligent radiation. They define and execute the sacred geometry within our DNA that is constantly enfolding patterns into patterns of light-mathematics, transforming old worlds into new ones within the crystals of our star-born light.

Archangels are the "raytracers" of the universes. Raytracing is a computer graphics term. It is defined in the Bryce 5 User Manual as:

"An image synthesis technique by which a virtual beam of light is projected from a virtual camera into a 3D scene in order to evaluate shading and visibility. The virtual beam may be absorbed, reflected, or otherwise affected to some degree by every object it strikes. For instance, if it hist your sky, then a blue sky color ends up on that portion of your virtual 'film', your image. In this way, a final color is determined for each pixel in your image."

A raytracing archangel then, send signals or rays out from the Living Light matrix of the divine Heart Seed, striking the "image" (human / animal / flower, etc), which allows that being / thing to incorporate the signal into its "logic," lending a nuance, a coloring of the divine original tone or imprint upon whatever it is or is to become. Now, if we understand that the "archangel" is a mythic symbol of a true activity within the unified field of divinity (and is thus within the every aspect of the All), we can understand that we employ the Living Light encoding within our DNA to trigger "raytracing" of Heart Seed coloration throughout all of our perceptions and experience.

Angelics are Living Lights of intelligent surges from the center of the Heart Seed, but they can also take on the qualities of singular expression. They can therefor appear to us with human bodies and faces and communicate to us in ways that touch our mortality and raise us to experience the Eternal.

Thoth refers to Metatron as the "Archangel of Reflection." He is the clear pool through which the image gains brilliance as it absorbs its own countenance and becomes the Sacred Nothing. In other words, Metatron offers the soul the room with the best view, which is to see through it all and then to become it! (Which of course, we already ARE. We only lack the realization of our integration with the All.)

As a Light geometry, the Metatron is complete. It does not require an associative pattern in order to be. When a human being aligns to this same frequency–not requiring an identity in order to be At-One, then that person enters the complete spiral of the Metatron. Beyond this spiral lies the torus of the Attassic Universe: the All in All, undivided.

The essential Metatronic pattern in a 3D form is what is currently called the "Flower of Life" as seen engraved on the Osirian Temple in Egypt. Yet there are other, more advanced Light geometries of the Metatron.

I am currently involved in creating portraits of the four supreme Archangels: Metatron, Michael, Uriel and Gabriel. I am choosing to depict them in human form as they appear to me, and then also to create a Light geometry version for each as well.

One of my older, very simple art depictions of Metatron was used in the VH-1 video on Carlos Santana and his CD release, Supernatural. Santana believes that he was guided to create the Supernatual CD as a result of a visitation he experienced from the Archangel Metatron.

To call upon Metatron in your being, focus on the crown or top of the head as opening like a flower of living presence, through which the Light of Metatron moves out of and into your Heart Seed. Then bring this out and in movement down through your feet and into the center of the earth.

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